The 7 Golden Rules of Blogging

It’s Blogging Week here at Cristian Mihai blog (yeah, I don’t have a fancy name for my blog). We’ll talk about blogging, different tools that make blogging easier, and other stuff. The other stuff is mostly related to some of the do’s and don’t of blogging, what works and what doesn’t.

Everything you’re about to read is common sense. So, please, don’t expect some 3 step tutorial to gaining a billion followers.

And now for today’s post. 7 Golden Rules of Blogging.

I’ve been following and reading a number of blogs for over five years now. I remember this blog by a Romanian journalist; I would spend hours reading the posts, the comments — oh, the comments were so funny and great. It was quite addictive. He got an insane number of comments, and I was jealous of his success.

I was quite sure that I would never become a successful blogger. I created some blogs on various platforms, but I never had the patience to build an audience. The thing is that I never asked myself whether I had something worth writing about on an almost daily basis. I think this is something a lot of bloggers struggle with. What’s worth sharing? What’s considered useful information? Also, I believe that a lot of writers simply focus too much on trying to come up with an original idea for a blog, a new approach, a new angle.

I believe passion is the key element in any creative endeavor.

There are 56 million WordPress blogs. That makes it almost impossible to come up with a new idea for a blog. And even if you come up with something new, if you’re not passionate about it, if you don’t work hard, it’s all for nothing.

I made this blog mostly because I had heard it’s very important for a self-publisher to have one. I needed a place to showcase my books, a place to promote, and a place that would act like a sort of central hub for my other social media accounts. And I wasn’t sure what I was going to write about. I just went with the flow, writing book reviews, movie reviews, and self-publishing related news. But everything changed when I started to write essays about writing and art.

Because it was something I was passionate about, more than anything else in the world, people connected with my words.

Now, I’m sure I’m writing the type of blog I’d enjoy reading. If I wouldn’t be this blog’s writer, this blog would be one of my favorites.

But let’s get to the core of this blog post. Here are some of my rules. I’m no expert, and there’s no guarantee that what worked for me will work for you too.

1. Be passionate about the subject matter of your blog

If writing blog posts starts to feel like homework, you should stop and consider a change. But you should make sure that you’re not feeling this way because you can’t get people to follow you. Perseverance goes a long way.

My advice would be to blog for a whole year before deciding whether you’re wasting your time or not. Blog traffic and follower count don’t just explode. Take your time, work on content.

2. Blog often enough, but not too often

You need to find a balance here. I started out by writing a blog post every two, three days. Now I blog almost daily. Sometimes even twice a day.

If you’re productive enough to write a blog every day or so, that’s good, but you should focus on quality as well. Also, it depends on your subject matter – blogs that rely heavily on the visual aspect (photography, architecture, etc.) can do well with a lot of posts per day. Also, news blogs or collective blogs can do well when updated more than once a day.

Other than that, it’s pretty safe to assume that constantly posting more than once a day won’t work really well. I know I break my own rule sometimes, but when I do so, I never write two long posts in the same day — one of them has to be short, funny, a question about art, or a picture.

Also, try to work out a schedule. Whatever works for you, but you should do so that readers know when to expect new content from you. When to check your blog and stuff like that.

3. Engage your audience

This is really the golden rule of blogging. And it’s not about replying to every comment you receive. How would it feel if you’d just say thank you to everyone who comments on your blog? No, reply only when you have something to say. Or when you need to answer a question.

Also, engaging your audience is more about writing blogs that will make people comment. It’s always nice to end with a question. If you don’t feel like doing that you can always write about controversial subjects. That’s sure going to get people talking.

It’s quite ironic that you never know what posts will perform better than others. That’s something no blogger can master. You can work for hours writing a blog, adding pictures, trying to offer unique content, and get just a couple of comments.

4. Use as many social media platforms as possible

Turn on publicize. Enable sharing on all major platforms. Let people tweet and share your stuff, allow rebbloging, all these things are going to drive traffic to your blog. Also, use only the tools that are relevant for you. I don’t have a reason for using Pinterest because my blog is more about words. All I could do with such a profile would be to take photos of my imaginary friend, Adrian.

5. Content is king

A blog’s not free. Yeah, it might not cost you money, but you still have to invest time. A lot of it, if you want to be successful. Time spent researching, time spent writing, time spent replying to comments. Take good care of your blog. Be careful what you write about, how you write it.

Choose the length of your articles very carefully. My blogs are usually less than 1,000 words long. Sometimes less than 500. If you write long posts, try to break them down into smaller bits. Do a series, add some visual aid, such as tables, pictures, and lists.

Make it easy on the eye.

6. Don’t be afraid to share the stage

In other words, don’t be an egoist. Feature other bloggers, either by interviewing them or allowing them to guest blog. Don’t be all me, me, me. The world isn’t going to end if you interview a fellow blogger you admire. And I’m pretty sure that your followers won’t abandon you for him/her.

7. Use an appropriate visual layout

If you have a lot of text, don’t use a white on black theme with a very small font. Use a theme that works well with your blog. Also, try to add some photos. Make it easy on the eye. Add some videos too, if you want. Make it easy for people to read and understand your posts.

A bland layout will put people off. But don’t fall into the other extreme.

The layout is an extremely important aspect. It’s the first thing someone notices. A good first impression helps.


