A post about nothing, actually

Good morning everyone. That is, if it’s morning where you’re at. Here in Constanta, Romania the weather is superb. It almost feels like summer.

It’s days like these, when the world is slowly drowning in a mist of golden rays, that you feel like cleaning the house. Open all the windows, set the vacuum cleaner to max power. Wake up the neighbors.

Like the title implies, this is a post about nothing.

So here’s a picture of my desk. Or should I say “workstation?”

As you can see, the “desk” is actually a coffee table. Or at least, that’s what I think it is. On it you can find a computer monitor, a wireless computer mouse that stopped working, a USB flash drive, and a lighter. Oh, and an old school mouse (with a cable, that is.)

The chair is quite comfortable. Sometimes I like to pretend it’s a throne. Sometimes.

Where do you blog/write from? Can you show us?

And now for a word from our sponsors. Or some moving pictures.


108 thoughts on “A post about nothing, actually

  1. Here in Canberra, Australia, it's been a beautiful Spring day, with a maximum temperature of 27.3C. Tomorrow, though, it's going to rain. That's what happens in Spring.

  2. For starters, am I the only dinosaur that follows your blog?

    Basically I work with fabric and fibres, and I choose to have my lap top the opposite end of the house to my studio, to make sure I MOVE occasionally! lol

    And this dinosaur doesnt know how to add a pic here, so you will need visit my blog to see my pics

  3. Since the last spring when I've renovated my balcony, I just sit there (I have one of those bean bags chairs) with the laptop in my lap and try to write. It was hard since it was a very hot summer, but hey, it was hot everywhere. But I've started to get used to it and why not inspired/motivated each time I go there. It kinda become my writing space. Let's see how I can manage it in winter….

    • '. . . it was hot everywhere.' Not in England. We had record rainfall in April, June and September – I mean 'record' rainfall. Perhaps we could do a little swop. . . Indoor blogging for me, in the corner by the window with lots of light coming in. Greyish sky at the moment, temperature 10 degrees. Rain forecast for this afternoon and next few days.

  4. When I come home from work, I immediately fire up my Mom's netbook (a mini-laptop; yes, I don't have a personal computer or a laptop of my own), and make myself comfortable in our dining table. I'd only leave if it's time for dinner, but when we're done, I set my stuff up there again. :)

  5. It's crazy that you live in Romania and I live in Columbus, Ohio. Somehow, that piece of information slipped my mind. It's 5:10 a.m. in the morning here. I can't sleep! What can you do? My work station is all over my house. Or the local library which seems to be the only place I can really concentrate.

  6. 5:49 in the morning of La Paz, Bolivia. Actually, I'm a guest for the night, this is not my blogging space, that's why I do not send a pic from where I'm writing. However this is my usual time, while the world seems to sleep but the birds and all nature begin to announce their existence…love it…I feel I'm the first woman on Earth!

  7. Here in NJ, USA it's going to be a warm, sunny, early fall day. I may blog about nothing later today, from the writing corner of my dining room. There are almost as many wires there as there are at your house!

  8. Good afternoon, its 12:40 midday in South Africa. Its a lovely spring day and I published a post while at the beach. Your post is reblogged so that you can check my creative space. You should consider getting yourself an iPad or a tablet of sort, will eliminate the cable problem :) thanks for the inspiration!

  9. It's 7:44am and it's cold. My workstation (s) since I have a laptop, is anywhere where I get a connection and a good place to sit. :) But most of the time I sit on my couch with my computer. Across from where I sit is a large picture window that I love so much, because of the great views out front.

    Your table is super small. :P And your chair looks comfortable :) How did you clean with all those cords in the way?

  10. It's 7:50 in the evening where I'm at. ^_^ I don't have a permanent workstation at the moment. So I take my laptop to different parts of the house in order to work. Sometimes i work in my sister's room, sometimes in my Dad's office, my Mom's bedroom, in the kitchen and there was a time on the landing of our staircase.

    I really like this post. It feels so laid back. ;)

  11. that spaghetti bowl of power cords could use a little feng shui influence my friend….I'm out of town taking some art classes but love the pic of our creative space idea and will post one when I get back! Happy creating!

