October advertising opportunities

Hi guys,

If you want to reach a bigger audience, if you want to support my blog, if you simply want to read some really cool books and stuff… here’s what I’ve got to offer:

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It costs $25 and can be purchased here. Also, you can buy as many options as possible, to use them whenever you want.

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It also costs $25 and can be purchased here.

And last, but not least, the e-book bundle. It contains 4 novels, a novella, 4 short stories, a compilation of essays, and a compilation of short stories. All for the incredibly low amount of $4.99. A bargain, I’d say. You can read reviews of the books here.

Oh, yeah, you can buy the bundle here.

Support this crazy, way too young, Romanian self-publisher. He could really use your help right now.

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Finding perfection

modern_love“We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love.”Tom Robbins

It seems to me that everyone’s got a list of traits they demand from a lover. They want to be loved in a very specific way by a certain someone who has the exact set of qualities they want. But I suppose no one actually asks themselves if they deserve such a person. They don’t even ask themselves what are they going to do with him/her.

There’s no such thing as a perfect lover or perfect relationship. Nothing is perfect. Continue reading


things“Regret comes in all shapes and sizes. Some are small like when we do a bad thing for a good reason. Some are bigger like when you let down a friend.

Some of us escape the pain of regret by making the right choice. Some of us have little time for regret because we’re looking forward to the future. Sometimes we have to fight to come to terms with the past, and sometimes we bury our regret by promising to change your own ways.

But our biggest regrets are not for the things we did, but for the things we didn’t do.”

This quote is a voice-over from One Tree Hill, which is one of my favorite TV shows.

I’ve always thought regret to be one of man’s worst qualities. I’ve spent an awful lot of time trying to develop a sort of immunity. For a long time I’d much rather believe in destiny, in the fact that bad things happen for a good reason, than spend hours and hours sobbing after what could no longer be. Continue reading

That moment…

A couple of weeks ago I almost gave up on this blog, on writing, on basically everything I was. Quite a strange moment. I was afraid that I might never become what I’ve always wanted to be.

Because, as any self-publisher can tell you, summer is tough. Book sales always go down. In my case, they almost stopped. Even though I released a new title, that just wasn’t enough.

Sometimes things happen, and we can’t explain them. This was one of those times. Continue reading

New perks.

First of all, I’d like to thank Matt and Rachel for their contributions. Secondly, I’d like to thank you all for your help and support.

Last but not least, I’d like to announce the fact that there are only 8 days left in the campaign. And there are new perks available, all of which will grant you more exposure for your blogs/websites. It’s a way of sharing the stage with you, one I wouldn’t even have without your help.

So, yeah, the perks are worth checking out, which you can do here.

If you enjoy reading my blog posts, if you believe in this crazy dream of mine… any contribution matters. Any amount helps me get closer to reaching my goal. Without your help, I wouldn’t be able to do any of this.

Two Angels Walk Into a Bar

Originally posted on maxada mandala:


two angels walk into a bar…
no joke
black dresses…high heels
the whole shebang
their tinselwings
brush drinkers
in that venerable room
ofcluttered walls…
noise smother jazz…
boozy sight lines

they…pace entrance to exit
flash silver duplicates
on mirrors…empty glasses
trail raucous laughter
behind them in the night…
leave remembrance
of a startlement
and rare presence
in that place

Bonnie Marshall
Photography Credit to James Meredith
2013, Belfast, Ireland

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On letting go


The moment you buy any of my books and read it, that’s when that book becomes yours. And only yours. And you can take from it anything you want. You can love it, you can hate it, you can love me or hate me, but at that point I no longer care.

I find that’s the only way to actually “survive” as an artist. At least, without wanting to shoot yourself in the head every time someone tells you they hate your work. And it’s the only way to actually get past that paralyzing fear of rejection, that stupid voice inside your head telling you, over and over again, that your book is not good enough yet, that you need to work on it a little bit more… and so you spend so much time editing the same fifty thousand words that they stop feeling yours anymore. Continue reading

Summer afternoon

summerHenry James thought “summer afternoon” to be the two most beautiful words in the English language. The hopeless romantic in me wants to agree. He can see the melancholy beauty of the landscape only two words create. He can see a place, a time, he can feel a faint breeze.

And he can also feel love. Continue reading

12 days left

The sad truth about indie writers, bloggers, and the likes is that it’s kind of difficult from a financial perspective. We talk about book sales, advertising revenue, sponsorships, and it does sound like we’re all making a lot of money. It’s not like that. Not at all.

The truth is that I often have to rely on people contributions just to keep on doing what I love doing. Just to cover the basic expenses. If they enjoy what they read, if they believe that I should keep doing this, they donate.

So it’s optional, of course.

Currently, there are 12 days left in the fundraiser. $445 raised so far, really close to reaching the halfway milestone.

I believe that we can do this. Together. One small contribution after another. One dollar at a time.

If you want to help me out, you can do so here. If you appreciate what I write, if you think that I deserve to keep doing what I love doing most in this world… it’s all up to you, actually. You get to decide if I’m worth it or not.

P.S. Anyone who contributes $50 or more will get two blog posts reblogged on my blog, will be featured as sponsor on this blog for the rest of the year, and will also be able to sponsor a post: they will appear at the end, alongside a short description and a link to their website/blog.