August Giveaway

It’s summer and I know that some of you are more interested in getting a tan than reading books, but I thought I’d help out those who are interested in reading something this month.

First of all, check out this cool giveaway on Facebook. I’m giving away one e-book bundle (Jazz, A Sad, Sad Symphony, and Remember) and another 20 e-book copies of Jazz.

But, wait, there’s more…This just sounded like an infomercial or something. Anyway, I wanted to do more, and something that relied less on the randomness of true random number generator (a lot of randoms in this sentence.)

So I thought I’d host a contest type of thing. I’m offering the following prizes:

First Prize wins an e-book bundle with my novel, Jazz, and my two short stories.

Second Prize gets an e-book copy of Jazz.

And third prize gets an e-book bundle with my two short stories, Remember and A Sad, Sad Symphony.

What do you have to do to enter? It’s pretty easy, actually. You just have to answer a question. Sort of.

I know there are a lot of creative folks following this blog. Awesome people, with very different and fantastic backgrounds and creative processes and whatnot, and I thought it would be cool if at least some of you would answer this question: “I am an artist because…”

It’s more like filling the missing spaces. With as little as a sentence (if it’s smart and/or funny) or as long as you want it to be. You can either comment here, on this blog, or simply post a link toward one of your own blog posts in which you’ve answered this question. Which isn’t exactly a question.

This contest goes live until the next Friday, when I’ll pick the winners. This time based on how awesome those answers were. Or something like that.

I’m looking forward to reading your answers. I wish you all good luck. Or inspiration. Or both.


174 thoughts on “August Giveaway

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  2. I am an artist because that's the way God made me. Oh believe me, I tried to be so many other things; a speech pathologist, a paralegal, an entrepreneur… Three college degrees later, here I am, doing what I do, writing e-books. It's not the most lucrative profession in the world, but I'm happy, and that's all that matters. I didn't choose to write; writing chose me!


  3. I can only find it funny that I was writing about a similar topic just a few days ago. But since you phrase it as "I am an artist because…", I feel it's more open to interpretation. I look forward to revisiting my earlier thoughts on this.


  4. I am an artist because I have something to say and I need to say it.

    It is part of my growth. It is part of how I think. It is how I make decisions. It is how I communicate.

    I am an artist because I have to be.


  5. I've been following your blog for awhile now, and very much enjoy it. I've been meaning to check out your books, and just haven't had the opportunity yet. So in the spirit of participation (and no small hopes in earning a free copy of something ;) ) I figured I'd give it a shot.

    I phrased it slightly differently, but I already spoke about my reasons for being an artist in my post titled, "Why Do You…(Insert Creative Verb Here)." Hopefully it qualifies. Or at least amuses you.


  6. I'm an artist because














  7. I am an artist because the act of creating something makes me smile. Because I love to transform what seem to be nothings into somethings. Because the world needs more art, in every form.


  8. I'm an artist because the question isn't for choosing whether to be or not to be one, whether I was, am, will be or not, I'm an artist where Being and not Being meet! I'm an artist because I am not!


  9. I am an artist because…I am compelled to express myself through creating.

    The need to create is part of my being. I am compelled to create in order to express myself, to speak freely as it were whether through the oral or written word or the more abstracted forms of sculpture, textile or paint to name but a few.

    Being a professional or hobbyist, a seller of your work or keeping it to yourself makes one no less an artist. That does little more than designate one within the arts.

    Some might say to be an artist you need to make the ordinary extraordinary. If so then there are a whole lot of artists out there I would not call artists. Ordinary and extraordinary are in the eye of the beholder and thus it in itself cannot define one as an artist.

    Compulsion, creation and expression make one an artist. They, to me, are significant aspects of art that blanket an artist regardless of discipline.

    I am compelled to express through creating, therefore I am an artist.


  10. I am an artist because I breathe paint and live words. Like so many others I have tried more lucrative paths – and will happily leave it all behind for the time and space to create.

    Being an artist is who I am and have always been, although it may get hidden as I struggle to pay the bills. This is more than a need or desire to create, it is me, in essence.