These rules won’t guarantee success. Nothing can. But I hope they can help you with your blog. If there’s any other rule you feel should be listed here, don’t be afraid to use the comment box bellow.


This week we’re going to talk about blogging. What tools to use, how to use them, and stuff like that. No magic shortcut to gaining a billion followers in a week will be posted here.


473 thoughts on “The 7 Golden Rules of Blogging

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    • Amen to that.Although my blog has been around for a while,I have only started in earnest because my historical novel, the FencibleGirl, is with an editor. While I chew over options for a sequel I took what appears to be good advice and started blogging in earnest. I had never even considered ‘reblogging.’ Didn’t know what it was. A little confused by the suggestion to give people some idea when they should recheck your blog. Don’t followers get an email?

    • You know, I was just thinking the exact same thing! I just started my WordPress blog a couple of days ago and I doubt many would read mine. But you know something? I’d never know unless I give it a try. Let me check out your blog.

      • LOL, you’re preaching to the choir in regard to “practicing” — I’m an award winning journalist and the interview process is second nature. Since I wrote this comment over a year ago, not only have I interviewed fellow bloggers but several musicians and CEOs. Thanks for taking the time to answer though :)

    • I was told to gain followers or subscribers to your blog provide value like interviewing someone. Don’t wait to gain followers. They won’t just follow you because you have a blog. They follow because they like your content. Share it and so will they.

  2. I think you are missing one major rule, when blogging and that is thinking ahead. A content calender will get you ahead in no time and allows you to structure your blog into a steady channel. I have found through my experience that I often fall in black holes and can stop blogging for a long time. Content calenders make you commit and keeps the wheels turning.

  3. Really helpful and completely agree about number 1 ! I've been blogging since June and am only now getting into the swing of things (I hope).

  4. Thanks for posting this, Cristian, it is very reassuring to someone like me who "thought he knew what blogging was about" but really didn't. I've only been at it for a few months, but sometimes I do feel like there's little point in doing it. But it does feel good, if for nothing more than a change of pace from my usual projects. You offer some good advice.

  5. I agree about the passion. Makes for strong writing. I am not doing the right thing, according to you, with my small font and black and white theme. Can't figure out how to make this really better. I see some wonderful themes, but have no idea how to get one except from WordPress's menu.

  6. Again as usual man, good post with valid information. . . I found it helpful as I am someone that is really (still) just starting out into the blog world. It helped point out a few areas I have been trying to work on and semi-struggling with. Rule 4, yeah I am a social media dummy, this area needs a lot of work. 5, now I like to think I have a decent amount of content, but it is all just text and this also links into rule 7. I like my template/layout as I find it unique to the kind of blog that I am. . . but! I am also starting to wonder if a change might be helpful, for as I said, all my posts are just text and an all upfront more minimal theme may help. Again another but, I get stuck when making this decisions– or knowing what may suit it best. Any suggestions?

    And again, thanks for the post– got me thinking.

  7. Great advice, Christan!! I need to work on "publicizing" first. I use WordPress and Blogger so I will have to go to each and see what I can do. I have only one topic – Christianity – so this is a "set" topic. I am going to re-read your article above. Thank you! The Shepherd's Disciple (my screen name).

  8. Thanks Cristian – some good advice. I haven't been blogging for too long, so still developing my style and learning what works. Like you, I started my blog to give me a platform for what I'll be self publishing, (coming out next March!) but it's been sort of hijacked along the way. I'll probably have to start another blog more relevant to my original aim!

  9. Two questions, if you have time. As a dad to three children with a sporadic work schedule I have trouble posting at the same time consistently. Is it possible to still be successful without posting at the same time daily, or every two to three days?

    Second question, when referring to interviewing other bloggers, what does that look like? Can you provide a link so I can see it? Does reblogging count for sharing the spotlight? How often should I reblog/interview others?

    Thanks for the post!

    Daddy Moose

  10. What a great post! These tips are absolutely invaluable, especially for someone like me who is just starting out! I especially like number 2, because a lot of sites will tell you to blog almost constantly or you won't have viewers, but you're so right in saying that quality is the key! If your posts are frequent but crappy, no one will read that… it's like those silly anon twitters that tweet constantly about nothing! haha

    Great post, love this blog!



  11. Good thought-fodder for a new blogger, Christian, thanks. Two questions:

    1. Do you set yourself a time or some sort of goal for writing blog posts, or do you wait until the spirit moves you?

    2. Do you think blogs with a tight focus or theme work better than ones that weave around a bit, or do you think there's no rule?

  12. I will blog at least twice a day, my maximum will be six. If I am going to reblog someone, and it means going over my six, I will wait until the next day.

    My media platforms include WordPress, FaceBook and Twitter. I do have instagram and Pinterest but have no idea about them. Found out today I still have a MySpace as well. Ooer

    If my articles are going to be long, I say so. And cut them into paragraphs as do you.

    It took me a while to settle on the theme I have now. I may change it again next year when I upgrade to the Pro bundle.

    Thanks for this info though Cristian

  13. I often have ideas for blog posts at inconvenient times…so I just write them on the Evernote app on my phone. Then when it's time to write another post, I just go to my list of ideas and BOOM! A post just wrote itself =D

    Writing ideas down. Because you can't write a whole post when you're in the cinema.

    • I agree! I use Color Note for the very same reason. Sometimes I get ideas in the middle of the night. This way I don’t have to get up, and it’s like Cristian’s sticky note idea. Besides, I can color code my ideas too.

