What I learned in five years of blogging

Five years. Five years of daily blogging. Five years since I decided to never give up, no matter what. To keep writing, to keep blogging, to just keep at it for as long as it took.

And what a ride it has been. Around the world, indeed. 200 or so countries. Lots and lots of people, lots and lots of stories… Continue reading

New release: 2:22 AM

coverThey say the only ones who are awake late at night are the lonely and the loved. The former find it hard to fall asleep when all they have to do is dream with open eyes about their beloved. It’s almost a compulsion.
But what about the lonely? All the artists, the dreamers; the ones who hold tight to a reality they don’t understand and want to explain? Continue reading

The mountain


“It isn’t the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out; it’s the pebble in your shoe.” – Muhammad Ali

Ever felt like a failure? Worthless? Lonely being redemption, broken beyond repair. A waste of time?

Ever felt that it just doesn’t matter?

Ever felt like you couldn’t do something because it was too difficult? Because you were just not good enough? Or smart enough? Or you didn’t have the resources you needed?

Ever felt hopeless, seemingly destined to spend your life daydreaming about what would never be and what was and could no longer be? Continue reading

Life is pain


“Life is pain, highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.” William Goldman

I’m not a big fan of “positive thinking.” Yes, it’s important that we love ourselves, that we try to see all that is good and worthy of gratitude in us and others. I believe in seeing the light in others and offering them the support they need to better themselves.

But I also know that it is extremely important that we be realistic about what is what and who is who.

Continue reading

Disclaimer: This is not one of those arrogant moments when I pretend to be an expert in something as volatile and unpredictable as the online world, but I do like to believe that my five years of blogging have offered me enough experience to be able to assist others too.

So, the Mentorship Program (if you click on the link you’ll be directed on a page on my e-store and read the usual marketing promo bullshit anyone uses these days).

This is not going to school. This is not some courses, a few pages you get to read, some pictures, and that’s that. This is not some how-to guide I am selling. This is not a shortcut to becoming successful as a blogger.

This is a human experience. Like, you know, what people used to do back in 95 or whatever. By that I mean that you get to talk to me. A lot. That you get to have real feedback, real advice based on what you are trying to accomplish.

This program I am offering includes:

  • Unlimited access to me (via e-mail, Facebook, WhatsApp, you name it.)
  • Four hour-long sessions on Skype.

If there’s something about the WordPress platform you’d like to know, about setting up certain social media accounts and developing them, something about style, about writing the posts themselves, about SEO, about the visual aspect and optimizing your website for best results, about readers and how to make sure they keep coming back for more, I’m your guy.


This is me. This is what I have accomplished in five years. My credentials, so to speak.

But, like I previously stated, my philosophy is this: I am not your teacher. I am not some blogging guru. But I do know a thing or two, and I’d like to offer you as much information and feedback as possible. In a way that inspires and motivates you. In a way that encourages you to go down this path and not feel like you’re blindly walking through a tunnel, hoping to reach the light at the end of it.

I am going to be honest. I am going to tell you as it is. I am going to tell you what needs to be done. I am going to put in a lot of time and effort to making you a lot better than you were before.

That being said, the program costs $149.99. This is for a month, so to speak.

I do not expect you to need more than a month of mentorship.

But I also believe in what I know and what I can teach you, so I’ll offer this: a money back guarantee.

You don’t like the program, you get a full refund. But you won’t.

You’ll like what I have to tell you about blogging. You can check this interview here.

Mentorship Program to be found here.


The Process

It’s a mountain of a dream and a mile-high climb to the top. And what it took me a long time to discover is that I didn’t like to climb much. I just liked to imagine the summit. – The Subtle Art of not Giving A Fuck

We would all like to be something we’re not. We all wake up on certain days, terrified that we are less than what we all dreamed of becoming when we were kids.

That is okay.

The thing is, we all like to imagine having certain results.

We fantasize about being famous or rich or married to someone hot as hell…

We all like fairytales…

The thing is, that’s superficial.

And my definition of superficial is this: you want something without knowing the full range of pros and cons, without being aware of the circumstances and the consequences.

It’s like this: you’d like to be rich, so you win the lottery.

Now you’ve got to worry about what to do with all that money. What to buy, what to invest in, what to do to not lose it all.

You lose a lot of friends, or you might try to keep them by helping them with some money…

You don’t know when to say no anymore, because you don’t know how much is a dollar worth anymore. Having the money to buy something doesn’t mean you should buy it… doesn’t even mean you can afford it.

You’ll probably realize that you never wanted to be rich in the first place. You wanted the result, yes. You wanted all the good parts, without the bad.

And you cannot have sunshine without a little rain now, can you?

That’s the process…

All the pain, the suffering, the petty frustrations, the uncertainty, the time, the effort, the sweat, the blood, the tears…

You cannot have a six pack without working out and eating five times a week from McDonald’s…

That’s how it goes…

We’d all wnat to be fit and healthy, but few are willing to do what it takes to be fit and healthy.

The struggle alone pleases us.

That’s why people born into money are usually unhappy, beautiful people sad… you do nothing to get something, you do not appreciate it, and it feels as if you never had it in the first place.

It’s not about winning, it’s about playing the game.

Such a terrible cliche, isn’t it?

But you should never forget that cliches are true. So, so true.

I wanted the reward and not the struggle. I wanted the result and not the process. I was in love with not the fight but only the victory.

Another one of the fiber glass implants broke today (the second one from left to right)

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Not sure?

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Today, only today…

Liz McLeod Musings on the Day

fullsizeoutput_4f1Today, an interesting read. So many emotions are brought up by the tale of a child of an alcoholic mother and an absentee father, condemning step-father and abusive step-mother. I did not have these, though I see the areas my mother probably dealt with them. I was raised by the child of an alcoholic / workaholic / narcissist and a father who felt his existence and merit were based on the work he accomplished and the provider role. He was not really absent physically, but he was so wrapped up in his own ‘only-child of a salesman’ issues, he was often emotionally absent.

If I had to rank the lives in some silly hierarchy, (here we go again…), I would see the child in the tale as a 10 and my life as a 5. Does that mean her world was so much worse than mine? In some ways, yes…

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Life has a way of testing your commitment to a certain cause, principle, or even person. They are called obstacles. Setbacks. Things not going according to plan.

You mustn’t lose faith.

I repeat: you mustn’t lose faith.

What is that, you ask?

The ability to walk through fire, knowing that you’ll come out the other side alive. Burnt, maybe, but alive.

This is required of you is you are ever to achieve anything of importance.

Give up when the obstacles seem insurmontable and you fail. You lose confidence, self-esteem, self-worth.

It is rather simple, isn’t it?

The choice is yours. You must decide each time life tests you, if you are stronger than the test or not, if you wish to continued and succeed or not, if you have the guts, the strength, and the brains to go on, inspite numerous challenges and setbacks.

Life does not compute to a plan, a recipe, or a step-by-step guide. Life is unpredictable, mysterious, and unless you expect that, you’ll get your heart crushed and broked on an almost daily basis.

Expect the obstacles, expect this: that whatever is is you’ll do, you’ll kind of fail at it at least a few times. It is going to be more difficult than you expect, but never as difficult as to not be worth trying at all. And giving your best.