The Writer: The Paperback

I’m excited to say that the paperback version of The Writer is finally available for sale. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know that I also design the covers, format the interior layout, and stuff like that. But this time around I decided to make a different cover for the paperback version. I wanted something simple. Like really, really simple.

You can buy the paperback from:

1. Amazon USwhere it’s available for $ 7.99.

2. Createspace E-store – where you can use coupon code MFSPYZA9 for a 20% discount.

The paperback will also be available on some time in the following hours (days?)

You can also download a sample here to see how the interior looks like.

I hope all’s well where you’re at. Here, in Constanta, Romania, the weather is just terrible. It looks like it’s going to rain soon. It’s also 2:29 PM here, so to all you nice folks from the USA, Canada, the UK, Argentina, and Mexico, greetings from the future.

62 thoughts on “The Writer: The Paperback

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  2. Congratulations Cristian! Well done. How did you get it done? Via a publisher or did you self-publish? I'm interested because I am poised to e-publish my first novel…and wondered about the mechanics of the process.


  3. The weather's been awful here in Northern Michigan. It's rained the last week straight, and rather than stopping, is only slowing for the next week. We even had a flood watch last night.

    But about your cover, I love it. I think simple is always the way to go, unless it's so detailed it boggles the mind. I read the back too, and while the tone is a little different for me, I found it intriguing and would love to read it. I'll have to see about ordering it.


  4. Congrats on the paperback! I'll be buying it asap! I am really glad you reccommended it to me on Wattpad, it will make a wonderful addition to my book collection :]


  5. Love the cover and definitely intrigued by the little snippet at the back, really want to get this now ! And don't worry, raincouver has a way with you, learn to fall in love with the rain (:


  6. So, how does it work out for you Cristian? Is it just for the love (and why not after all?) Or do you manage to make a living? I think you're awesome either way, and kind of a hero of mine.


  7. Well, I write because I have to. Also, I write because I love to. Yes, my dream is to earn enough so I can write full time. I'm getting there, slowly. One question though. Why do you consider me to be a hero?


  8. Congrats on your new book. The design of your cover, as I interpret, feels like a mind of a writer. At least it resembles mine. My mind when I begin to write feels infinite, dark (in a good way though) and mysterious and its there waiting to be written and taking shape as I begin to write. Simple and awesome!


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