  14. Thank you for taking the time to share what you have learned. It helped me when you said I don't have to blog every day. For me, blogging happens when I have an idea that needs to be shared. It may be only once a week, but I do try to write important ideas and write them well.

  15. Few rules you have put in this post seems to be obvious, but actually I have never thought about few of them and I'm blogging for more than a year.

    Useful. Waiting for more.

  16. Very helpful guidelines. I know I've had somewhat of a hard time with maintaining a regular posting schedule. I tend to blog in spurts, which is probably annoying for my regular readers.

  17. These are all excellent rules. I do have a question for you, although you may touch on this in your next post. What is more important: the number of views on your blog or number of followers? I have many followers (145), but on average I get anywhere from 30 to 90 views a day, and then I have a friend who has only 30 followers, but she gets over 200 views on each of her posts.

    • It depends where you get your views from. Search engines, guest blogs, social media. You can have more views than followers, like your friend does, or less. Neither of them are extremely crucial to blogging, unless you want to make money out of it. Then, I'd say both are equally important. Traffic means money, by way of affiliate links and advertising, while followers ensure you get traffic whenever you post something new.

      • You obviously know what you are talking about with blogging. I too started a blog to promote my novel but then the blog took on a life of its own and became a book in its own right. The blog/memoir is now with a senior publisher who I don’t think will buy it as it’s not right for their imprint but I am hoping will send it somewhere else in their publishing group. My blog posts are quite long although I’ve been doing some very short ones recently. I might start doing them on Youtube as I need a bit of a change.

  18. Cristian, this is very helpful to people and thanks for your efforts. I would wish to add that everyone should proofread their blog several times for typos, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. One of my writing instructors said "Don't insult your audience", meaning be very professional with presenting our work to other writers. And talk about me, me, me…it's fine to talk about yourself but it is also nice to comment on others' blogs. I also think we are such a visual society that we almost can't read something without a photo or video embedded.

  19. I agree that we need to write about something we are passionate about. Passion is the grease, oil, and fuel of a blog. Even if no one notices it – the writer will have been true to herself!

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  20. Really terrific information, Christian, thank you! As you can probably tell, I struggle with how much to post and end up posting too little. Also I'm unsure as to whether or not I've actually found what I'm passionate writing about, or am second-guessing what might be of interest out of the interests I have. I'll continue to be watching…

  21. Thank you so much for your insightful suggestions and advice. I have tried to incorporate some of the ideas in my blog and though it can be frustrating not getting many comments, I like my stories so much – I read them several times and enjoy them over and over again lol.

  22. Congratulations for being "FRESHLY PRESSED," You earned the recognition.


    This is neither here nor there, but one question plagues me at least twice a week. “What really happened on September 6, 1997?”

    Understand that I am not complaining. I think your story is finely written and profoundly creative. I may even be my favorite story.

    Yet I felt left hanging. It was a betrayal of expectation–it really upset me emotionally.I think that I will remember the way I felt, for long after I have forgotten the plot and story.

    I think that there is a big compliment in there somewhere.

  23. Thank you for the wise advise. I've only been blogging for three months. I began without any experience, but driven by the desire to express something that I am passionate about. You have given me encouragement to continue! Oh, and thanks for sharing your recent photo! Now I know the face behind the creative writing and wit.

  24. Great post! I feel blogging with a schedule helps out a lot, since, although you may feel forced sometimes, makes you keep up with a topic. I had some blogs before, most of them failed becuase I posted once in a blue moon. It is not like you have to follow that schedule as a slave, but at least it guides you. And yes, passion is key to everything you do!

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  27. Thanks for this- lemme just say about this quote:

    "It’s quite ironic that you never know what posts will perform better than others. That’s something no blogger can master. You can work for hours writing a blog, adding pictures, trying to offer unique content, and get just a couple of comments."


    man, I can pour my heart into a post, take perfect pictures, craft the text to the best of my ability, think it's brilliant, and my mom doesn't even notice, and then the next day I slap a clip-art picture onto a post with two senteces about how it made me laugh, and blammo! Everybody loves it! Go fig…

  28. I've been struggling with my blog – who should my audience be, what should I write about, how do I make it interesting? Your first point really resonated with me- my best post are subjects I'm passionate about but I start thinking people will find them boring…but that shouldn't be my focus.

    I look forward to more of your posts on blogging this week!

  29. Alright, so you want comments! ;) Here's one: I agree completely with #s 1, 4, and 7. #5 though seems a bit mixed. I tend to be too wordy, so I'm making an effort to write shorter posts and make them more visual, but I still think (for a word-based blog) that the content is in the words first, not how it is laid out. Time is key for sure, but for this dialogue's sake I'll argue that your time doesn't make the content better itself, the content or subject matter still needs to be interesting. And on that note, what makes interesting? I know a lot of people who focus on one specific thing. It amazes me! I tried that. Once. I got bored, now I blog about four or five things! I'd recommend passion here again: write whatever the heck you want to write about, and make it interesting for those other people also interested in it!

    # 2 and 7 are worries for me. Being a very busy student, I don't have time to be regular or write everyday (or even every week sometimes), but what I find useful is to advertise through social media when a new post is being worked on or about to be posted. I actually see a spike in visits BEFORE it gets published because people are reminded of my blog. I wish I had it in me to write everyday though, you're lucky you can! What do you think of my visual layout? Text is a bit small I fear, but I like the unclutteredness of the theme and the simple, professional layout.

