Impossible journeys

one_wordWhen I first started this blog back in April 2012 I had absolutely no plan whatsoever. I had tried blogging for a few weeks back in January 2011, but it didn’t work out because I couldn’t find any readers.

The thing is, the Internet is pretty much a bizarre world. Yes, you’ve got millions and millions of people, so the potential is there, but at the same time you can’t stop asking yourself how on Earth are all these people going to find you among so many others who are doing kind of the same thing? Continue reading

About these ads


I woke up this morning to a pretty cool surprise. I had reached 40,000 followers on this blog, which is kind of a big deal, at least to me.

When I first started blogging a year and a few months ago I couldn’t possibly imagine that so many people would like my writing. To be frank, I didn’t even know what I wanted to write about, or if I had anything to say. I knew that I wanted to become a self-published writer, and I knew that I wouldn’t give up. I made myself this promise: that I would be relentless in this pursuit, no matter what. And I’d just keep blogging and writing.

A lot of indie writers ask themselves if blogging can help their careers. Today I’m going to answer this question. Continue reading

Interview with Karen Robiscoe

graphic insert 1Every once in a while I feel like doing things differently on this blog. And so I decided to interview Karen Robiscoe, an avid blogger and author I’ve come to know through the WordPress Blog-o-sphere. *looks worriedly toward crashing sounds emanating from the kitchen*

Of course, I wasn’t really expecting to find the lady on my doorstep this morning, but I have to admire her get-up-and-go. She certainly got up and went *winces at the sound of shattering glass * and who knew she even had a passport? Continue reading

Six days…

That’s right. We’ve only got six more days to raise a little more than $500.

544 to be exact.

I’d like to thank Diane Randall, Catherine Johnson, librarylifehack, Patrise Henkel, and all the others who contributed to this campaign.

Because this is quite a big amount that needs to be raised, I’m going to launch a new offer: anyone who contributes to this campaign, regardless of the amount, will receive a free e-book copy of my upcoming release, a novella entitled The Art of Being Alone Without Feeling Lonely. This novella will be released in about a week, before I’ll release my next novel, One Third of a Wheel.

So, yeah, you can contribute here (any amount) and regardless of the perks (if any) you select, you’ll also receive an e-book copy of this new release. You can contribute here, and don’t forget, any contribution matters.

48 hours

Two days from now, on the 2nd of May, my WordPress VIP upgrade will have to be renewed. Or, as WordPress says in their e-mail, all the bundled upgrades (and plugins) will be removed.

Currently we’re at 25% funded. Given the time we have left, it’s kind of a now or never situation. And every contribution counts. There are still lots of unclaimed perks.

Can we make this happen? I believe we can.

You can contribute here. And you can also buy advertising here.

Thank you,

Cristian Mihai

Advertising options

If you haven’t noticed, I decided to offer people a couple of advertising options. Given the nature of this blog, it’s mostly aimed at indie artists, but anyone is welcome to advertise something they feel readers of this blog would benefit from.

I took this decision mostly because I’d very much like to keep having my blog powered by WordPress VIP, and take advantage of all the plugins and other options they’re going to implement in the future, most of which I have yet to explore.

Before I explain more of the advertising opportunities, I have this to say: this won’t interfere with my usual blogging, editorial policy, or whatever. Sponsored posts will be only 4 per month, and I’ll make sure they’re worth your time (that’s why I’m going to write them myself.) Continue reading

WordPress VIP

vipSo, this is not a joke. You know, because it’s April Fools and all that. So, yeah, my blog is actually a “Powered by WordPress VIP” website. At least until the 2nd of May, when my free trial expires.

This is kind of cool, because you get a whole bunch of plugins and cool new features. So far, I’ve changed the comment system (now you can up-down vote comments, and a bunch of other stuff.) Continue reading