A Random Sunday Morning Post

First, here’s a picture of me:

Yeah, that’s me now. More or less. I think this photo is 4-5 years old. But anyway, it’s more recent than the one before. And I was wearing cooler glasses.

In other news, I’m working on a new blog series for the next week. It’s about blogging and some of the tools I use, like Zemanta, Wordads, etc. I think it’s gonna be fun.

Now, for a question. If I were to compile my most popular essays on writing and art into an e-book, edit them, format them, add a nice cover, would anyone be interested in reading it? (the e-book that is.)

97 thoughts on “A Random Sunday Morning Post

  1. Christain…I am ' Old School ', I just do not believe books were ment for this.

    If it were ' Hard or Sofrt Cover ' I'm sure I would. Again there are others who

    would rather read a book in this style.


  2. The question of "is anybody going to be interested in reading this?" is the torment of any writer, I think this is a tricky question and (excuse my favorite word) "bullshit" question…because one must write what you feel you want to write and you know about…I would say: Do it! and you'll see who reads you…;)


  3. Absolutely. You have a lucid and entertaining style, and I appreciate your insights into the craft of writing. Also, and don't take this the wrong way, dude, you're hot. Put your picture on the cover, it'll help sales.


  4. That's a great picture… You'd be a hottie if you weren't so much younger than me ;)

    For me, it would depend on the topics of the essay's. Some things keep my attention more than others and with a compilation of essay's it is a bit more difficult to target a specific reader group unless the essays are themed in some way, like a series of essays about publishing, writing, etc. Trying to find a way to build cohesion between the essays while having each of them stand alone could be a nice balance.


  5. What's holding you back! I've learned some things from your posts and/or you given me things to think and ponder on and that has made me grow as a writer. Things like that are definitely worth publishing. You're a good writer about writing and by publishing an ebook more people will have the chance to read you.


  6. This is a good question. I ask myself this question as well. I have set back and watched a few of my friends do the e-book thing. I also have read what professional editors think of e-books in general. It is not a positive perspective either. I think having a good audience that knows your work helps. Promotion is a big part of this picture. It your know your strengths and weaknesses as a writer, an e-book publication has to be perfect if you want the kind of respect that you deserve. Don't rush into it.


  7. You shy, sly boy. I am 74 and beginning to be shy and sly about my photos. The Amish, as I recently discovered with some embarrassment, do not take to having you snap their picture. Is it because they are modest before their God? Or are they afraid that I may capture their soul?

    But onward. As a blogger I would revel in your words about the subject. – Diane


  8. I appreciate you posting a more current picture. For some reason it helps me to appreciate you as a writer by having an adult picture of you instead of you as a child. Before, I kept picturing your posts as coming from a precocious child.


  9. I find you have some very interesting things to say about writing.

    It's strange to see a picture of someone whose writing I've been reading for a while. I imagined you quite differently!

    Looking forward to the blog series. Should be cool. :)


  10. I'm intrigued. What genres of art and writing take your fancy? What information is included in these essays? And do they offer a deep analysis of whichever artworks or novels they are about?


  11. Dear Christian, this is the first time I have seen your face-you are very handsome-a very gifted writer!! God bless you for sharing your amazing posts!!! I intend to get my book published, you are my foremost inspiration!! Destiny brought you to me!! Have a blessed life!


  12. Christian, I have only been following you for about four months, but you quickly became the blog that I always read. So, yes, consider an e-book, and perhaps ask some of your long time followers what they would suggest be in it. I look forward to a new series of blog by you. Your writings are ALWAYS worth my time. Thanks.


  13. YES!!! (Enthusiastic enough? If not, please add another exclamation point at your discretion.) You might also consider a subscription podcast service. Mitchell Kyd


  14. DEFINITELY! I'm interested due to my passion for words as a means of communication (which I feel that you do QUITE WELL, by the way). It occurs to me that some readers, like me, will be primarily interested in what you have to say about writing, while others will be primarily interested in what you have to say about art. I wonder if there's a way to organize the essays to they complement one another. Since it seems that art, music, dance, and writing all similarly reflect the mode of communication in effect at the time of their creation (in terms of realism, abstraction, more structure, less structure, whatever), it might not be that difficult to do (but, what do I know???).


  15. Another vote for ….yes would read the e-book too!! And, I love the updated picture also….I kinda was wondering!! You do know that men get increasingly more interesting looking with age. My site bio pic is about 8 years old and probably best I leave it that way!! :) Love your writing!!


  16. Put it all together in an eBook. This will be a great book to read. I hope you will be at my blog soon. I have an update for you to see about a book publisher. I had a great read about this post. Thanks! Have a great day & see you soon!


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