    Good tips for sure, things I recommend from experience and things I try to follow as an aspiring blogger. One tip I'd add: Don't worry about comments or views (unless you're promoting something). Write because you like to write. As soon as I stopped caring about my paltry daily views and just focused on being proud of myself my views jumped to 30+ views a day in the summer and are comfortable at around 20 a day as my posts space out more during the school year. Can't complain with that for a novice and a beginner!

  30. Thank you. As always, well-thought out and cogent. More bits of stuff that immediately strike a chord, especially the part about passion. I've been thinking along the same lines myself, and it's nice to see a random thought echoed by someone whose blogging I admire.

  31. thank you for that! Being a new blogger, I can use all the help there is. I was wondering, do you think it is wise to have a blog which deals with a few things or should someone just focus on one main subject? (I started out my blog because I wanted to share my recipes and crafts but it turns out that I enjoy writing about everyday stuff much more)

  32. My only problem besides those good tips you gave is, as a new blogger I have no idea how to do all the things you mention, i am not great at computers so , I find the whole process quite difficult.

    Do you have any suggestions or shortcuts ?

  33. Thanks for this infor. As a new blogger and trying to find my blogging feet, I found this very useful. While people read my blog on LinkedIn and on my Facebook page because the blog is linked to my other socia media sites,I have been asking myslef why I have only four followers in the past month. So am now going to stop worrying about that and just enjoy the experience. Hopefully more people will start to follow as well. Looking forward to your next post.

  34. Great post, I recently deleted my old blog and started new… well more like just moved it I suppose. I was getting bored with blogging and my blog in general and needed to start over. I figured now was as good a time as any, changes in life so why not change the blog as well? There are days that I do not know what to write about but feel like writing. Those days I tend to stay silent and not write just for the sake of doing so. I'm sure my blog isn't that interesting to most but I don't really care about the 'numbers' so to say. I've heard others say, you have to find your niche. Well I feel that I haven't found mine but maybe one day :)

  35. If I could humbly add "Practice Patience" to your helpful list, as I know many bloggers don't see instant return on their (time/energy) investment and give up too soon. Thanks for the great advice.

  36. That's what I thought when I sent an e-mail to David Gaughran, one of the biggest names in self-publishing, asking him if he wanted to do an interview. Guess what? He said yes. If you don't ask, you'll never know the answer to that one.

    • True! But also too, (and I may blog about this, but it's kinda personal) — I'm the LEAST "me, me me" person. I'm constantly drained by self-absorbed people in both business and family, talking my ear off, without me getting a word in edgewise. Except for my husband and a few choice friends, I have NO VOICE. This blog is a voice for me. It's the only time MY LIFE gets to be about me. Something's gotta change because now I'm having anxiety attacks. Not to make this "all about me" but what you wrote really resonated with me — even though not in the way you intended. :)

  37. Your font is kind of small. But I do like the layout of your blog. For a lack of a better word, I'll say it's clean. Try out different themes. What harm can come if you change your theme a couple of times. I've changed mine 5-6 times before choosing this one (Quintus).

  38. Basically, expect when doing a series, I write what I want when I want/feel like it. I'm completely sure I've posted some random stuff.

    Your blog shouldn't be all over the place, but it doesn't have to be about one topic. You can choose 4-5, if you like. I blog about writing, art, self-publishing, and a bit about social media. And from time to time I review books and movies.

  39. You mean a static website? Well, it depends. I think a static website is a nice place to showcase your books, but it also means that readers won't be coming back for more. They read what's there and leave. A blog ensures that people will follow and come back. At least some of them.

    A static website is like a business card. You give it to someone and they keep it until they have to call you. Not worth spending a lot of time/money on it.

  40. Thank you for such a great post! It's really helpful, especially for new bloggers. (I'm never quite sure whether the time I put into my blog is worth it, but it's definitely fun.) I'm finding it incredibly hard to build an audience, but I'm guessing it's a slow process.

    Apart from using social media to draw attention to your blog, and promoting it in the 3D world, do you have any tips for attracting a following?

  41. I agree with most of your rules, Cristian. One thing though, something you mentioned in point no 3. I feel that if someone has taken the time to read and comment on a blog post the blog author should reply to that comment in acknowledgement or just as a form of etiquette … not all will agree with me but this is how I feel about it. Thanks for an interesting post.

  42. Thank you so much for this. I am very new to this and only did it as a diary for my trip abroad. But now I think I'm hooked. It's hard for me to stick to a schedule not only on vacation but with full time work. But practice, practice, practice and the same with patience. I enjoy your blog and will be exploring it more! I'm hoping that your tips will improve by blog – especially my tendency to get wordy resulting in the dreaded longgggg paragraph. I hope we get more tips!

  43. Thanks for all these great ideas. It all confirms what I've been thinking and learning since I started blogging. There are two things that stand out for me in your advice. The first is not to make your posts too long. I notice that when I look at other blogs and they are very wordy or have many photos I often don't read to the end. So I've been trying to keep mine to a manageable length. The second is regular posting. I've formed a pattern of posting on one blog on Saturdays and the other on Wednesdays which spreads out the workload and hopefully keeps people engaged. I do like to join in the weekly photo challenge as it's a fun way to add a brief post which is topical.Hopefully these ideas will help to build up readers.

