Who the *$&% Is Cristian Mihai?

I know a lot of you have already read my about page. Some of you may want to know more. Some of you don’t even think I exist. Conspiracy theories abound as to who I am and whether or not I want to take over the world. Or just the Internet. The thing is, I’m pretty real. Also, my about page is 100% accurate.

But for anyone who’s curious to find out more, here are ten random facts about Cristian Mihai.

1. Cristian Mihai’s first story was a SF novel titled The Future. It was about good robots and bad robots and a military base on the moon. The first short story someone else read was a short story about a man taking a shower. At the age of 14 he uploaded it on a forum. It was, of course, rubbish. A commenter said Cristian Mihai was a retard. A flame war ensued. Fortunately, no one was banned from the forum.

2. Cristian Mihai has two tattoos. One of them is a quote from Frank Herbert’s Dune, “Fear is the mind killer.” The other one is “Carpe Diem.” He plans on adding more to the collection.

3. He doesn’t like fish. He’s also afraid of dogs.. especially stray dogs (they run in very organized packs in Romania.)

4. He wants to travel the world and see everything that’s worth seeing. Also, he’d like to live in the US or something.

5.  He doesn’t enjoy long walks on the beach. He likes to walk though. A lot. Just not on the beach.

6. He lives by himself.

7. He doesn’t know how to drive a car. It seems complicated.

8. He’s got an IQ of 137. He also forgets stuff.

9. In his free time he likes to read, watch movies and TV shows, and talk politics and sports.

10. He doesn’t sleep. He doesn’t eat. He doesn’t have to breathe, but he does it anyway just because it helps him keep track of time. He can’t fly though, but he’s working on it with superheroes from around the world.

Is there anything else you want to know about Cristian Mihai?

203 thoughts on “Who the *$&% Is Cristian Mihai?

  1. On line communities are sometimes obsessed with needing to know more about the people behind the posts. But there is such a thing as privacy and I think it's important to respect how much, or how little, a writer wants to put out there. But what's up with the beach?!


  2. So… do you like techno/house music??? If so, would you like to do an interview regarding this topic for our site? We're starting a new section interviewing creative types on this specific genre of music.


  3. Does he drink? Does he smoke? How does this Mihai character feel about panini? How about Nutella on egg bread?

    Has he watched FireFly? (careful with that one . . . it's a loaded question)

    Finally, and this is a point of information only . . . difficult to live in the US and not know how to drive a car. Not impossible, just difficult. It limits the available choices to cesspools known as "cities". "Cities" are congregation of large number of humans, most of which also mistrust people with IQs above sub-average (typically in the low 100's).


  4. I have to admit Cristian I was one of those who had doubts about your existence mainly because you don't write with a Romanian accent, but after reading this post I am now convinced you are who you say you are. Keep up the good work. I enjoy reading your posts.


  5. Do you have parents? (I'm thinking/hoping there was someone around caring for you in that solitary childhood of yours?) How about siblings? Does anyone else in your family also write? (Sorry, it's the counselor coming out in me but you did offer to answer further questions!)

    Thank you for challenging the rest of us to think with those thoughtful questions of yours! ( :


  6. Cristian,

    Driving's not that complicated. For me, I love it! During these fifty years I've built many a hot rod automobile and trucks. Have participated in truck mud hop events. You tube.com that one. For some reason I think a walk on the beach may be a little more entertaining in the US than your home area. I hope you do well with your latest book and do know I enjoy your blog!



  7. Dearest Cristian, I would love to know not only how someone becomes so incredibly wise at such a young age, but also how you manage to paint such eloquent observations in a language that is not even your first. It is a privilege to read your words each day. You are a truly inspiring individual! Come to the U.S. soon… xoxo


    • Being wise or a good writer is subjective. To some, I'm not so good. It's a tough question, this one. I don't consider myself wise or talented or anything of the sorts. I just write. I know it doesn't sound like much, but it's the most important thing. I write posts for this blog (which gets updated quite often now) and also work on my fiction writing. And I read a lot.