  12. Well good morning/ afternoon now that it is afternoon here.

    I sit on laptop in some corner in the house or from a corner in the office. And the post is about something important, where you spend your time sharing your creations :)

    Good day

  13. Dinosaurs(you're not the only Maureenc), Yanquis, Wallabies, Springboks, Bahamians, Bolivia, Romanians, Les Bleus, Brits, ex-pats need I say more welcome to the age of the e-pub and the blog. Here in Merida I've arranged so that I have a small desk at which I'm currently sitting next to a dresser to which I move my laptop and stand. Christian, thanks for your platform of unity and community. Vive el Internet y Escritors!!!

  14. Cristian, you should be doing a horror segment today of how all those cords are going to come to life and wrap the writing right out of you! Good Halloween stuff – they gave me quite the fright! hehe Thanks for the peek into your creative space. I've been thinking of showing my little reading nooks I've made – will try to get a decent camera & get on that soon. -j

  15. You have a tangled wire beneath the desk. It is just as messy as someone life. Those who never can find connection, and reasons why they are getting turned on and off. The mouse is also tied, no movement.Good Morning, I have passed my day, where I am its already night. I am your future :)) time line..but no,,I can never help with vacuum

  16. What a great idea! I'm envious of your weather, here in Minneapolis, Minnesota the temperature dropped from 80 to 40 in one day. Today's workspace is Starbuck's. Typically I work from a desk…we converted a dining room into an office. What does that say?? I guess we write and work more than we entertain!

  17. It’s 12:25 PM and sunny here in the “thumb” of Michigan. I did my blogging today from my living room La-Z-Boy, which I also sometimes pretend is throne. I’ve got five little ones so I do my blogging wherever they are playing so I can keep one eye on them, which could be anywhere in our house or on our farm.

  18. My first response is that I'm impressed that it's cleaning you want to do…or at least say you want to do!

    My space isn't much bigger than yours, a 3×3 corner in the kitchen, but I guess it isn't about where we are. It's about where our mind is, right? :-)

  19. Thanks for you home lovely words!! I blog from High River Alberta Canada….and it is a beautiful fall day here and I am going to clean the house too and throw open the windows…just as you suggest!!

  20. Romania? Wow. I need to follow your advice and get out the vacuum. Love my vacuum, hate to vacuum. After years of vacuum incompatibility of need-v-cheap, I splurged and got a Dyson. It made the chore so much easier and gave me time to play on the computer. As for where I write, I have a library with a designated cabinet that hides the cords and I can close the doors to hide the computer. No mess and more time to enjoy other activities. Beautiful day in Alabama, today's high is projected to be 84 degrees. The leaves have not started to change colors yet, they have that mature , rich green of summer ripeness. An occasional, mitten shaped leaf from a tulip popular will flutter from the top heights of the trees signaling that Autumn is near.

  21. It is 10:12am in Brunswick, Ohio, and after two glorious sunny and warm days, much like summer, we are headed into a three day rainy autumn weekend. The clouds have already appeared, overcast. In my apartment, my livingroom is my studio space. I blog from the corner nearest the slider window on an older PC with a tower.

  22. Woke up to the first snow of the season (I'm in Colorado). It will be gone in a few hours when the high altitude sun will make short work of it on the way to warming the place up to about 50 deg.(F).

    I would show my creative space, but I'm not certified for opening skulls.

    Interesting wire art . . . you should try decorating them with colored tape. You could then make abstract patterns.

  23. All those cords!! Yikes!

    I write in bed or in my recliner. I must be very relaxed. Or at least I have convinced myself of that.

  24. A totally off-topic subject. I knew a professional cheerleader who once told me that she wanted to go to Romania because she had met some guys from Rome and thought they were all so handsome. I really enjoy your writing, Crisitan.

  25. In Jeonju, South Korea there is gorgeous fall weather, clear and cool, although now it's night. I work from the only full size table in our apartment, which is covered with two computers and sundry. In envy you your comfortable chair. I have an old kitchen chair that creaks whenever I move.