  44. If you scroll to the very bottom of a WordPress blog, it will usually tell you the name of the theme and who made it.

    Sometimes this information hovers at the bottom of the page without you having to scroll.

  45. Great post.

    I did not read through all of the comments above (I'm at work and time is limited) so forgive me if this has already been said: I do not care for bloggers who use their blogs as a means to lash out at the people in their lives. I have stumbled upon very negative blogs whereby the writer was taking jabs at the people in his/her life. I found the blog to be extremely off-putting and immature. I cannot imagine using a blog to air my dirty laundry – unless the story was really funny and the I had moved past the anger/hurt. I don't know… maybe I'm just rambling here. :-|


    Have a good day!

  46. Great advice. I have a question though. You have alot of followers and commentators here… how do you maintain the quality of the audience? At first when i started blogging I just wanted those big numbers ( lots of likes, lots of views, wanted my stats to go off the charts). But then i have a small but dedicated following ( i mean small) but each person that reads my blog will either email me, facebook me or if they know me in real life text message me about something that resonated with them within my post) . I found that even more rewarding and meaningful, it's personal. Right now i have a a handful dedicated likers( and one or two dedicated commentators). Like i said small. But the quality of what these small followers bring to my blog ( and i hold them in high regards in my heart) mean the world to me. Everyone is genuine. They took the time to read and THINK about my writings. I do the same for them on their writings. The exchange we have is great. So, i now prefer this small intimacy of blogging. But recently i got a spike in followers. I was worried. But so far they have remained silent ( no likes or anything and they haven't been posting either). Long story short.. how do you get those big numbers yet retain the intimacy and dedication of a handful of quality followers?

  47. Oh, wow. This is REALLY helpful. Thanks so much.

    But I have to ask you something. What do you think if the layout of the blog is, well, all white (yes, I'm talking about mine :P). Personally I think its nice, but other people might think different. Can I ask for your opinion?

    Thanks :)

  48. Good post, Christian. I've been blogging for more than 3 years, having 3 active blogs and an author's website/blog going. The author's site is brand new and doesn't have much of a following yet, as I haven't published anything! However, my Japan blog has a regular following, though not a huge amount of visitors every day. My writing blog gets a good number of people when I post regularly. I don't care how successful my family blog is, though. It's simply for friends and family and whoever wants to see it.

    One thing I've noticed is that when I do challenge myself to post daily, I get far more traffic that way. Unfortunately, I'm so busy that posting that often gets difficult. I'm hoping to get myself into the habit of posting 3 or 4 times a week on both my writing and Japan blogs.

    As for layouts, I feel it's very important. I've got some of my blogs the way I want them, but not all. My family blog isn't great looking, but I just changed the theme. Got a little tweaking to do here and there.

    Anyway, enjoyed reading this post!

  49. Very useful tips, Cristian! Thank you for reminding me to write about what I am passionate about, remember that content is king, keep my posts to every other day or daily (and not inundate my readers), and to check out what it means to "publicize." Tell us more about that!

  50. Great post Christian, I've been blogging for about a year now and I'm still trying to nail down a routine and a theme for my blog. These are great suggestions and should be helpful to that end. Thank you!

  51. As a new WordPress user I found this article useful in getting going. I setup the look and feel and concept but your little pointer, "not writing long blogs" helped me keep it short and sweet thanks for sharing.

  52. Dude, check out your success here. Almost 500 likes, 100+ comments. I'm jealous! :)

    Just wanted to say, very useful post. This is real info you don't see anymore on the bigger sites, such They all say the same stuff and shove fake shit in your face just so you'll eat it up and they make money.

    Thanks for a very refreshing blogging tips blog.

  53. Good advice. I think also you could stress that sometimes you need to write for yourself. I know in the fitness/triathlon/weight loss end of word press I like to follow peoples goals,hopes dreams and even success and failure. My blog I started to personally keep myself going and have found there are numerous other like minded people all with the same struggles and passions or are just interested in seeing you succeed or living that slice of life. I guess my point is have a goal but be flexible to what your blog ends up being in the end. Is it for yourself or are you really looking for an audience. If you stay true to yourself, people will be interested.

  54. Thanks for the insightful tips! Good guideline to blogging and especially for the new bloggers, including me. I'd also have a question if you still have time to answer despite the comment flood. I know I'm fulfilling the rule 1, but what I wonder is whether my blog gets muddled when I combine art/poetry, literature/social issues? I don't want my reader to feel like there's too much in one post, too many things and ideas, and feel overwhelmed and flooded by it. I also wonder whether my tone is sometimes preaching. I want to avoid that because it scares off discussion. That said, I've only blogged for a month and in my excitement, I should sometimes remember to be patient too.

  55. For me, the best part of blogging is interacting with others in a more refined way than Twitter and Facebook. Blogging is more meaningful than social media. Thanks for the tips.

  56. I have recently started my blog and this post is very useful. I realized that I felt a real urge to write regularly (the same way some people feel bad not exercising); never thought this would happen.

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  58. Indeed, it's the polite thing to do. There's no doubt about that. But if half of your comments are just replies from you (thank you, etc.) some might not like it. It simply disrupts the flow of the comment thread.

