2021 Challenge: A New Project Every Month

Last year taught me many valuable lessons, not the least of which was this: threats and opportunities are much closer to one another than they seem to be.

And, as cliched as it sounds, it’s all about mindset.

That’s why I’ve decided to do something a bit unusual.

Every month I’ll be launching a new project, and I will walk you through the process, the failures, everything.

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Who the F$#k Is Cristian Mihai?

The author of this article, age 8

When I was a kid, I thought I was destined for great things. I was born on Christmas Day, exactly one year after they shot Ceausescu, the only ruler of a Communist country to ever be executed. Now, in the same spot, they’re building a shopping mall.

Maybe because I was born when I was born, I don’t really listen to what other people tell me I should do. I never did.

I don’t like authority. I don’t like to follow rules.

I am not afraid of the consequences of not doing what I am told. I am not where I’d like to be in life because I don’t like most people. I have long suspected they don’t like me back.

I am a rebel without a cause, garnering a bit of applause here and there from those who read my stories.

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[short story] hiraeth

There’s this mostly unknown writer who is found in a cafe with a former lover of his. From the way he talks, he seems to be made of words and sadness and little else. A suffering face, clothes a bit out of style. Legs crossed. He listens to her talk about what was what while she was no longer his.

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The Beauty of Doing What You Can With What You Have

Some five hundred years ago, a 26 year old sculptor was given the task of turning a leftover slab of marble into a work of art. Other artists had tried to give life to the stone and had failed, but the young artist took on the contract, determined to shape the marble that others had discarded.

Early in the morning on September 13, 1501, the artist began to work in order to extract his vision from the piece of stone. He carved and carved until he set his dream free.

Later, artist Giorgio Vasari would describe the process as, “bringing back to life of one who was dead.”

In June 1504, the statue, a depiction of the Biblical character David of epic proportions, was installed at the entrance of the city’s town hall. The name of the artist? Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni, known best as Michelangelo.

This story serves as a reminder that we are often wrong in assuming that in order to become successful we need access to resources.

It is quite the contrary. It is not the resources at our disposal that determine our success, but rather our resourcefulness, our ability to be creative in spite of certain limitations and setbacks.

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Eight Undeniable Truths That Are Going to Change Your Life

The truth does not change based on your ability to accept it.

I do my best to live life in a way that I am aware of what I do, while also trying not to chase things that are outside of my control.

Here are some of those truths that help me stay in control of my life.

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Introducing: irevuo.net

irevuo, my first ever side-project, got a new home today. A new domain, a new platform (Ghost), and a new mission: to help artists become creative entrepreneurs.

If you’re a creative, whether you’re a writer, a visual artist, or even a podcaster, then you will want to subscribe to our blog.

Read tutorials and guides, and even listen to them on the go.

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Gospel According to Saint Ticonderoga

David R. Deitrick, Designer

Way too early in the morning…

>CLICK< Whrrrrrrrrr.

The heating element glowed bright orange against the inky dark. At the same time the little fan in the compact electric space heater wheezed into live and did its best to push back the near-freezing cold of my small attic loft. It would take a crowbar get me out of bed.

>CLICK< “I am a lineman for the counteeee!”

There goes the clock radio. Must be time to get up for school but it will take a crowbar AND a stick of dynamite to get me out of bed today.


…. or Mom.

“Your dad couldn’t get the truck started so he had to take the station wagon. You’re going to have to ride the bus today.”

“Oh great”, I thought as I slumped into my seat at the breakfast bar. “Why don’t I walk through a pack of wild…

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[REBLOG] Managing ADHD in my 50s. Anyone else?

“Just diagnosed with ADHD at (almost) 54! Anyone else?”

That was what I posted in a FaceBook group of middle-aged women in March 2019. It got 333 responses. 

I have ADHD. It’s something I’ve dealt with my entire life although I never knew what my problem was and it didn’t even become a diagnosis recognized by mental health professionals until I was in college. I only decided to confirm it when my daughter was being tested almost two years ago. She too, should have been tested much sooner.


4 Harsh Business Lessons From the Dutchman Who Taught America How to Drink Coffee

In 1966, disappointed by the poor quality of coffee in the United States, Dutch entrepreneur Alfred Peet opened a specialty coffee shop in Berkeley, California.

This was at a time when most Americans were drinking coffee brewed from beans freeze-dried in a can.

His introduction of specialty grade coffee to the general public proved to be so successful that during subsequent years Peet was often encouraged to expand his business, an idea he rejected time and time again because he wanted to personally supervise the quality of his coffee.

Alfred Peet acted as a mentor to a number of coffee enthusiasts, including Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl and Gordon Bowker, the founders of Starbucks, or George Howell, the founder of The Coffee Connection and the man credited with the invention of the frappucino.

From a marketing perspective, Afred Peet’s story is quite fascinating.

Peet’s business had all the right ingredients for massive success: an original high-quality product, an ever increasing demand for that product, and even influence on coffee and food culture itself — specialty food, health food, and other avant-garde restaurants opened around Peet’s initial location.

A lot of coffee entrepreneurs got into business simply because of their experience at Peet’s specialty coffee shop.

Yet, why didn’t the Dutch entrepreneur take advantage of the tremendous potential of his idea?

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