      • I wish I could write in English like you. I fell in love with this language when I was young but my studies in Latin and Greek turned my brain into a translation machine…meaning I understand a few languages but can't talk and certainly not write them. I guess I have to work harder. But you, don't change a thing the right word at the right place. It' poetry hidden into prose. I' ll continue to read you and maybe I 'll learn :-)

        Good night Cristian mihai.


  8. Very funny post. I highly recommend living in the U.S., learning to drive, and eating . . . lots and lots of eating!

    I've really enjoyed visiting your blog. It's always full of valuable and encouraging information.


  9. I've loved your blog since the first day I read it, but this is the best post. Nice to get to know you. You do an amazing job of communicating no matter what the language. Let us know when you come to California, or something.


  10. Christian, you have a surprisingly wonderful sense of humor. I really enjoyed this post and it made me laugh out loud several times. I think you would do well to write a satirical short story. I have read a few in my time.You are very good at it.


  11. Carpe Diem is a personal mantra of mine. Not so far from Joseph Campbell's – "Follow your bliss." This weekend I am attending a two day writer's workshop in Minnesota taught by Dennis Patrick Slattery of the Mythological Studies Department at Pacifica Institute in Santa Barbara, Ca., the graduate program honoring Joseph Campbell. Professor Slattery will be exploring the theme of incorporating myth into one's writing. The essence of your existence, Christian, and the themes and questions you address, the hints and nuances you expound upon and the qualities you espouse, are fine examples of writing your myth. Thank you – Diane


  12. i think you're kewl… and i loved this "Also, he’d like to live in the US or something." Or something.

    people are impressed that English is not your native language; i tend to think that eloquence is multilingual, all we need is the passion to write and to write what we mean and the words figure it out for us. nice post! :)


  13. 10. He doesn’t sleep. He doesn’t eat. He doesn’t have to breathe, but he does it anyway just because it helps him keep track of time. He can’t fly though, but he’s working on it with superheroes from around the world.

    That's just the best way to conclude it, Cristian!


  14. I agree.

    It is hard to drive, when the mind is thinking in stories.

    It is hard to remember to do mundane things like sleeping, eating, and breathing, when thought is who you are.

    Not to worry. I majored in Philosophy and graduated in the top 10 percent of my college class. But, I lose my glasses on top of my head, forget to eat, forget to sleep, and regularly forget what day it is. Have you ever noticed that, when you don't sleep, one day is in fact the next?

    Fall into the thought and time is not.

    I fall into your writing, Cristian. It's excellent.


  15. If you don;'t need a car where you live, count your blessings.I am sure Romania has decent public transportation, as does most of Europe,unlike most of the U.S. I don't know what to ask, except that I had asked you where you lived now, because your English is better than many Americans and I thought you had moved elsewhere.I congratulate you.

    Let us hear more about Romania, really.It is interesting.Most people don't realize that you have a Romance language, unlike the rest of eastern Europe…and if anyone knows a little about Romania, the supernatural questions usually come out…vampires, werewolves,(like are you sure about the dogs? No,I am sorry); the Romanians I have encountered so far have been very bright people…I'm sure you know some fools, though.


  16. Great Post Christian. Your style and narration are amusing and enlightening in them self as to who you are. Entertainer … you forgot to add. LA


    • Try Daytona, Fl right before tourist season. That is if you crave a more laid back vacation. Edgewater, Fl has the greatest restaurant! "Maine Street Grille" They have the most delicious Cinnamon buns they serve with your salad. Quite yummy actually. It's also a great place to connect with all sorts of 'characters' from the U.S.A.


  17. Gatsby? Personally, I don't like Nick too much. He's not as impartial as he'd like to be, and he's also not as interesting as a character.