    If, on the other hand, you reply when you have something to say, you add something valuable to the conversation. Yeah, I know you're the blogger and all that, but still, it's important to be careful what you write on your blog, whether posts or comments.

  59. Reblogged this on Indigo Kitty Blogs and commented:
    This post and the comments might be helpful to others, as they were to me. I resolved to use a blogging calendar, reblog things that I thought could help others, and learn more about tools to build readership. Hope this helps you too!

  60. Some great information, some I knew but great reminders. Like stick with it for a year and maintain a passion! I'm co-authoring a book, and just did a blog post for business people on that point, reaching back down into what you're passionate about is so important. But I struggle too, because when I've done that, I've had the lowest readership on some of those posts! Your point to stick with it for a year is good, you either have to be comfortable with stuff you're passionate about floating into the ether with little or no "hits," or writing about things that will get more readership…I think your point is you need time to figure out that balance.

  61. Cristian: I enjoy your blog but on the topic of how often to post, find that if I subscribe to too many blogs, and those bloggers are posting daily, my email inbox is flooded. I can't possibly find time apart from my work to read all of them. I would urge LESS frequent posts, and focus on high quality.

  62. Hm… I like what I'm seeing. You would think a lot of this is common sense but it can be hard when you get lost in your topic. I appreciate your subject manner here and I'll be expecting a lot out of you!

  63. I started blogging as a platform for publishing. Now I blog because it is fun. It has really been an experiment, and I have learned what people like as I go — often a surprise to me. Your comments are very consistent with my experiences….

  64. Definitely passion is a key point.If I'm fired up to write something it's ten times easier.The words flow out and I barely have to structure my post. Mostly though passion for a piece just helps drive me forward. It's true though, really hard to predict what people will like and respond to, just keep plugging away and improving and hopefully the audience out there will respond! :)

  65. Thanks a lot Cristian.

    I've started blogging 3 months ago. Things are going REALLY slow. I always have to share my new posts on dozens of facebook groups in order to get my posts read. I once decided not to share and depend on publicize and my post got only 7 views and one comment from a friend. Quite frustrating!

  66. I've been blogging for two years not on a regular basis, I'm finally getting some regular readership, but nothing like yours. Wow! I feel honored I have 140+ WordPress followers and get about 50 views per day.

    But I will say I have seen jumps that have impacted long term readers. I believe I got Freshly pressed, jumped 75 subscribers in one day! Increased views when I faithfully started putting logical titles, alternate text to images and image descriptions. Most of my referrals come from Google and Yahoo image searches. Been hit on with Pinterest lately too.

    My blog is not really focused which may turn people off, but I'm happy now and get more challenged everyday. I like the idea of doing a calender for timely topics.

  67. I used to be like you too and it's frustrating when you don't get people reading your blog because you feel like you just write a great piece for nothing.

    I've learnt not to have that expectation because you invested so much time in writing and when you don't get the readership you're looking for, it frustrates you in ways you couldn't explain.

    I'm no great blogger but my advice is to stop pressuring yourself to find readers and just continue to write. Write because you love to write, not because you want people to read/comment on your post.

    When you heart and passion show through your posts, the readers and comments will come.

    Good luck, dear!

  68. A calendar is a good idea. I have a long list of ideas I fall back on , and now I have started to write or post to different challenges. Other bloggers often inspire me or the comments spur a necessary response to them. Blogging and technical problems also spur me on. Many times I get a response from a reader about something that was troubling me, or at least I know someone cares about me as a blogger.

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  71. Great insights, Critian! Thanks for sharing. Very encouraging to a fairly newcomer to blogging like me. I feel like a warlord-in-training. The training part is quite challenging. I just wish I would be a Warlord. . . . yesterday! Why does the training part take so long? Thanks again.

  72. Very interesting idea but the thing is..I dont want to be popular ii dont want to have 1000000 comments about how crappy my opinion was and how wrong i was in some parts. I need steady conversations and chats for and about the books and the music i like and read. That is a simple reason i blog. I dont blog to be popular i blog because i like too when and if i am feeling too and in the mood too. Because i am reading i do it once every day adding stuff for and about books and perhaps about music. I dont know maybe i might be jealous when other blogs are so popular and have so many comments and attentions in the other hand swimming among 56 million or billion blogs cant be a very bad thing. Beside i love swimming do you guys?

  73. Reblogged this on Tammy J Rizzo and commented:
    Here is a list of seven very sound 'rules' for blogging. I didn't know some of them, but then, I'm still quite new to blogging. I'm reblogging this so that it may be of help to others, and so that I can always refer back to it when ever I need to.

  74. Thank you for the tips. I'm a new blogger and I dont have a big audience yet. Reading your recommendations I realized that my posts are really long :-) I'll have to figure out how to write shorter ones.

    • Oh, and also, I don't flog myself for neglecting my blog, because the best thing about blogging, for me, is the freedom to write and publish what I want when I want–and to NOT write and publish if I DON't want to. I would feel differently if I were able to monetize my blog, but I haven't been able to, so I'm not going to give myself grief about it.

      I'm glad you opened up this topic. I've wanted to talk about it with other bloggers for a long time, but I get very few comments on my own blog. Thanks!