      • Want the first purchase option if I get a new one some time? Might not happen too soon, but I have a 2009 mbpro in decent shape (upgraded RAM to 9G and HD to 1TB)

  26. My weather report in Flint, Michigan… partly sunny/cloudy and 55F at the moment. Your post on 'nothing' sure has a lot of something! Those wires would make me nuts. Love my MacBook, just two wires!

  27. Now, your post has started out something, Christian. It is a nice image to see all these different workplaces all over the world in different seasons and times :-). Like it very much. I sit with my laptop on my dining table looking out into a slightly grey sky, a silver grey sea and some seals far out resting on rocks. It is very low tide as a few days ago it was full moon. It is a small island on the Outer Hebrides, Scotland.

    Ans as MaureenC says: I am a dinosaur too!

  28. It's 11 am here in tx! The weather is amazing here too. Not too hot, not too cold. Just breezy enough. Too bad it's Texas and our forecast is freezing cold tomorrow. My working station is wherever I have time to sit down. Right now, I'm in my mum's bed, next to my sleeping baby bro. First time visiting your blog and I'm already hooked to it! :)

  29. It is gorgeous here in Tucson.Arizona. This is the time of year that we Tucsonans pat ourselves on the back and say "This is why we live here!" My mainstay for writing is a smallish, pea-green velvet arm chair in a corner of my home office. I tried writing outside, the weather being so nice right now, especially in the morning, the time of day that I write, but the wildlife distracts me too much.

  30. I moved to a new place a 2 weeks ago, I post from my iPad/iPhone now, a pain in the behind to comment and read, but does the trick. I also do it at work, after all that's what I come to the office for.

    Have a good weekend!

  31. I live in a small cabin on Northern Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, Canada. I have no less than four desks in this cabin and the only place I can work is at my kitchen table. The view of the lake right out the huge windows is lovely – but then again the view is great from every window by every desk. There is just something about being in the kitchen – in the very centre of my world. It works so I won't rock the boat.

  32. It’s a cool and humid morning here in Texas, much-appreciated after a long, hot summer! I usually sit on the couch in my living room with the laptop on the ottoman/‘desk’. Not so good for the shoulders being hunched over the computer, though….need to rethink that. When I found the theme for my blog I knew it was the one because the colors are the same as the furniture in my living room!

  33. I can't show you where I blog at because I blog all over the house. In the living room, on the couch, on my bed, in the kitchen, in the bathroom (well, sometimes), and, yes, I have a net/notebook. I've even blogged outside, at school or at friends' houses, sometimes in my paper notebook I keep in my backpack wherever I go. So, yeah! Oh, and nice "workstation". ;)

  34. My blogging/writing station? My snugly, comfy bed, laptop propped up on my knees, sat for hours with horlicks and a smashing song on my headphones, writing and thinking and surfing and doing a whole lot more writing. Plus going downstairs to make more horlicks from time to time.

    Oh, an dreaming. Day dreaming. That is my mental workstation, where most of the work gets done. My day-dreaming station is the basis for every one of my creations.

  35. You made me remember where do I start bloggin and that is in my head. I picture in my mind the screen of my laptop, the shape of my blog with all my tools and I start creating. When I arrive to my laptop to do what I thought sometimes changes and other times is quiet the same; the place doesn't matter because as I said is a laptop, but normally I'm in front of a desk (I may in the near future take a picture if you are still curious, but it needs a little bit of make up) When I achieve the goal of Internet to use where ever I go, I guess the world will be my background.

  36. My 'workstation' is an old refurbished desk in the corner of the living room/dining area/baby's royal domain and is often covered in nursing text books, work papers, old cups of coffee, bottles (the baby's not mine) and toys. No photos, or surely there will be thoughts of a hurricane or other such natural disaster.

  37. I must say Good Afternoon now in Overland Park, Kansas! It is 1:00p.m., cloudy and very chilly! I currently at my work desk…not really suppose to be on here during work…but oh well. At home I have an Ipad and my couch. Love it. Nothing better than getting an idea in your head and just letting the creative juices flow through your fingertips.

    Have a fabulous "cleaning" day!