    But Gatsby is a great character. Just analyzing what makes him so great is great. I think that Fitzgerald stumbled upon a very powerful character type with Gatsby. A man who wants to acquire great wealth in order to get back the woman he loves. Of course, that's not all that Gatsby's about.


    • Maybe it is the depth thing again—not hanging out on the same plane as others and observing and remembering things others do not and also, consequently, overlooking observations (perhaps the common) that others do also. Your special : ) Ah- I got to sleep! Blessings to you.


  18. You do not drive? Does that make it impossible…or even difficult to live in the US. Not at all. No need. Simple. Just plan on coming to the greatest city in the world. The pulse of our universe, from whence all else emanates. New York City. You will love it…and they will love you! :) xo barbara


    • Errr i'm new to this whole blogging business, so i can't tell when people are being serious or being sarcastic. I'm also unsure of etiquette in certain circumstances, such as when a parochial attitude is raised contrary to universal law and global opinion. So I'd better not say anything except 'Pants to that yank'. Will I get banned from blogs for that? Or will a Drone b0mb my house?


  19. I think I want to join your fan club ( see all the responses before this one)! I'm like warmginger, a soppy old married lady ( I'm old enough to be your grandmother)but I think you're terrific! I so enjoy your posts.


  20. Thank you for telling more about yourself. I'm so very happy to know such a wonderful young man with a deep insight and insatiable thirst to share what he sees with us, adding a dimension to our way of looking :)


  21. I enjoy your thoughts, they cause me to think differently about many subjects. I now work with a half dozen Romanians here in China and find them facinating.

    I would highly recommend at least an extended visit to the US. You can't see it without being able to drive so you have to learn, it is well worth it. There really is nothing like getting on the Interstates of the US and driving for hours. You will see things in America that just aren't in any of the pictures you have seen before.

    It is also very nice to be in control of when you stop and when you go; when you turn left, or right, or just go straight. Sometimes I still just get in the car and drive without even having a destination in mind. Since it doesn't matter where I am going I get to see a lot that I might have otherwise missed. Guess that is a lot like writing, sometimes we end up somewhere we never intended, but are happy that we got there.


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  23. When I read a new blog the first thing I do – after reading the post that attracted me to the blog – is to read the 'About Me' page. People are always curious about us as writers…I think the element of anonymity is very intriguing.

    And I, too, hate fish. I just wrote about that recently. Yuk!

    Great post:)


  24. That's an awesome post! You should come to Chicago, where I live if you're gonna travel to the U.S., one day. It's a beautiful city, and very lively. I would love to travel one day, as well.


  25. I really like your writing style. It's so unforced and natural yet still slightly witty. It's pleasant (and entertaining) to read. Also, good luck with flying. When we were young, my sister and I jumped off the stairs holding umbrellas… it prolonged the fall a bit. Now we just need to learn how to not land.


  26. Well in case you didn't know you have started a movement, a writing challenge…. I didn't bother to read all the comments.. there are just too many of them and I am busy. I think you are going to be famous in certain circles.


  27. It's great to know more about you. I'm impressed you are very young, yet very savvy, talented indeed. I love your photo as a kid. I would like to see a recent photo of you, guessing everyone else too.


  28. As a city-dweller for many years (though not originally, so I've experienced both sides of the coin) I think you're grossly mischaracterizing cities. I have a super-average IQ, and people like myself thrive in cities. Also, I can drive but have never owned a car.

    But Nutella is awesome.


  29. There have been times in my life, when irrational fear was threatening to overwhelm me, that I'd repeat that mantra from "Dune" to myself, again and again. "I must not fear. Fear is the mind killer…."

    I don't like fish either. Well, I have nothing against them, really, I just don't want to eat them.


  30. Well, I'd like to travel. Actually, I'd like to spend one month in every major city on this planet. After all, I only need a laptop and an internet connection to do my thing. Other than that…

    If you would have asked me this question two years ago I would have said that I'd buy a hotel, a restaurant, a club, some expensive cars, and a villa overlooking the lake, here in Constanta.

