Eight Undeniable Truths That Are Going to Change Your Life

The truth does not change based on your ability to accept it.

I do my best to live life in a way that I am aware of what I do, while also trying not to chase things that are outside of my control.

Here are some of those truths that help me stay in control of my life.

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Fight for Your Dreams

Alexander the Great. Even though he lived on this Earth for only 33 years, some 2,300 years ago, we have yet to forget his name and legendary battles.

During his short life, nothing stopped him.  Nothing. Huge armies with elephants, impregnable fortresses, vast distances over mountains and rivers and deserts, hunger, thirst, the sea itself, the uttermost extremes of physical hardship and war.  His body was littered with scars; everywhere that is, except his back.  That’s because the world’s greatest commander never retreated, and he never lost a battle.

Most of his portraits, sculptures, and coins reflect a kind of upward gaze as if he were staring into the very heavens, yearning for something unreachable.

He dedicated his life to the struggle against insurmountable odds. And he became great because he surmounted them all.

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The Story of a Writer

“History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.” Winston S. Churchill

For those of you who don’t know much about me: my name is Cristian Mihai, I am 27 years old, live in Constanta, Romania, and I have been writing for over fourteen years. Also, I do enjoy long walks (on the beach or not) and I have been blogging for more than six years.

But how did I become a writer? How did I decide to be one? What steps did I take? What happened along the way? Why didn’t I quit? What made me keep on keeping on when all hope seemed to be lost?  Continue reading

What I Learned from Years of High Functioning Depression, Anxiety, and Low Self-Esteem

Disclaimer: this is going to be a long and (somewhat) harsh post about certain realities of life most of us are trying to evade by all means possible.

I am not writing this post out of empathy. I am not writing this post because I read some articles and now I am trying to pass along the knowledge.

I am writing this article because I understand.

I understand the difference between the burning pain of suffering deeply and the general apathy and hopelessness of depression. The emptiness. The lack of interest, joy, passion. I understand the despair, the loneliness, the reluctance to discuss about it all, the very fatiguing job of hiding it all behind a smile, or an “I’m fine” delivered in the worst way possible. Continue reading

What I Learned in Five Years of Blogging

Five years. Five years of daily blogging. Five years since I decided to never give up, no matter what. To keep writing, to keep blogging, to just keep at it for as long as it took.

And what a ride it has been. Around the world, indeed. 200 or so countries. Lots and lots of people, lots and lots of stories… Continue reading

Brick by Brick

“You don’t set out to build a wall. You don’t say ‘I’m going to build the biggest, baddest, greatest wall that’s ever been built.’ You don’t start there. You say, ‘I’m going to lay this brick as perfectly as a brick can be laid. You do that every single day. And soon you have a wall.” Will Smith

They say patience is a virtue. They also say patience is not necessarily the ability to wait, but rather the manner in which you wait.

Truth be told, life is lived one day at a time. Novels are written one word at a time. You can only walk one step at a time.

Great walls are built one brick at a time.

We often desire change. We daydream about being and having and all that but we seldom act on those dreams. The distance seems impossibly long. Standing there, at the base of the mountain, contemplating having reached the peak, it feels as if daydreaming is all we can do. Continue reading

How Negative Self-Talk Can Destroy Your Financial Future

Level-up2Expand Blog

“I’ve never been good with money.”

“I hate budgets.”

“I’ll never be a 6-figure earner.”

“My market won’t pay premium prices.”

Photo by Igor Ferreira on Pexels.com

This how I use to think. Some time ago, I officially changed my relationship with money. Being raised working-class poor, I created beliefs about money that stopped the natural flow of it.

This is a no-go as an entrepreneur. You stop the flow, you are not in business; if there’s no flow, your business stays in dream-state. But what’s worse, I taught it to my daughters. Time to reteach!

They are young adults now, and I am teaching them what I learned about money, and how to dismantle and rebuild their relationship with money. Also, I am modeling how to change your mind, change your life — in this case, the financial area of your life. From surviving and striving to thriving.


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Love 2.0: Add to Cart


Looking for love, or just a casual affair? Match.com claims that 1 in 5 relationships begin online. True or not, the current proliferation of dating websites and apps is undeniable. Amorous directories such as 100BestDatingSites.com vouch for the industry’s growth and demographic granularity. From the squeaky clean eHarmony.com to the purely carnal AdultFriendFinder.com to the off-center Meet-An-Inmate.com, online matchmaking services have generated an unprecedented phenomenon in human history: a mega-marketplace for personal relationships.

eHarmony ad: cutouts of famous faces.

What was once a private matter carried out organically, over traditional networks, or relegated to obscure classified ads, has become a conspicuous public pastime. In a world where community at large has disintegrated, dating websites and apps address a social need and serve a practical purpose. In the process, however, they also reveal a rather pathetic side of human behavior. The neurotic catalog of our existence has never been more self-evident. Digital storefronts open into a…

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Work Like a Slave, Live Like a King

My father used to have this laidback approach to life. Being the owner of a pretty successful restaurant, he’d go drive to work in the morning, drink his coffee, eat his breakfast, then he’d watch TV in his office for a few hours, then head back home in the afternoon, take a nap, then head back to the restaurant at around 7 PM, eat dinner, watch TV for a few more hours in his office, then drive back home, drink some wine, and then sit on the couch watching TV for a few more hours.

Those were the habits I observed during the years.

My father also didn’t like to have much. No plans for the future, no great ambitions. He wasn’t passionate enough about his business to learn and evolve. He also notoriously didn’t like to invest in his restaurant, which meant that the damn thing was close to falling apart when he went bankrupt.

Looking back, everyone could see what had happened, and why. But he didn’t. He never did. He put the blame on all sorts of external factors (real or even imaginary), and he thought it all to be unfair. Those who made it big were all thieves, liars, or lucky. And he wasn’t any of those things.

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[FREE COURSE] The Art of Blogging: Beginners Essentials

Melissa Daenzer had this to say about this course:

I follow several “blog” marketers, and I’ve read countless articles, some books, as well as listened to podcasts. This is the best work I have read! It’s definitely my blueprint now. Of course, it covers general things that are covered by many, however, the format and crisp concise writing and layout is a tool for building my blog.

The Art of Blogging


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This course offers the following content:

What To Blog About? – In this lesson, we’ll talk about niches, about finding a clear purpose, and taking advantage of your passion.

Figure Out Your Why – If you know your why, then you can withstand any how.

How to Write Your First Blog Post: The Only Guide You Will Ever Need  – Trust me! You won’t need anything else to write…

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