  38. Hi Cristian, your workstation is much bigger than mine. We are having a big renovation in our house, so, we are staying at our parents place. My workstation is my parents small dining room table. Every single time, I open my laptop, I eat! :-) Have a good week-end! :-)

  39. Fun post!

    I don't have the power cord thing happening; but, I have books, notepads, and sticky notes covering my desk. Thankfully, I use a laptop so I just keep it on my chair! Gotta go and write down an idea on a sticky note, and add it to the pile before it flies out the window!

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  40. I am on an ultra tight budget. So I had to pass on the computer and monitor. I currently blog on my Samsung SIII. And I broke down and bought a blue tooth keyboard for $30. It works.

  41. I cannot provide a picture right now, but ill describe it as best I can. It is a small room, about 12×12 ft, door in from the hallway, gap in the wall through to where the TV is. The left hand wall has 3 bookshelves with bookshelves and DVDs, my desk is in front of the window with a new PC sat to the left, a widescreen monitor and other bits and pieces. at the moment I have a side light on and there is a warm glow to the area, it is raining outside although sadly not heavily, but it is cosy here at the moment.

  42. I appreciate this image of YOUR world. I would love to see even more images of your Romania. I know that I can go online and see images of the popular sites, also, but the personal is always more sentimental. :)…

    at the present I have no desk and sit on a sofa with laptop on lap but soon i will have my new cubbyhole finished and i will b happy to share.

  43. Posts about nothing are usually quite interesting ;-) Letting your mind wander to the point you even consider house cleaning, that's funny ;-)

    Glad to know you have superb weather in Constanta, Here in your twin city in the far west of Europe, we have the sky falling down on us .

    Waiting for sunny days to get ready for fall cleaning chores ;-) Checklist ready! Could you be kind enogh to send us some of your remaining sun and blue sky ;-)

    La revedere.

    Marie-France from Brittany- France.

  44. Wow–its amazing that you can think in the jumble–I need a little more space ;)

    Actually I just ditched this huge desk I had and I am now functioning in an oxymoron–my laptop is now in its new home on an antique secretary desk.

  45. Over here in good old Albuquerque, New Mexico, they say that winter is coming early…and I am starting to believe them. It is currently 44 degrees F and cloudy. I have to confess…my writing station somewhat resembles yours. Except I have taken over one side of the couch (no worries, just ONE cushion!) and have two little portable tables, one sitting next to me and one beside me, so I can brainstorm on paper then write with the laptop.

  46. My workstation is anyplace where it's quiet and I can be alone. Here in Kansas City the weather is starting to dip to the low 60's F so outside is no longer an option. I usually write on my desktop located at the corner of my living room but I prefer to use my laptop so I can always move around when things get to noisy.

  47. Nothing better than a big stack of pillows and either the air conditioner blasting or layers of warm blankets to get work done or the creative spark flowing. Now if I could just use the bed's purpose and get more than 3-4 hours of sleep a night!

  48. Only read this post now, and love it that bloggers all over the world can connect like this :). I live in Johannesburg, South Africa and write anywhere I have my iPad or phone or laptop….even in my car sometimes….shhh, don't tell anyone

  49. Pingback: A Look at my Nooks ‘n Crooks « humanTriumphant

  50. I love posts about nothing … having no target sets you free.

    My desk is a pale green microfiber wing-back recliner with a flat screen monitor on a 2-ft arm and a wireless keyboard (photos on my blog — http://sosayssunny.wordpress.com/2012/10/22/my-po… ).

    My cords are a bit tidier because I am addicted to Velcro — I have 2"x4" industrial-strength adhesive Velcro patches on the underside of the desktop and I use little Velcro ties around the cords to attach them (loosely) to the patches.

    Another cable management idea I've seen is using a long skinny sleeve of fabric to gather and decorate the cables (see http://astore.amazon.com/sosayssunny-20/detail/B0… ).

    I think your urge to vacuum may be a case of what I call "Creative Procrastination": That is when you do things (that DO need to be done) as a way of procrastinating about doing something really important — what you really should be doing. Cleaning my dorm room and doing laundry were two of my favorite forms of creative procrastination in college, when I really should have been studying for a test or writing a paper.

    Oh, and I'm a big fan of converting a formal dining area into an office — Seriously, which would you REALLY use more often?

    ~ SoSaysSunny (i.e.: It's just my opinion, take it or leave it!)

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