A Sad, Sad Symphony Giveaway

A few days ago I discovered this neat thing. You can create giveaways and embed them on your website. And those who want to participate have to complete some tasks – of your choosing, of course.

So I thought it’s a cool thing and maybe some people might think it’s cool as well and use it for their own self-published titles. And, well, today I started playing  with it.

Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t support Java, so you can’t see how cool the widget actually is. But you can view it on my Facebook page. I’m giving away 20 E-book copies of A Sad, Sad Symphony. The giveaway is active and will end next Friday, well in time for some Weekend reading. You can download a sample here. Or you can read it on Scribd.

If anyone knows similar platforms, which actually work with WordPress, please don’t be selfish and share. This is why they invented comment boxes.


P.S. If you’re a book blogger or you just want to read and review A Sad, Sad Symphony on Amazon and/or Smashwords (hopefully and), you can e-mail me at contact@cristianmihai.net and I’ll be more than happy to provide you with a copy.


27 thoughts on “A Sad, Sad Symphony Giveaway

    • Well, technically I did write a novel. Or two. But I have this vague impression that right now you’re referring to A Sad, Sad Symphony, which isn’t a novel. It’s a short story about a guy named Francisc Goyer – he’s a very talented musician working on this symphony, which he feels is going to make him immortal – as an artist, of course.

      There’s also an element of surprise (there’s always an element of surprise). I really suck at pitching my stories to other people, so sorry if this doesn’t exactly piques your interest.


  1. Love the imagery of a Sad, Sad Symphony. Consider a slightly different organization of the piece. I felt like the beginning, the part where the composer is writing, is somewhat out of sync with the ending. All in all, great writing. And thank-you so much for sharing it.


  2. Cristian, I didn't realize you had this post up and I just bought your story, A Sad, Sad, Symphony. I'm hoping to enjoy it!! The imagery on your books is very compelling. And I love artists of all kinds, so this one seemed like a good one to check out your writing. I love that you are an indie author!!


    • No worries, there will be plenty more giveaways, contests, etc, etc. I'm not in this to get rich or anything, and I like giving away my stories for free (hence the free short stories on Smashwords.)

      I went all indie because there's an entire ocean between me and all the publishing houses. It would have been almost impossible to get traditionally published. But now I'm enjoying myself, keeping this blog, interacting with readers, stuff like that. It's really fun.


      • That's awesome Cristian! Actually, you have inspired me to do the same. I'm going to figure out how to do this with my short stories. I also have a book that's partially written, and I figure the momentum of doing this with short stories will help me with my novel. Thanks for the inspiration!


        • I'm not going to lie. Short stories are, probably, the most difficult thing to market these days. But, like you said, it helps build momentum, and it helps you build an author platform. And they can act like a sample, I guess, for longer works.

          Like I said it here, in my posts about self-publishing, it's tough. And there's always this luck factor that no one seems to like very much. It takes time and hard work and, of course, enthusiasm. Because there's nothing better than doing what you love. Possibly earn a few bucks from it too.

          And be realistic. This is the trickiest part of all. If you anticipate huge sales, you're gonna get disappointed real fast.


          • I think I'm like you–I want to do it for the fun. I enjoy blogging so much, and I like talking with my audience, so it just seems like something else to share, you know? I don't mind the work–to me, it has just seemed to be a bunch of talking and making relationships, and I love that.


  3. Hi Cristian. I read A sad, sad symphony. Know what? I think it told me why I don't ever get off the ground with creative writing; very valuable. Maybe I'll have another go when I'm in Romania in August, being there is always inspirational I'm happy to pay for my read but haven't worked out how to do that just yet. I will when I have a spare mo'.


  4. Your blog is by far the best/most interesting/most appealing blog i've seen ever since I created my own !

    every single post is intelligent, accessible, concise and enriching. I'm definitely following your blog.


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