  11. Hi Christian,

    I am an artist because I find art in everyday life.

    Ooooo I am creative crafty and photography apart from my kids :0) is my life.

    I believe that taking great pictures is an artform

    I like to take pictures of every second and capture a moment in time.

    Pictures express so much and embeds memories forever.

    I have a very artistic mind this is why I blog or maybe just way too much to say.

    You should see artistic mummy when it comes to craft time oh and dinner time he he :0)


  12. I'm an artist because that's what I become when everything else is stripped away. When the house is quiet and I can escape the demands of family, house and job, that quiet voice is there — has always been there — telling me, or daring me, to write. I believe that it's the core of my being, the only thing I was really meant for, my mission. I am an artist because if I weren't, I'd be miserable.


  13. I'm an artist because God has blessed me with a wonderful skill. As a result I can creatively paint beautiful pictures with my words and motivate my readers at the same time, whether it be from the simple sharing of life experiences, crafting a short story/poem or writing a script for a short movie. At first I wasn't even sure of this gift but the really good feeling I get as I write, in addition to the positive responses from my readers have confirmed that I am indeed an artist.


  14. I am an artist because that's what I believe! :) My instinct says so. Believing is a way of making things real. i am an artist because that's what i believe! And it's real, because my instinct says so. Because I believe.


  15. I know I am an artist because…I don't know if I'm an artist. I'm still in the closet about that one, It's not for me to say. I do however, feel like a lunatic most of the time especially since I sleep with a writing pad and pen under my pillow. One too many lamps crashing to the floor in the middle of the night.


    • I'm an artist because I've dressed up as a woman for work, all around the world on Stage, TV, movies, written in books, magazines and newspapers, made costumes, sets and acted, danced, comedied, radiod, for nearly 30 years. And still going strong.

      Portia x


  16. I am an artist because the voices in my head have been telling me to kill my co-workers, but too pretty to do hard time, so I just kill them in prose.


  17. Dear Christian,

    I am an artist because it makes me powerful. It keeps me present. I rewrite history and form it into something that keeps me free. * I can make magic happen….because I am an artist.


  18. I am an artist because I see art everywhere and in everything. I am an artist because I have realized that I am not the creator of art, but rather simply the discoverer. I think that maybe artists are just those who have the ability to look at the world, and instead of seeing everything that makes it terrible, we see what makes it beautiful.


  19. I'm an artist because I look at light ,shape, colour, perspective through a kaleidoscope of experience and passion for reasons behind these. I enjoy concentrated discussion and in depth analysis of detail. I'm an artist because I enjoy creative sensitivity across many different genres.


  20. I'm an artist and my life is an abstract painting–it's messy with all the colors but when you stare at it long enough or look at it from another perspective or just try squinting your eyes at it, there's beauty in the chaos I create.


  21. I am an artist because I owe my life to art; it gave me purpose, a reason to live, when I could not find it else where. It gave me a voice when I could not speak up for myself. The more of myself I offer on the page the greater the chance I am able to reach people and let them know they are not alone. Each time that happens the weight of my soul lightens. This is the real reward of art.


  22. Love cannot be defined, it just is

    and I am an artist for no other reason

    but because I am

    I can see a flower in a stain

    create a boat from paper

    I dont know why i do these things

    or why I sit down

    to pour my feelings and thoughts in poetry

    and narratives

    I just do these things

    some turn our beatiful at first

    others need a tweek here and there

    but I know they are all good

    because they were created by a sincere heart

    if i was to tell you why I am an artist

    why I do things the way i do them

    there my words will fail me

    leaving way for action

    for I am an artist because I am


  23. I have an incurable loneliness, a longing only abated by story. I am an artist because I find life and truth in the pretend.


  24. I'm an artist because my life has been a series of long drawn out frustrations. I sublimated my personal desires, wishes, needs and wants and they returned as creative urges.

    The vicissitudes of life has made me what I am.


