Fahrenheit 451

Fahrenheit 451Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My way of telling a good book and a great book apart is by measuring the time it takes me to read it. And Fahrenheit 451 is a page turner. It took me less than a day to read it, and as I read I kept telling myself that it’s one of those rare instances of a real prophecy. Even though this is not yet the future Bradbury envisioned, we’re really close to what he imagined in his novel.

Simply writing this review, surrounded by all this technology that back in those days didn’t exist, makes me shiver a little bit. We have grown overly dependent on technology and we have grown lonesome. The world depicted by Ray Bradbury is magnificent simply because he was right.

One other thing: most writers love to write. They read, of course, they read a lot, but most writers like to emphasize on their writing or say something about writing. Ray Bradbury seems to me as someone who loved books more than anything else. And his dis dystopian novel gives you this feeling in an overwhelming quantity.

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4 thoughts on “Fahrenheit 451

  1. I love to read, and have been called a Literary Geek. I usually stay away from sci-fi, it tends to bore me or be too technological for my computer illiterate brain. It was when I was "dating" a guy who only read tech material or sci-fi stuff that turned me onto this book. I LOVED IT!! My only complaint, if you can really call it that, was it ended too soon. I wanted to know what ELSE happened.


  2. I haven't read this yet but I have the film adaption directed by Truffaut, a key figure of the Auteur Theory in French Cinema during the 60s. The message of both book and film is chilling: the possibility encapsulated in this dystopia is not unlikely to happen given the repressive atmosphere tarrying in most parts of the world. Censorship has taken more subtle forms and that makes it more hazardous. I think we need to be more vigilant about our right to express ourselves freely and not allow the transpiration of the same scenario in Fahrenheit 451 where not people but ideas were being extirpated. :)


  3. I read Fahrenheit 451 about a year ago, and I was very impressed. While I enjoy verbose writers like Dickens and Dostoevsky, I am amazed by writers like Bradbury in Fahrenheit and Fitzgerald in The Great Gatsby, who can convey entire worlds of meaning in stories that economize on words.


  4. It's been ages since I've read it, but this makes me want to go back to it…SCI FI is often prophetic and a warning of what will come if we continue doing what we are doing. I'm reminded of 1984 by Owell…food for thought.


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