    Now I just want to write.


    • i'm glad you said travel. that's something i want to do: see the world, explore all sorts of famous sites, and wrap it up with spending some time with hindu and buddhist monks who'll blow my mind while opening it up to knew knowledges and truths.


  31. I like to watch insects on National Geographic. Other than that…

    Fairytales… they're true. Happened a long, long time ago, when the world believed in magic and rules could be easily broken.

    Letters? I don't think I ever wrote an actual letter. But when I get the chance I do write long e-mails and pretend they're letters.


  32. Hi. I've been following your blog. I can't even imagine how you have the time to post as often as you do and still write your other stuff. Wow!!


  33. I saw that. Thanks! I will probably have to go back and reread it. It's been a while. I remember having a hard time relating to any of the characters. For me, Fitzgerald did not accomplish what Vonnegut said he should: giving me, the reader, someone to root for. But, then again, it's been too long.


  34. Well said. I agree. Having been raised Christian and now having lived in places where less than 2 percent of the population believe in Christ, I have come to see that religion is almost entirely cultural. To me, God (whoever He is) must be outside of religion. Salvation (or whatever) must be about something else.


  35. Come to NYC! You don't have to drive (expansive mass transit), we love Nutella (on practically anything), we're miles away from those pesky beaches, and no one here will take too much notice that you speak of yourself in the third person — or even if you simply speak to yourself! Zee


  36. I would not say that not being able to drive limits you that much. There are other means of transportation like taxis, buses, trains, metro-links, planes, bicycles or even horses. So there is no need to worry that much about driving or not being able to drive.


  37. Love the post … lots of fun.

    If you come to America, I volunteer to be your chauffeur / traveling companion. We'll just drive 'til we get tired and then find a place to stay — no reservations, no schedule, complete freedom.

    First up: 5,000 miles, visiting most of the major sights around the southwest (I've done this one before, see road trip map at http://sosayssunny.wordpress.com/travels/ ).

    Next, we'll take a relaxing break in the southern foothills of the Appalachian mountains (Alabama / Georgia / Tennessee). And keep on traveling, alternating active and relaxed trips.

    And regarding your attempts at flying: Remember that baby birds can't fly at first, either. They have to keep flapping their little, scrawny wings until the muscles develop enabling them to fly. So just keep flapping; it'll happen someday!


  38. Wow! I am planning to get a 'Carpe diem' tattoo as well, very soon. You having it allows you to feature in my good books.

    Btw, I saw someone in a train in India reading your book Jazz. You are making massive inroads, my friend!

    So, do you go out dancing anytime? (I am not asking you on a date, I just wanted to ask a question and see if I you are awesome or very awesome.)


  39. No.7-ha ha! I thought I was the only one! And this is after having done a driving test, gotten a bona fide driving licence and doing a refresher course. It's like my brain shuts down when my foot touches the pedals :P


  40. Too funny. I did a random fact on my facebook sometime back with friends. Randomology rocks. One of my favorite all time quotes is that Frank Herbert, Fear is the mind killer. I only ever found about his writing from my older brother in which I read several of his books. Thank you for following. Will read one of your short stories. :-)


    • I know walking on the beach isn’t for everyone, but I certainly love it! Ever since I was a kiddo, I loved the feel of my feet on the sand. Combine that with the calming sound of the surf and watching birds and surfers. It’s bliss in my opinion. Celeste:)


  41. “The first short story someone else read was a short story about a man taking a shower. At the age of 14 he uploaded it on a forum. It was, of course, rubbish. A commenter said Cristian Mihai was a retard.”

    I laughed out loud at that. Am still laughing as I type this. So short and pithy. Hilarious. And, by sheer coincidence, your writing about breathing to keep track of time is something I have been writing about recently. I will clean it up and blog it soon. :)

    You have a great sense of humour.
    By the way, some parents of a boy I once knew were so proud when their school told them that their boy had an I.Q. of 99. They thought it was out of 100. (Ran in their family I guess.)


