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In case you didn’t know, you’ve got the option of buying advertising on this blog. It’s more like promotional options which allow me too keep this blog alive. Something like that.

The ad options are the following:

  • Post Sponsor – $25 - Receive a mention as sponsor at the end of a blog post. This also includes a short description of your website and a link.
  • Text Ad – $25 – Your name (or your business/blog) listed in the sidebar, along with a short description (20 words or less) and a link to your website. One month of advertising.
  • Sponsored Post – $10o - I will write a blog post about your blog, or review one of your books, or interview you about your art. That’s right, this post is restricted to art related blogs/websites. You choose how you want the blog post to be, and what you want to contain. Also, the post will be kept “sticky” at the top of my website for an entire week.
  • Graphic Ad – $250 - A 300X250 graphic ad in the sidebar of my blog, linking to your website. I can design the ad for you, at no additional cost. Nothing illegal or immoral though. One month of advertising.
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6 comments on “Advertise here

  1. Christa says:

    What are the statistics of your blog? How many views a day, how many new views, how many active likes or comments?

  2. Don’t get me wrong, Cristian. I really love your posts, but how can you get 85 “likes” on an advertisement? This just blows my mind. I bet you could post, “What’s up?” and get 85 likes. Good for you!

  3. I like your idea’s for advertising. We all want to make a living. I have gotten good responses from a Face book ad on my FB page. This is similar. I’ll keep your idea in mind but I am not sure your followers would be interested in my blog content.

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