  25. The floating rose


    A floating rose

    in a calm ocean

    A beautiful sight

    with a sad pretext

    I see the rose

    I imagine the story

    I feel the atmosphere

    And create the main


    main events

    A single rose floating

    gets my thoughts

    dancing like ballerinas

    and my fantasy

    flying over beautiful


    I am an artist

    I don’t have the confident

    To just say:

    “That’s all I ever can be”

    But it is!

    And it’s all I ever





    To be


  26. I am an artist because that’s the name other people give what I do. I just live try to live with intuition and my gut. If that manifests in a play, prayer service, blog, novel, or portrait of a friend – then that’s what happens. Most of the time I don’t make a conscious choice to create, it’s just who I am. I actually would never choose to call myself an artist because of the many chains and boundaries the world around me places on what art “should” be. I don’t write every day and I don’t have a place set up to paint. I look like an average middle-aged woman, but I’m a creator in my core.


  27. I am an artist because it is part of the meal that feeds my soul. A day at the ocean, a hike in the mountains, a great home-cooked meal, creating something from words on a page. These are vital food groups for me.


  28. I became an artist because it was inevitable. My parents were artists and my father's parents before him. It runs in our blood. We can't help ourselves, despite ourselves.


  29. Paraphrasing Ron Hanson, I remember when I first started being a comedian I thought it "an impossible pursuit, one for which I had no preparation or training, or even motive, except for a secret and undeniable urge to do so."


  30. I am an artist because the passions I feel about serving and helping my fellow man cannot be contained within this body. I believe I've been given the gift to express what so many people feel and get others to take walks around themselves to examine who they really are. Being able to evoke emotion from others, whether it is laughing, crying, guilt, happiness or peace is an art. That's why I am an artist.


  31. I am an artist because… um… I can't seem to be able to call me an artist. I think of me as a creative person, yes, but one who dabbles.


  32. I am an artist because

    I am thee I am

    She say’s I am an artist when I am inside her I am

    I permeate the I am

    Post coitus I am thee I am

    She elevates me to a height which releases the I am

    I am you

    I am that thing you let loose, described as the I am

    I am the vicissitude that results in the I am

    I am your damp dream,


    Described as the I am

    I am inside you,

    The artist that I am


  33. I am an artist because, every time I ask myself if there's something I'd rather do, something that would make the days go easy, the answer is no. There's nothing that means more than what I'm doing right now, and finishing my book is worth everything, whatever it takes.


  34. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm…

    …because I 'see' that story, because I 'feel' that painting; because my imagination takes flight from the moment I awake 'till the moment I lay my head on the pillow…………..



  35. I am an artist because

    Art is my obsession, my passion, my friend.

    Creating makes my soul dance in field of dreams.

    I play with words, colors, and shapes where

    inspiration is movement in silence.

    Expressing the depths of my core

    telling a never ending story


  36. I am an artist because I try to see the world with all the beauty it comes with, and express my feelings towards that beauty!


  37. I am an artist because I help to create a reality for these stupid voices in my head that won't shut up. (Gosh, do they nag! ) A reality where others can know about them, relate to them and hear all about the awesome and not so awesome things they've been up to.


  38. I am an artist because I was lucky enough to be born with the gift of creativity. If I do not use the art of weaving words into powerful emotions and instances, it would incapacitate my living a fulfilling life. Therefore, an artist I must always be..:)


  39. I am an artist because I put my mind, my feelings and my soul in whatever I do and communicate, and because I do so trying to follow my particular nature, but also seeking some kind of beauty. You might say that I am quite genuine as a result.

    The thing is that, in some way, it connects with people soul, nature and sense of beauty.


  40. Hi Christian, I am an artist because I see so many pictures in my mind and I want the world to experience what I am feeling and seeing in my mind. Sometime that is something simple and sometimes it is something way out there.


  41. I am an artist because my profound gratitude for the freedom I have demands that I share that change. I celebrate August 4 1976 as my life changing day. There have been many more since then but that is the day I could run no longer from my quest. Now I am an artist of 70 years and just started a new career as a personal assistant to an artist. I do not want her to be alone with the burning desire to create and express love through art. The fire burns brighter the longer I live.


