What I learned in five years of blogging

Five years. Five years of daily blogging. Five years since I decided to never give up, no matter what. To keep writing, to keep blogging, to just keep at it for as long as it took.

And what a ride it has been. Around the world, indeed. 200 or so countries. Lots and lots of people, lots and lots of stories… Continue reading

New release: 2:22 AM

coverThey say the only ones who are awake late at night are the lonely and the loved. The former find it hard to fall asleep when all they have to do is dream with open eyes about their beloved. It’s almost a compulsion.
But what about the lonely? All the artists, the dreamers; the ones who hold tight to a reality they don’t understand and want to explain? Continue reading

The mountain


“It isn’t the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out; it’s the pebble in your shoe.” – Muhammad Ali

Ever felt like a failure? Worthless? Lonely being redemption, broken beyond repair. A waste of time?

Ever felt that it just doesn’t matter?

Ever felt like you couldn’t do something because it was too difficult? Because you were just not good enough? Or smart enough? Or you didn’t have the resources you needed?

Ever felt hopeless, seemingly destined to spend your life daydreaming about what would never be and what was and could no longer be? Continue reading

Life is pain


“Life is pain, highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.” William Goldman

I’m not a big fan of “positive thinking.” Yes, it’s important that we love ourselves, that we try to see all that is good and worthy of gratitude in us and others. I believe in seeing the light in others and offering them the support they need to better themselves.

But I also know that it is extremely important that we be realistic about what is what and who is who.

Continue reading

Good Government is Possible: Just like a great car or a good marriage

The RAW Writer's Block!

But You Have To Know What Most People Don’t

And Believe It Can Happen!

Did you know?

    1. Our US congress can tell the US Supreme Court they do not have jurisdiction on certain issues, like what is marriage, or when life begins? “…the supreme Court shall have original…(&) appellate Jurisdiction,…with such Exceptions, and under such Regulations as the Congress shall make.” Article III, Section 2, 2. It’s in the Constitution.
    2. The Congress has done that in just recent history but only to stop Supreme Court rulings on western state brush fires so the states can not be overridden!
    3. Judges who “legislate from the bench” can be impeached for “High crimes and misdemeanors”. ?Article II, Section 4, end.  Even lower gov’t levels can pass laws that say, “Judges who make rulings based on opinions or case law that are not based on the intended meaning of legally…

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Hi guys,

Eight hundred dollars left to raise.

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To do all the things that most people take for granted.

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The Journey

In order to enjoy the journey, you must abandon the people pleasing part of you. The one that oftentimes is needed in order to navigate through life.

Trying to please everyone is a sure way to please no one. Trying to please some is also a sure way to displease all the rest.

Why compromise?

Why sacrifice time and effort?

Write for yourself. Write about what you’d like to read. The kind of stuff you’d genuinely want to engage with.

There’s simply no reason to do otherwise, let alone time.

I am by no means advocating for self-centred posts about what you had for breakfast, what your spouse did or what happened on a summer afternoon twenty years ago. No, no. Those are not the things that truly matter. They never did.

Ask yourself this question: what are the experiences that shaped me as a person? And in what way have they shaped me.

This should give you a ton to write about. Unless you’ve been living in a cellar for most of your life, in which case I doubt you’d be reading this book.

The significant moments in our life, the ones who make some people grey and wise, the ones that alter our destiny, are the ones we’d all want to read about, for it is always a good thing to learn from other people’s experiences.

This is a sure way to add value, which is what the Internet is all about. Value, entertainment, and connection, which oddly enough, is the title of the next chapter.


This is an excerpt from my upcoming book, the Journey: A No Bullshit Guide to Blogging.

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imaginationmotivationSuch a wonderful gift the world has given us… the power of imagination. We can make anything up in our minds. Create anything at all. Re-arrange elements, add or subtract…

It is said we spend about 30% of the time daydreaming. It is said we fall asleep imagining perfect scenarios…some times we sleep with them inside our heads too.

Tonight I’m going to tell you how imagination can help you get everything you ever wanted. Continue reading

The World Fire

Dappled light danced across Vivian’s face, a hypnotic electric blue. She’d traveled long and far to get here, to the ends of the Earth and back. So much pain. So much loss. Time had passed her by as she wandered the darker passages of the world, until everyone and everything she’d ever known was dead.