  75. I get very few comments. I'd like more just for the fun of discussion. Most people don't post nasty insults on other peoples blogs, and the few that do I simply toss. Sometimes I send them a private email explaining why. Sometimes I keep it public to humiliate someone who has, IMO, made a fool of themselves. Here's a simple example:

    I was born in the Bronx, and I'm a major Yankee fan. If you know anything about baseball, you know that a lot of people resent the Yankees for having a lot of money and therefore a lot of great players. I frequently get posts from Red Sox fans, or even others, trashing my Yankees. I tell the posters, you can't use MY blog to trash MY team–if you must do it, make your own blog. After a few days I erase it all.

    The point is, you can engage with other bloggers without putting up with nastiness.

  76. Thank you for a very interesting read.

    I am new to blogging (I feel I am very late on this one but I do tend to get involved with things way after the hype) and the main thing that has always put me off is not thinking that I have anything of interest (or worth) to write about. I wish I could say that's now changed but I would be lying. I am still not sure I have anything worth reading but I'm getting on with it anyway knowing that one of the ways to become a better writer is to WRITE!

    So off I go to type out favoured recipes, reciews and the odd poem here and there until I find my niche. And I write in hope that one day I will write something that interests somebody.

  77. Hello Cristian….. an eighth rule might be: blogging is another way to send peaceful thoughts into the blogosphere……let the tender petals of your being express the love that WE ARE….in peace…..

  78. Thankyou for a fab blog, I have just recently started blogging and I'm really enjoying it! Mainly as I am so passionate about what I do, I'm just desperate to help people find the apps they need to help the children in education and just fun! I am to break the stigma with special educational needs and just share what I do every day at work with as many people as I can! So thanks again that was great to read!

  79. I dont believe that to write a good blog is really about the length or the content. I think a good blog is about the originality of your own ideas and thoughts. I do agree that it is all about engaging your learner in what they are reading. I also agree that having visuals as pictures or links to social media is very important. If you can find some way to hook your readers into reading past the first few lines, then your on the way to be a good blogger. Dont be afraid to be human in your thoughts. Its good to see where is a human writing from the heart as well as the mind.

  80. I wonder how many people aren't blogging for an audience, but blogging because we have a compelling need to write or we'll go crazy? ha ha. I'm a writer, but not necessarily a blogger, despite the fact that I've kept a blog since 2007. I write looooong, posts, on myriad topics, and my rabid fans are mostly just people who know me. Is there anyone else out there who just writes because it feels good?

  81. I'm impressed. Nice blog, to the point, and true. When you write a blog, of course you should be passionate. If you write about what you know and what you love, you are automatically authentic. Authenticity is engaging because it is honest and represents the qualities of the individual writing; but paradoxically, it is also inclusive, in that there are commonalities among all of us that resonate from one to the other, so we discover ourselves in others. If you write well, you call to the others. Therefore, write!

  82. Thanks, that was useful. I keep 2 blogs. 1 professional and 1 private and my private blog is doing better than the professional one and it's being read by lots of people I don't know in person and it's a really interesting experience because my private blog is a lot more relaxed and less pc whereas my professional blog is written quite carefully and with restraint, you know, hoping not to offend people with my opinions. but yea, good tips to keep in mind. thank again.

  83. Wow, Cristian! This is an amazing post and very helpful. I've been posting everyday and enjoy the experience. I use Blogspot as my primary blog though. WordPress is my back-up. I guess I started out with Blogpot so that's where my family of cyber friends are. For me, I think having cyber friends is what motivates me. I really liked what you wrote about replying to comments. I was feeling a little guilty about now replying to EVERY comment. I feel better now.

  84. This was the best summary of the "golden rules about blogging" that I've ever read, and I've read tons!

    Your first rule–Be Passionate About What You Write–deserves to be first. Yes, it is oh-so-popular nowadays to say it, but it is the key. If we write for others (or fame) we'll be boring. If we write about our passion, we'll be interesting.


  85. In WordPress you can write a blog and schedule it to post at a designated time. When I'm heading into a busy week, I'll spend Sunday afternoon and go ahead and write 3 posts and schedule them to post at 8:30 am Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of that week. It keeps my blog current and my posting regular even if I am swamped.

  86. Good tips. I started my blog because I wanted people to see my photos, to get feedback, to inspire myself, to see if others were inspired, but mainly because I enjoy it. I am learning so much more along the way..

  87. Thank you for the tips, I've been blogging for journalizing my thoughts sake and I've been doing it for the past three years. I'm trying to streamline this one particular blog so that it's not all over the place lol. How do you go about interviewing a blogger? I'm trying to reach out to the blogosphere, somehow it feels like going out of my house and realizing my neighbors were waiting outside to say "Hi" to me all along.

  88. Seakist – you do have a voice – it's just that no-one has heard it yet…It's a nice feeling to open your inbox and see some 'likes', isn't it?…I'm constantly reminded that the world is a beautiful place when I link in to other people's lives…

  89. Haha.. "I don’t have a reason for using Pinterest because my blog is more about words. All I could do with such a profile would be to take photos of my imaginary friend, Adrian." made me laugh! You have some good points.. and as you said.. familiar ones :-) I feel like my blog is a me me me thing and its made me feel like im doing homework.. not motivated at all! Still.. its what people want but i dont really have the dedication to take outfit pictures of my self EVERY SINGLE DAY any more like I did before.

  90. Cristian I love your advice on blogging, it really makes sense especially where I'm at. I have read so much on this topic and your advice is as sound as the best advice out there! By the way I do honestly like your blog!