  42. What is an artist? Because I feel joy at seeing the beautiful tapestry that emerges out of the words neatly tucked one beside another? Why do these words spring such joy?

    Because reading a book, having a conversation, hearing a story, learning a truth, realising that fish can moves in all three axes, a waterfall all touch something deep inside my heart, that clarifies just that bit more about life and elevates us to being really human.

    And that causes me to form words, reshape them, associate them with older fleeting feelings and create a reality out of this experience. Anne Lamott, in her book, Bird by Bird said, the job of writers is to understand life, and pass it on. The urge to do that is what make me an artist


  43. I am an artist because I create.

    I am an artist because I write poetry that no one reads.

    I am an artist because I draw pictures that no one views.

    I am an artist because I appear how, in my mind, an artist would appear.

    I am an artist because I tell myself I am, every day, even if I don't produce anything that day.

    I am an artist because I am fortunate enough to have the luxury of being able to be what I want to be and I want to be an artist.

    I am an artist because I grow increasingly more aware that I experience the world ever so slightly differently to those around me.

    I am an artist because I have suffered and I am not afraid to seek out those emotions and draw the painful memories from my banks and lay them out before me.

    I am an artist because I have experienced happiness and I am honest enough with myself to take those emotions and transform them into something beyond their original form.

    I am an artist because I am the product of every experience I have been subjected to and every single experience in my life has unwittingly brought me to a point in time whereby to say I was not an artist would seem false.

    I am an artist because I have experienced art and been moved by it, inspired by it. I create art because I want to be a part of someone elses experience of art, I want to move them and inspire them into creating too. I want to propagate this species of artists, this culture of creativity, I want to think that I can pass on the torch of artistic enlightenment and spark a creative fire in just one passionate heart, to keep art alive. I want to create more artists, who will create more artists further and further into generations that pass, an artistic revolution, a mass of people reflecting their society through their own means of expression.

    I am an artist because I create.


  44. I am artist because I've been told that I live in another world, a world of my own. I breathe and eat like everyone else but somehow I feel like I'm not human. I am stuck in a world in which I don't seem to fit it. People say I'm unique or I'm weird. I say that I'm an artist.


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  46. I am an artist because I'm not strong enough not to be one. I succumb to the pull of my pen, gravitate towards the words, I am yet to write and I remain intoxicated by poems of the future.


  47. I am an artist because that is what drives my soul. Everyone has something that lights them up and they may fight against it for various reason but until one accepts, gives in and carries through, I don’t think true peace will ever happen.

    Kara Peterson of “In Kara’s World”.com


  48. Artist, big word. I wouldn't discribe myself like this. I am just an ordinary human being who loves writing. Maybe maybe one day I will become one. Still long way to go. But If I would be an artist… :)


  49. I am an artist because if I don't share the words and music inside me, they eventually fade away, leaving me with a dry and dull existence. The world is colored with wonder when I allow creativity to flow, and it becomes something altogether different when I share it with those around me.


  50. I am an artist because my palette is filled with the hues of of the world around me…from sight to fright not a sensation goes un-noted, unrecorded, or unwritten. and so, my art becomes the replication or maybe even the indication that my life exists, existed, and always will exist.


  51. The best I can give you is a reference to a great Bukowski poem:


    you won’t see them often

    for wherever the crowd is


    are not.

    those odd ones, not


    but from them


    the few

    good paintings

    the few

    good symphonies

    the few

    good books

    and other


    and from the

    best of the

    strange ones



    they are

    their own


    their own


    their own


    their own


    sometimes I think

    I see

    them – say

    a certain old


    sitting on a

    certain bench

    in a certain



    a quick face

    going the other


    in a passing



    there’s a certain motion

    of the hands

    of a bag-boy or a bag-


    while packing




    it is even somebody

    you have been

    living with

    for some

    time –

    you will notice


    lightning quick


    never seen

    from them



    you will only note







    some months

    some years

    after they are


    I remember

    such a

    one –

    he was about

    20 years old

    drunk at

    10 a.m.

    staring into

    a cracked

    New Orleans


    facing dreaming

    against the

    walls of

    the world


    did I



  52. I am an artist because it would be stupidity of me not to:

    -Change the world while I’m full of creative tools,

    -Help people learn from my experiences,

    -Satisfy my ego that’s eager to be named as “an artist” and finally,

    -Use art as a means of promoting my ideals and values.


