Hemingway’s six word short story

six_wordYeah, I know there’s no proof that he actually wrote it, but it’s still one of the most impressive sentences ever written. When I first read it, I spent half an hour imagining all sorts of plausible scenarios. I even thought about expanding the thing and write a real short story.

Maybe that’s one the most impressive qualities of art: makes your mind wander, makes you imagine and consider things you normally wouldn’t.

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The Garden of Eden

The Garden of EdenThe Garden of Eden by Ernest Hemingway

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Garden of Eden, unfinished as it is, is one of my favorite novels, and, undoubtedly, stands as proof of Hemingway’s most enduring of traits; he was not only capable of, but also willing to reinvent his writing, always aspiring for a different style. Continue reading