I’ve been blogging for almost a month now. It’s been fun, freakishly addictive, and I haven’t written a single new word – just been editing older stuff over and over again.

And I’ve realized that I haven’t said too much about me. Yeah, there was this one post about me way back in the beginning, but…

Yesterday I was watching Facebook’s shares go up and down, up and down, and realized that I have to write a little bit about myself as a person, what do I do, what do I like, stuff like that. The trouble is that whenever I try to think of something nice or funny to say about myself, my mind goes blank. And so does the page — that’s why I often write about myself pretending to write fiction.

I’m currently staring out the window at the rain. It’s pretty nasty out there, and I’m a bit hungry – I don’t have any food in my house (well, technically, I don’t have a kitchen so….)

I know this adds nothing to the nothing you already know about me. But I think you can deduct that I live all by myself. Somewhere in Constanta, which is a sea-side town somewhere in Romania, which is a country somewhere in Europe, which is a continent on the Planet Earth, and so on. And I’m terrified to go out right now — don’t like the rain very much.

This post isn’t going anywhere, so I’ll just cut the bullshit and write something that could prove to be useful to aspiring writers. At least to those who have one or two published works.

I’m going to talk about reviews. Yeah, if your heart skipped a beat, you know what I’m talking about. Some are good, some are bad, some you don’t understand, and in the end, they all add something to whatever you’re trying to sell. I’m still trying to figure out how to get those, especially since I’ve only got a few short stories, most of them for three, two of them for money, and I’ve got one review on Smashwords for Crossroads and one for Remember on Amazon. Which isn’t that great.

So my question is the following: how to get reviews? Well, if you know, be sure to tell me. Seriously.

From my limited life experience I’ve understood a few stuff about life, in general, and self-publishing, in particular. But what I can’t understand, for the love of me, is how LibraryThing actually works. The website is so complex and not the very user friendly. But I did manage to post a giveaway for A Sad, Sad Symphony. You can find it here (just scroll down a bit, and you should see it — it’s the one with 1.000.000 free copies available, so if you don’t see it, sort the list by copies available).  I consider this to be a pretty good way to get reviews, even though I’ve heard that LibraryThing users are a tad harsher than all the rest of humans. Dunno, maybe I’ll find out — if someone actually requests my ebook. Maybe I’ll even get a few reviews.

Right now, I’ve got a ratio of about, well, out of over 600 free e-books I’ve given for all my short stories, including the free promotions for Remember, then I’ve got a ration of just under 0,33%, which is incredibly frustrating. Maybe giveaways work, maybe they don’t. If you have a print version of your book, then you can go to Goodreads and post a giveaway there. You have to pay for shipping and all that, and the cost of the book itself, but it does make a lot of people add your book on their to-read lists, which apparently isn’t such a bad thing after all.

P.S. If you’re curious to read my new short story (for whatever reason), and you wouldn’t mind writing a short review, even one simple line like “I hated it. Die!”, then you can use this coupon on Smashwords – HU36B. It will expire on May 26, 2012.



One comment on “Ramblings

  1. ShimonZ says:

    Why don't you just publish one of your stories on your blog. I would read that, or give it a try, at least. I'm not about to go find Smashwords, and tell them the secret password to be able to read your story…

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