  53. i am who i am because Gaia is transition and i chose this role before my birth. the delivery of true freedom of all men will come with the force of a thousand Rennaissances and guess who will be spearheading the lift to higher vibrations? those that already operate out of love and have lived a life of constant struggle for simply being maladjusted to a square circle fed with bread and circus. those that see beyond themselves and into the infinite infinites. those that envision a better tomorrow through their expression. those they call artists. those hundred and ten comments, their influences and pupils, and eventually every beating heart in the planet. peace, love, light and creativity. be the purpose.


  54. I am an artist because God made me that way,

    I am an artist because I sort things in disarray;

    I am an artist because I describe every miniscule of life,

    I am an artist because my words are sharper than a knife;

    I am an artist because I am impartial to the world,

    I am an artist because I can face everything which, at me, is hurled;

    I am an artist because writing comes naturally to me,

    I am an artist because I can see beyond the never – ending sea;

    I am an artist because I write words as if they're colors,

    I am an artist because I write for the fun, not for the dollars…

    Hope you liked it!!


  55. …because I hear a voice in the back of my head telling a story. I don't know where the voice comes from – somewhere beyond me – but it is a voice I simply cannot ignore. It's a voice given to me as a gift that I must share.


  56. Good morning, Christian. I hope that you have been enjoying all of the responses to your question. The question, what makes me an artist? is equivalent to asking Why are we here? We seek to capture the essence of being human. We mesh what we have learned from others with what we have gleaned from self-reflection. We transmit that conglomeration to others, in the hope that they will in turn add their insights to our insights, and that, together, we will solve the mystery of the human condition. And, in the meantime, we do what we do because that gives us great pleasure.


  57. I am an artist because I am a human being

    I have eyes that can see beauty and see ways to add to that beauty.

    I have ears that can hear beauty and hear ways to add to that beauty.

    I have a mouth and vocal cords that can express my words, my songs, my opinions, my viewpoints.

    I have hands that can create.

    I have feet that can dance.

    I have a heart that can feel.

    I have a mind that can inspire.

    Inspire itself and others to create outside the box and allow their inner creative child out to breath.

    Whether I decorate a holiday tree, landscape my yard, redecorate a room in home, I am an artist.

    If I write a poem, a novel, or a blog post, I am an artist.

    If I dance a ballet, or a rhythmless dance in my living room for my own pleasure, I am an artist.

    Even if I sing a song out of tune, just to entertain myself or make my child laugh, I am an artist.

    I am a living, breathing creature of this earth, and I have emotions and I have a need to express those emotions. . . I am an artist.


  58. I am an artist because I draw in my mind. Everything seems to happen in full vividness in my imagination, be it drawings, animations or scenarios. Once I try to illustrate or describe what I'm thinking however, it kinda all falls into pieces. Still, I guess deep down inside I still consider myself an artist, I'm just not being able to share the amazing works in my mind, with the world yet.

    I really wasn't meaning to craft a reply to this, but it just popped into my mind the moment I read your question. So why not?


  59. I am an artist because I'm made in the image and likeness of the Creator God. The Bible begins with "in the beginning God created." God is unchanging, so He's ever creating. The universe is constantly expanding! God is the ultimate artist, and the artist within me reflects that attribute of Jesus. I am an artist because I aim to bring Heaven to Earth in the form of cultivating beauty. Art is expression and conveys messages than can not be grasped otherwise. Art reaches down deep into the human soul and touches unreachable places from which life springs! I am an artist because to create is to live.


  60. I am an artist

    because I must,

    because of love

    and hate and fear

    because of joy and lust and pain

    because it won't stay locked inside.

    I am an artist

    because of God

    because of creation in my soul

    remaking lost and broken things

    being honest about

    what's still yet to be done.

