Editing life

We all do a bit of editing, especially when we use social media. But is it okay just to show people the highlights of our lives? Is it okay to pretend that everything’s perfect?


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Too far apart

many“There are too many of us and we are all too far apart.” ― Kurt Vonnegut

I’m writing these words with the knowledge that people from around the world are going to read them. People of all ages, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, of different religious beliefs. Most of them, I’ll never get a chance to meet. Most of them, I don’t know how they look like, what’s the thing they want most in this world, or what is it that they’re afraid of… most of them are perfect strangers to me. Continue reading

December sale

It’s December – Christmas, the holidays, my birthday, etcetera, etcetera, so I decided to post a special sale throughout the month.

First, you can buy an e-book bundle containing 4 novels, a novella, 4 short stories, a compilation of essays, and a compilation of short stories for only $4.99. That’s a really great bargain, especially if you look at the reviews my books have received so far. You can purchase the bundle directly from my e-shop here.

Also, you can order a bundle composed of two signed paperbacks (The Writer and Jazz), complete with one a kind essays about one of the main themes of the novel, for only $30 (shipping included) here.

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There you have it… quite a lot to chose from.

Internet artists

net-artI believe that right now there are more artists on this Planet, more writers choosing to self-publish or just posting their stories on blogs, more painters selling prints and original artwork on deviantart, etsy, and the likes, more sculptors, more singers and aspiring movie makers trying to get more subscribers on YouTube than ever before. Continue reading

Modern love

modern_loveIn my lifetime the world has changed rapidly. The world is evolving faster each day. And every aspect of our lives changes according to this new world, according to our vision of the world.

Love, or the way we perceive it, has changed as well. Some say that we have grown to enjoy being alone, that we enjoy the idea that technology can imitate real interaction. We text, we e-mail, we skype, we like, we comment, and, yet, we often find ourselves asking, “What is love?” or, more importantly, “What is love supposed to feel like?” Continue reading


This video presents a number of interesting concepts about virtual interaction, social networks, and loneliness, but what I found really interesting was the idea that in a virtual environment we get to edit who we are.

In a way, I agree. In a social media world such as ours, we can delete and change who we want the world to believe we are. Information is a couple of seconds from our reach, so we can appear to be smarter, but given enough time I believe you can’t appear to be someone you’re not. Continue reading

What we need

This post should have been called “What happens after you write a book if you decide to self-publish it,” but the title would have looked funny on the blog’s homepage.

Anyway, the first thing you should know, if you want to self-publish, if you see that releasing titles via KDP, Createspace, or Smashwords is free… well you should know that it’s not really free.

Using those services is free, but ensuring that you release something that looks like a book, reads like a book, and sells to people who are not related to you costs money. How much depends only on your budget and how much you can do by yourself. Continue reading