Facebook Giveaway Winners

August is halfway over, Autumn is coming, the world is still struggling with a nasty case of economic recession, and I’m acting like Captain Obvious over here. But one more thing just ended. And that is my Facebook Giveaway. To find out who the winners are click on this thingy over here ->

First Prize, which consists of an e-book bundle of my two short stories, Remember and A Sad, Sad Symphony, and an e-book copy of my novel, Jazz, goes to Jerron Tables. Congratulations, Jerron.

And then we have some more winners:

  1. Haley Laverty
  2. Stephen Ormsby
  3. Daphnée Kwong Waye
  4. Umashankar Pandey
  5. Julie Carolien Mosmuller
  6. Ben Fast
  7. Carolyn Lane
  8. Brenda Pederson
  9. Nicole-Kevin Eichten-Dermody
  10. Carson Cooper
  11. Pat Torok
  12. Vinny Mannering
  13. Alex Popescu
  14. Martine Shoemaker
  15. Estrella Azul
  16. Richard Lee Thai
  17. Sarlote Baskevica
  18. Steph Rochefort
  19. Julie Savage
  20. Ekphrastix Arts Filbert

Each of these good folks won an e-book copy of Jazz. Prizes were sent to you via Smashwords a few minutes ago. I hope they arrived intact. If there’s anything you’d like me to help you with or you’re having trouble downloading your gift, don’t be afraid to contact me at contact and a @ and the name of my website, which is cristianmihai.net

I want to thank everyone who took part in this. A special thanks goes to random.org and to rafflecopter for providing me with the logistics for this event.

And now it’s the part where I start begging for reviews. You know, they’re kind of important. If you read Jazz and feel like writing a review, even if it’s a one liner why you hated it, please do so. It always pleases me when I get feedback on my stories. Even negative feedback. But you should send death threats by e-mail, just so you don’t get in trouble with the police.

Thank you all for being wonderful. Don’t forget to tell all your friends about this very cool, very young writer from Constanta, Romania, who doesn’t know where to put a comma. Also, don’t forget to go out and enjoy the sun – if there’s any in your part of the world.

Let’s hope that soon I’ll be able to host a paperback giveaway. Yes, real books, real paper.

And now it’s time for a short commercial break.


15 thoughts on “Facebook Giveaway Winners

  1. thank you so much Christian! I am SO looking forward to making my way through it! You're writings and advisements have been terrifically helpful to me…slowly trying to build my own organizable pieces of work :)


  2. The Comma, it is a tricky creature. This beast eludes me half the time as well. Anyway congrats to all the winners of your giveaway. And, the sun is out where I am but. . . Winters coming most likely sooner than we would like it.


  3. I want to write about your book in my blog, have not finish the book since I won second prize ha!, I have lots of work :(. You are funny. love this! Congrats to the winners.


  4. That's so kind – and much appreciated. But oh… that pile of books with scrappy bits of paper sticking out waiting to have their reviews written before I forget what my notes mean glower at me. Well, they will just have to wait. Your gift gets priority.


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