    I am an artist

    there is no choice

    I do not have to be any good

    but I must express and craft and think

    and let it flow from inside myself.

    I am an artist,

    it is who I am.


  61. I am an artist because the Middle Ground where Sages Dwell is my journey in the present moment that draws me in to experience consciousness within my soul's code and my I AM-ness in this universal tapestry of individual and collective energies, calling me to embrace our One-ness within our innate beauty.


  62. I have alwats considered myself an artist. I have passion in my heart to make creative things. I guess I could say my hands are the best part of me. I am not a writer, but I love to read. My joy is making jewelry, painting and I have made dimensional art in paper. I blog about the jewelry I make. This may not sound poetic, this is me.


  63. Im an artist because…art happens. Do I intend for it to happen is probably the 'real' question that should be asked. The answer is, no. Is it considered art, then? Now that's the 'really real' question isn't it? The answer is, no. So if I don't intend for art to happen, but it does, but it isn't considered art, because it's not…then, am I an artist? That's the the 'real really real' question. The answer is, no. Therefore… I'm an artist because I'm not. True.


  64. I'm an artist because I write. I can't draw worth a crap, and my musical talent these days is mediocre. But, I can write. I can write all day, every day, and about anything in my imagination.


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  66. I just saw this and thought I'd try. It turned out a little more dramatic than I expected…oops. Well here goes.

    I'm an artist because I see a world in which the ordinary constantly reinvents itself in new perspectives. A world where clouds are oceans floating in the sky, and asphalt roads are rivers winding through a forest of carved grey. A world in which there is hidden beauty in everything. I'm an artist because in one moment I am the silent observer and the next am passionately alive. I judge and accept simultaneously, viewing reality through as many different lenses as I know of. I am an artist because I accept that we can only experience a tiny fraction of this reality, yet still strive to comprehend reality in its entirety. I am an artist because I inhabit a different world to everybody else; a strange world of light and shadows, and of colours beyond the rainbow. Most importantly, I'm an artist because I want to create the lens through which this shining world can be seen; because I want to draw others into my reality and show them their familiar world reflected in an entirely new light.


  67. I am an artist because I treat every day as a canvass on which to paint at will. Unintended splatters may color the surface but I can always do damage control, and just brush paint over the bad again to achieve the picture I had in mind. Or I could just let and use them and thereon let spontaneity take its course.

    I'm an artist because I believe in living life and fully feeling every moment. But whatever happens, whatever forces may come at play, whatever inspiration may drive me; I'll remember that it's my arms that create art on the sheet.


  68. I am an artist because I bring to life on paper or computer what exsists in the farthest reaches of my imagination.


  69. I am an artist because I reflect the world. My words are mirrors. With light and shadow as my palette, I let my readers see their own life experiences from a new perspective.


  70. I'm an artist because people label me as such. I prefer to think that I just have an extension of myself on paper or canvas. I create because it's something I have to do to keep myself sane. Art is the purest for of emotion for me. When I'm pissed off I take it out in poetry, on paper, on wood, or limestone. It's a positive outlet for emotions. Rather than taking the head off of people I love I prefer to destroy within my own art. Rather than telling someone they're incredible to me, I'd rather immortalize them in an image. So they have something to always remind them of what they mean to me. It's important to love life and without art I would most certainly have more trouble with it than I do now. Art is the highest form of beauty, not the lowest as according to Plato. I like to think that art can fix problems as simply as logic might. I love art and I love creating, thanks for making me put this to text.


  71. (this idea is awesome) I am an artist because I paint my daughter's toenails. I am an artist because I can make faces out of food so my children will be tempted to eat it. I am an artist because I won a ribbon at age 11 that says so.


  72. I am an artist because I refuse to suppress my voice. I refuse to let the world continue without my own expressions being heard. I refuse to let this world be flat and deprived of the beauty and truth in art.


  73. I'm an artist because I live each day eagerly waiting to come across one of my works being praised by a random individual. Imagine how Leonardo da Vinci would react to the hundreds of people crushing those beside them to catch a glimpse of such a popular piece of art.