  42. don’t know why, but always imagined you where female.. maybe its the touch you have to your stories, or the reflection of your emotions in them… anyways this post was an eye opener.


  43. Jesus. You certainly do have your fan club right here. Also… You can’t fly?! Oh, superheroes are overrated. I mean I ADORE the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Iron Man <3) but they'll charge too much and tell you to use expensive equipment. Come to New Delhi, I'll give you lessons. Rupees 750 an hour (do go convert), any Saturday morning, bring cash.


  44. Hi I’m Frank from Pennsylvania, in the USA. I’m 25 (just a little older than you!), have a high IQ (and will occasionally forget things, though hold on to other things tightly), like to travel, and loves to walk (I actually like walking on the beach, though, just like anything else). My blog is neither fiction nor non-fiction, but about how my life is going as a 20-something. And yes, I’m usually terrified of dogs.

    And at any cost, you are welcome to my country anytime, especially because we have some things in common. Cheers!


  45. Hello there, Cristian Mihai! Or, should I say, “Ceau!”

    (So I know this is kind of an older post of yours, but I wasn’t sure where else to make your acquaintance so here I go!)

    You see, I always get some kind of adrenaline rush whenever I run in to a fellow Romanian. :D Imagine my excitement, then, when I came across your name, “Mihai,” while searching for new blogs to explore! CLICK, CLICK, CLIIIIIICCCKKKK. I mean, “Romanian” crossed my mind but I didn’t expect to be right! So in that sense, I’m super excited to meet you! (As well as all the other Romanians who have posted below! :) Whoo!) Ceau!

    Moving on! I actually would (hate that I can’t use italics or bold in comments) like to know a little more about you now. Your English is amazing, and I was wondering where you learned to write (and speak, as I’m assuming you do also) the language so well? Because I visit family and friends every other summer (in Oradea, in case you were wondering) and keep in touch regularly (I live in the states), but I’ve only ever met one fellow Romanian who speaks (writes, in your case) English as awesomely as you do–and he took extra classes and even taught himself some, if I’m remembering correctly.

    I’d also like to touch base on what you said about stray dogs and fish real quick! Strays: I totally get where you’re coming from! Whenever I see them strolling down the dirt roads in Romania, I don’t know whether I should turn back or pick up the pace. It’s hard to know when the dogs will give you trouble or just quietly walk on by (not that any dogs have ever given me trouble before though–they’re all pretty friendly in my neck of the woods). Fish: But Romania’s in the shape of a fish! (Kind of!) Did you ever notice? :D (Well, of course you did, probably. I recently realized it just a few years ago, since I was born in the U.S. and therefore never spent much time examining Romania on the map. I was so excited when I noticed the resemblance and rushed to tell my mom, who rewarded me with a “bună dimineaţa.” -_- )

    Lastly, out of curiosity, do you happen to have a nickname? (“Cristi,” maybe? Just because I have a friend back in Romania with that nickname, and I believe it’s a fairly common nickname, right?… I could be way off though, haha.)

    And that’s about all I have to say for now then! :D Hm… sufficiently lengthy comment, huh? Sorry about that! (Not really. :P) Any-who, talk to you later, Cristian!

    P.S. Congratulations on the published works!


  46. P.S.S. In addition to the inability to use italics and bold in comments, I hate how I can’t edit them. -_-

    So just let it be known that instead of the “below!” in (As well as all the other Romanians who have posted below!), make it “above!” :P Also, I just noticed that this post really IS pretty old–2012–so scratch the “kind of” in (So I know this is kind of an older post of yours, but I wasn’t sure where else to make your acquaintance so here I go!).

    I’m such a perfectionist. :D


  47. I am interested in Romania. Although I am a world traveler I have never been there; however, some of my father’s family came from there. Here’s a challenge. Take us on a ten tour of your Romania.


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