Life is pain


“Life is pain, highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.” William Goldman

I’m not a big fan of “positive thinking.” Yes, it’s important that we love ourselves, that we try to see all that is good and worthy of gratitude in us and others. I believe in seeing the light in others and offering them the support they need to better themselves.

But I also know that it is extremely important that we be realistic about what is what and who is who.

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Too far apart

many“There are too many of us and we are all too far apart.” ― Kurt Vonnegut

I’m writing these words knowing that people from all over the world are going to read them. People of all ages, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, of different religious beliefs. Most of them, I’ll never get a chance to meet. Most of them, I don’t know how they look like, what’s the thing they want most in this world, or what is it that they’re afraid of… most of them are perfect strangers to me.

Yet, simply by writing these words with these strangers in my mind, having the certainty that my words will reach them, they become a little bit more than strangers. They become human beings, just like myself, and that is one of life’s greatest achievements. Continue reading

The box

If you want a thing bad enough

 To go out and fight for it, 

Work day and night for it, 

Give up your time and your peace and your sleep for it

If only desire of it 

Makes you quite mad enough 

Never to tire of it, 

Makes you hold all other things tawdry 

and cheap for it

If life seems all empty and useless without it 

And all that you scheme and you dream is about it,

If gladly you’ll sweat for it, 

Fret for it, Plan for it, 

Lose all your terror of God or man for it,

If you’ll simply go after that thing that you want. 

With all your capacity, 

Strength and sagacity, 

Faith, hope and confidence, stern pertinacity,

If neither cold poverty, famished and gaunt, 

Nor sickness nor pain 

Of body or brain 

Can turn you away from the thing that you want,

If dogged and grim you besiege and beset it, 

You’ll get it! – Berton Braley

We start off by being invincible. We are insatiable as children. We are brave, we want to build great, big things. We look up at the stars and we want to reach them.

But, in time, we figure out for ourselves that some things are just not possible.

We turn our gaze away from the stars and all we can see are wall. Lots and lots of walls. Failures upon failures. Mistakes, bad habits, a bit of misfortune here and there.

Things that keep us awake at night. Regrets or loneliness or both.

And we build ourselves a box.

“This is who I am,” we say to the world. This box contains all that I am, all that I’ll ever be. All that I can, all that I can do.

That’s the moment most people die.

It could be when they’re twenty or forty or sixty, it doesn’t matter.

The moment you’ve built your box and decided that that’s all you’ll ever be, that’s when you’re dead.

But make no mistake. You’ll keep on dying, day in and day out, in more insidious ways, until you’ll find that suffering has its own appeal.

You’ll die so many times that you’ll be so lukewarm when the final moments come that you won’t care anymore.

You’ll be a box full of regrets and pain and bad memories that you couldn’t let go mixed in with some good ones that should have lasted forever.

Well, I’m here to tell you that there is no box. There are no limits, no fatal defeats, no definitive victory. There is no road to success, no how-to book on being happy, and there isn’t any kind of certainty.

Life is about discovering. It’s about creating.

You built that damn box yourself. You told yourself that you’re stupid or shy or just not talented enough.

You told yourself that story, over and over again, and built your box.

And it takes a hell lot of will power to change this. It’s going to be painful.

Growth is painful.

Deciding that you can expand on what it is you think you are forever is harder than just deciding that that’s it.

People reach a certain point in their lives when they decide that they’ve suffered enough. And they don’t want to suffer anymore. So they play it safe. They give up on the dreams that seem too big to ever come true, they diminish themselves.

And thus they keep on suffering.

The idea?

Keep suffering…until you decide that you’ve suffered enough that no one else has to suffer again. If you can do something about it, you will.

That’s how you decide what your life is going to be about. That’s how you stop trying to break walls and realize that you are being guided towards something.

The ideal you.

The one that is capable enough of leaving a mark on this world.

The one who is wise and gentle and open to new learning. The one who never stops learning.

In life, in love, in work, it is important to either change what you don’t like or learn to accept it.

It’s equally important to know when to do so, unless you want to die knowing full well that you didn’t decide your life. You just settled for it.

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The Roundhead, Part 2 – The One After The Preludes

Twisted Roads of Madness

He walks into the apartment, catching her eye immediately, she faintly shows signs of a smile as she gets up and makes her way over to him.

“Jar, where the hell’ve you been? You were supposed to be here an hour ago.”

“Where haven’t I been? This town is fucking falling apart, people are getting killed every few minutes, and no one has any clue how or why it’s happening. So Marilyn, let’s not get into why it took me so long to get here, let’s just concentrate on the fact, I’m here.”

“I was worried,” she says softly.

He smiles and nods towards Marty’s body, “So that’s zero?”

“That’s what we’re naming him. As far as we can tell, he was the first, then his friend, the one who called triple zero, Gareth Wilkinson, after that it gets messy, but, we can pin point it all starting here.”


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“Worry destroys the ability to write.”Ernest Hemingway

Maybe you’re familiar with Franz Kafka’s short story, A Hunger Artist, maybe you’re not. One of the main themes of the story (the way I see it) is the fact that artists most often feel misunderstood by their audience. And they’re furious because of that.

That’s a myth.

Most often than not it’s the artist’s inability to show people what he wants to show them that gets in the way. Continue reading

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Trump Should Apologize, This was His Election To Lose: Voting For Character Or Policy 2016 [Video]

Wise This News

  • Donald Trump It Is Time To Publicly Renounce The Hateful Language And Stop Attaching Race and Ethnicity To The Topics.. The Nation Agrees We Need Stronger Borders, But It Is Not All Muslims Or Mexicans, Evil Comes In All Forms.
  • Your Insulting Language For Everyone Who Opposes You IS NOT THE WAY A PRESIDENT SHOULD ACT.
  • You Need To Stop Defending Actions That Promote Misogyny, Denounce The Topic. You Will Not LOSE Any Voters For This, Only GAIN Voters And Restore Integrity To The Election.

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Don’t Outsmart Yourself

A couple of days ago, a friend of mine asked me for advice about writing . And the best thing I could say was that she had to write in the easiest and simplest way possible.

Let me explain.

Ever read a brilliant piece of writing, something so good that you wish you had written it yourself? For aspiring writers, it seems like there’s only one way to go about this: try to write something similar.

Like they say, imitation is the highest form of flattery. But, you see, all great writers realized that in order to write something real, something that will resonate with readers, they need to write in the easiest and simplest way possible.

Writing should come naturally. It should be effortless, and it should be about whatever it is that makes your soul ache.

If you can’t shut up about it, then it’s worth writing about it. If it makes your cells dance at the thought of having this story read by people, then write about it.

You know, it is said that one should write the book one should like to read. So, write it the way you’d like to read it. The style that suits you best…

Don’t think about what other people would like to read, don’t try to ride trends, don’t try to please everybody.

In fact, don’t think at all. Just write. And while almost everyone else is thinking about writing, write some more.