  74. I'm an artist……..How I wish I can find the strength to say that. I am a newbie writer who writes what she feels or wants. I write stories to fill my OTP cravings, at least in my stories, I always give my OTP their happy ending.But sadly, I don't share my stories to everyone. I only show them to a few selected ones. I really haven't answered your question. >:) I just wish I can say someday "I'm an artist."


  75. I am an artist because…I have no choice in the matter. I was literally born this way. I can clearly recall trying to depict perspective in my drawings pre-kindergarten. As a teen, art made me different and "weird", and that's hard. But now, as an adult, I can honestly say it gives more satisfaction and true happiness than anything else I could imagine. I am immensely grateful for it. That's why I am an artist.


  76. We as artists all have the same struggles except the commercialized artists that are 1% so they get lonely sometimes knowing that everyone is jealous of them. I would abandon my passion for more lucrative jobs but still write sometimes but those paths all closed and now I can't do anything except TRY to get out of this hole of gloom I am in.


  77. I am an artist because when I don't write, when I don't preach, when I don't create, I am not me. I am an artist because this is the only way the world makes sense to me.


  78. …because the world simultaneously empties me and fills me up and I am left no other choice, with the constant emptying and filling, than to fall in and out of love with it every day, to become overjoyed and then desperate within each breath.


  79. I am an artist because…it's there? Oh, wait. That's mountain climbing. I am an artist because…I can't keep my opinions to myself? Or is that just being a busybody? *Thinking* I am an artist because…the last job at the burger joint was already taken? Oh. I guess that's merely being tardy. I am an artist because…it looks better on my resume than Telemarketer? Okay, that's just being dishonest. *Thinking more.* Is it because I love paint under my fingernails, or is that just poor hygiene? Maybe it's because sitting at my computer or painting table all day, every day, has kept me in such great physical shape? Oh, man. I KNOW that's wrong. Well, shoot. I guess I'm an artist because it beats the heck out of having a REAL job. Yeah. That one rings true.

    Who wouldn't rather practice their writing skills and play with paints all day, if they could? It's like being in Endless Kindergarten. And once in awhile, you even get paid.


  80. I honestly don't think of myself as an artist. I am a very Type A personality, very rigid in my lifestyle and habits….but people seem to think of me as an artistic type…I suppose it's because as you said, I get lost in my writing and it's the only time I really feel alive and happy. Great contest and great answer to your own question. I truly enjoyed reading your thoughts.


  81. I am an artist because I am what I am. I was born that way. It is what it is.

    It consumes me. I feel my best when I am creating, and selling a few pieces? Well I don't mind that at all. It's a great feeling to know that someone else appreciates my creativity.

    If every one in the world did something artistic there would be no time for war or hate.


  82. Hey, now that the contest is over, I can answer the question, or rather comment on it.

    For as much as I shape words, capture images, and call upon some sort of vision to generate what I hope are interesting things, I have a hard time defining myself as an artist. Sure, on one level I create art; a story which did not exist before, a photo capturing a moment in time . . .

    . . . unique expressions of the human experience (from my point of view), but simultaneously they are similar to expressions of the human experience of others (from their point of view).

    So I don't know what an artist is . . . if I am an artist, than near everything humans do can be considered art, and everyone is an artist. The act of combing your hair, choosing your clothes, everything which presents you to the outside world can be considered art.

    And maybe it is . . . maybe every walking moment, movement, and action is in essence an artistic expression of ourselves to the outside world. That I sometimes choose to do it with words, and sometimes with pictures, does not differentiate me from those who choose other ways to present themselves to others.

    Therefore, if I am considered an artist it's because I am human, and humans above all want to express themselves to others, to form connections which hopefully serve as basis for a shared understanding of the world we live in.

    . . .

    . . . or we are bored, and happen to be part of the privileged few with the luxury to do stuff not strictly necessary for our survival. We dub it art, and don the mantle of artist to excuse and justify our trivial and selfish pursuits . . . nah, I think it's the first one.


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