15 Best Tools for Growing Your Blog

I have a confession to make.

For most of my nine year career as a full-time blogger, I’ve been… well… kind of cheap. I didn’t want to invest more than the $15/year on a custom domain.

The result?

Spending eight hours a day growing my blog the old way: by commenting and engaging with as many bloggers as possible.

The negative side-effect of that?

Burnout. Depression. A bit of anxiety for good measure.

The truth is, and I’ve learned this the hard way, if you’re not willing to invest in the right blogging tools, especially nowadays, when most niches are overcrowded and ultra-competitive, you are headed for the inglorious bottom of the food chain.

It is what it is.

But, at the same time, the right tools can literally save you hundreds of hours every month, while allowing you to focus on what truly matters: the words you share with your audience.

That’s not all. The following tools not only help you save time and energy, but also enable you to do things that, quite frankly, are not possible otherwise.

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Who the F$#k Is Cristian Mihai?

The author of this article, age 8

When I was a kid, I thought I was destined for great things. I was born on Christmas Day, exactly one year after they shot Ceausescu, the only ruler of a Communist country to ever be executed. Now, in the same spot, they’re building a shopping mall.

Maybe because I was born when I was born, I don’t really listen to what other people tell me I should do. I never did.

I don’t like authority. I don’t like to follow rules.

I am not afraid of the consequences of not doing what I am told. I am not where I’d like to be in life because I don’t like most people. I have long suspected they don’t like me back.

I am a rebel without a cause, garnering a bit of applause here and there from those who read my stories.

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Promote your blog on blogsy!

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You can now promote your articles on our platform, blogsy.

What does this mean?

You will be made an editor of the site, and you will be able to share a snippet (introduction + featured image + link to read more on your blog) every week forever.

54 articles per year.

Year after year after year.

What else?

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Also, here are some stats:

I use blogsy to promote all sorts of articles, regardless of niche, as long as its quality content.

So it doesn’t really matter what type of articles you write, it’s guaranteed to get you between 10-20 clicks.

Oh, yeah…

You can grab your lifetime spot here.

The rest of the process is easy.

The blog is on WordPress, so you’ll be made an editor, so you can publish the snippets yourself. No waiting around for anyone.

That’s it.

Empty Wishes from Model Neighbors


Happy Holidays from the Hilfigers. An ad presented as a seasonal greeting card could easily find a home on the mantle. Of course, including this image among the cards of real families would be farcical. The Hilfigers are models, actors, guns for hire. They’ve been paid to represent a family. Yet that representation contains some farce in and of itself.

Tommy Hilfiger ad: Family on ski trip.

One hears the word family more often these days in connection with big business. From our family to yours; the so-and-so family of companies, et cetera. Is this a marketing strategy for embedding brand names in the American psyche or simply an unconscious expression of materialism, possibly even greed? After all, the term family values rose to prominence during a time of unprecedented corporate malfeasance and remains as popular today as it is vague.

Lodged between the desires of individuals and the agendas of companies, families seem least likely to…

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How the Art You Consume Determines the Quality of Your Work

In 2009, during an interview, radio host Ira Glass shared rare insights into what it means to be creative; he managed to pull into focus the kind of insights that are just at the edge of our mind’s peripheral vision.

What drives us to create in the first place is not a desire to play god, but rather our hunger for art.

The 5 Best Marketing Trends You Need To Pursue in 2022

They say change is the only true constant in life, but the truth is that change is often so subtle that we fail to notice it until it’s too late.

That’s why I’ve decided to share with you the 10 best marketing trends you need to pursue in 2022.

Imitation: The Gateway to Inspiration

In 1650, Spanish painter Diego Velázquez was commissioned by Pope Innocent X to paint a portrait of his.

Three centuries later, another artist would attempt to recreate it. Despite never having seen this painting in person, the Irish artist Francis Bacon would repaint it, over and over again, completing a total of 50 paintings during the 1950s and 1960s.