Yesterday’s Gone: Serialized Fiction

It’s been a while since I properly reviewed a book. It’s not because I haven’t read anything worth mentioning, but I just had other stuff to write about. But now… I really do want to recommend something.

Yesterday, for 12 hours straight, I read the first season of Yesterday’s Gone. Yeah, that’s right. The first season. Because this is a serialized novel written by Sean Platt and David Wright.

To be honest, I only started reading this novel because I liked this idea of serialized fiction. E-books and self-publishing make it easy. And, yeah, the premise was quite intriguing. So I bought the first season and started reading. And I read and read and then I had to go to bed.

Though serialized fiction is not that new or groundbreaking, these two guys make it work really well. They have multiple POVs, multiple story-lines – basically everything is layered out like a TV show. And, of course, each episode ends with a cliffhanger.

I have to say that this novel is freakishly addictive. Yeah, there are some rough parts, some minor editing errors, and a few cliche characters… but it’s very entertaining.Sort of a hybrid between The Walking Dead and Lost.

On the 15th of October 2011, at 2:15 AM, 99.9% of the human population of this planet vanished. The few who are left are trying to make sense of what really happened that night. Also there are a bunch of other strange things going on. A lot of questions and not enough answers. The world is in chaos… and we have a journalist, a serial killer, a sort of eight year old messiah,  a secret agent of some sorts, and a bunch of other characters trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Can’t tell you more, because it would spoil the story. Also, from what I hear, season two is where we get our answers. Or at least a part of them.

The writing itself is functional – good enough not to get in the way. There were one or two sentences that resonated with me – which I highlighted on my Kindle App, but other than that, it works. Light literature, if I may say so. But that’s besides the point.

This is entertainment, and we get plenty of that from Yesterday’s Gone. If you’re into zombies, horror, and all other X-Files type of stuff, then you might want to give this serialized novel a try. You can download the first two episodes for free, here and here, or you can buy the entire first season here.


20 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Gone: Serialized Fiction

  1. "The world is in chaos" That is definitely a reason to read this book. :)

    I like the cover. Another way I choose what to read or check out from the library.

    I like trilogy type books. But nothing worse than looking on the library shelf and finding the 2nd and 3rd books there…….and the 1st missing. :(

  2. A book series written to function and format like a TV show, huh? I can definitely see the appeal – a natural modern progression from magazine serials and whatnot. Premise sounds appropriate enough for the types of shows on television these days. Hmm…

  3. Thanks for sharing! I read the first episode and think I may be hooked too. For some reason the image of that semi-faceless cat is sticking in my head now. Hmmm, pleasant dreams tonight I suppose!

  4. Just put the first two free ones on my kindle, thanks for the recommendation. That is the trap of the kindle isn't it, free books to whet your appetite then having to buy all the others once they suck you in! Oh well, I'm a happy victim. :)

  5. This is the first time I hear of serialized writing. I'll definitely give the first two episodes a read. I might want to consider this method for one my own projects.

  6. Thanks for sharing, I have been searching for a great new book to read and the idea of serialized writing is intriguing to me, I am going to give it a try!

  7. Thanks so much for pointing me in the direction of these books. :) I have finished number 1 and am now well into number 2. It is a fantastic story, and really well written. Now I'm just dying to find out what really happened!

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