Project X Review

The best way to describe Project X is by using the following analogy: Cloverfield with lots of alcohol, music, and less blood.

During its entire length, the movie is just mindless partying — a party that soon degenerates into a sort of riot. Directed by Todd Philips, the guy behind The Hangover, this new comedy uses the really cool gimmick of the home video, which hasn’t been used that often anyway, and offers us something so absurd and stupid that’s quite good.

The idea behind the movie is quite simple. We have two highschool kids, J.B. and Costa, who are planning to throw an epic birthday party for their friend, Thomas. They aren’t exactly popular, but this Costa fella’ believes that he can’t change everything with just one party. And he actually succeeds. A lot of people find out about the party and hundreds show up.

It’s clear that the story escalates to such a degree that… well, let’s say that we get to see a lot of tits, a lot of havoc, one flamethrower, and in the end, there’s a bit of romance in this as well.

There isn’t much plot, the dialogue is down right idiotic sometimes, but this is just a home made video about the most epic party ever. And it’s great. I mean some parts are hilarious — which is one of the things movie makers kind of forget to add in comedies these days, others are just plain crazy.

To be honest, it kind of reminded me of highschool — not that I’d ever thrown such a party.

The producers wanted to cast only actors with no previous acting credits — to add realism to the whole home made video gimmick, I suppose, but they made a few exceptions, which included the actor who played the main character, Thomas.

It’s been doing quite well on the Box Office, considering its budget, and even though it’s got mixed to negative reviews, I honestly think that this movie achieved what it desired — to be so crazy that’s not even far-fetched. What more can you ask about a movie that’s about a party? It doesn’t even require a brain to understand it. You just have to watch the thing, smile and laugh at the good parts, and then go and see it again, because there will certainly be parts you’ve missed the first time.

As I said, this movie is crazy, and it was quite exhilarating and fresh. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to have fun with a movie that’s just as messed up as The Hangover — actually, you could imagine this one to be the prequel to that, what actually happens when people get really drunk and have more fun than it’s legally acceptable.


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