  91. Thank you for providing points to ponder before writing blogs:) very valuable tips:) though I am 64 now yet i dont know so many things of this media. today i spent hours to learn how to add certain things to my blog page but just failed drastically :) someday hopefully i will but not sure:) how to draw readers to my blogs is still a mystery

  92. You had your blogging week around the time I started my postnataltransition blog – and how I wish I'd read this first! I will definitely be taking your advice about blogging for a year, the write your passion stuff and having patience. My main problem – with 2 small children who have unreliable sleep patterns – is carving out the time and energy. But when I do, it is definitely worth it. The act of writing and – as you said – connecting with at least one other person is now hugely important to me and I can't imagine life without it. Thank you.

  93. After 100+ days of blogging I know for sure that everything you said here is true.

    Thanks for this great writing. I will apply all your advice in my posts.

  94. Great post, I really needed this, I always get started blogging with loads of things I want to say, but perfectionism gets in the way and I'm stuck. My intention is mainly to inspire people, which I feel I am doing well at using twitter, but not sure when it comes to my blog?! Back to the drawing board.

  95. Great to have come upon this post of yours! I'm quite new to blogging, so some simple rules to follow is a godsend. Also, quite proud to discover you as a successful Romanian blogger. I'm from Transylvania, but live in Surrey, England for 5 and a half years now! Mersi pentru sfaturi si numai bine! Imi place blogul tau si astept sa-ti citesc posturile urmatoare.

  96. I just started a blog in WordPress yesterday and I'm just happy I came across your blog because this stuff is invaluable.

    Perseverance is the key alright

    Thanks again mate!

  97. You have put forth some engaging and useful principles for blogging. Since I am a newbie in this medium, I find it especially helpful to view such informative posts. And certainly, I will attempt to employ some of it in the future. Thanks

  98. Hello Christian! I am new in the world of bloggers and I found your post really, really useful. Thank you for your advices. I will try to put them in place and I hope they will benefit me. Keep going like this…..

  99. I was able to learn to blog with a professional writer. What a blessing that is. If you find a unique subject and are not afraid to do an interview with pictures, it will appeal to certain people, and they will eventually find it if you follow all the rules above! Of course we are still on the launch pad, but it has been great fun and is growing. Thanks for the tips. You do good things.

  100. That would be amazing as I find out important rules for blogging from you! Instead of saying "thank you for sharing", I will note the entry in my mind. Wish you have a great day, Cristian!

  101. So true Harry. I have a calendar that shows what is coming up so I can gear my blogs toward that. Because I usually post every day, I have made a point to leave some days "free" and not post a thing. That feels good, so I am not pressured to blog every day.

  102. Judy, I 100% agree with you. Proofreading is so important to making a good impression on your reader and showing you have an adequate command of the English language. Do you have any specific tools you'd like to recommend to help me do a good job at it? In French, I have used a software called Antidote. It's very powerful and catches almost everything, ranging from grammar, to ambiguous sentences and of course spelling mistakes. I have yet to find its English language equivalent. Let me know if you have found one! -Jonathan

  103. I really think you've nailed it down with passion, Cristian. Being enthusiastic and excited to get back to the blank sheet to craft yet another post is essential to maintaining perseverance, but also to engage your audience. I also think that developing a real expertise on the topic you are writing about is essential. Constantly educating yourself about the topic you blog on, being sure you take time to ponder over important questions and take a dent at answering them goes a long way in getting people to see you as the go-to person in your field. Thanks for this post!

  104. "If you have a lot of text, don’t use a white on black theme with a very small font."

    I just wanted to say thank you for this. Most people do know that small type is hard to read, but many don't realize that for the majority of people who can't deal with small fonts, light type on a dark background is very close to being physically unreadable. I've passed on more than one blog that looked good because I just can't tolerate the blurring and eyestrain headaches it causes.

  105. Great suggestions. Appreciate all of the feedback that people have given to this post. Lots to learn. Good to know I don't have to reinvent the wheel!

  106. Wait a sec … Adrian is your imaginary friend too? So that's why he couldn't make it to the holiday party!

    Oh, and about having a fancy blog name, I'm right there with you. Tim's Blog was about as creative as I got with naming mine.

  107. Cristian, I LOVE this post. Great advice, and I could not agree with you more on how important it is for a writer to be passionate about the topics he or she writes. Great advice in this post.

    Thanks, again.

  108. To the point – really loved the post.

    Good advice wrapped in simple words.

    I write about my friends and movie reviews – i am trying to make my posts better everyday and more and more focused on movies and friends.

    I liked your blog and also the 7 rules – i hope i can follow few of them and finish a year of blogging to see how it goes.

  109. Thank you so much, Cristian, for this very informative article. As a new blogger, I am still feeling my way around. And your article has given me so many insights to improve myself.

    My problem is that I have so many interests, so many things I am passionate about. My blogs are about sports, travel, family, and even public service stuff. Should I continue with this?

    Thanks once again!

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  111. As a beginning blogger, my biggest fear is poor organization and lack of content. I have so much I want to write about, but don't want to come off as some flibbertigibbet. Then, I sat down and mapped out the general areas I wanted to talk about and came up with a "campaign" type of strategy. Now I have major headings that I populate with ideas and I am never at a loss for something to say.

    My plan is to blog once per week (on average) and jot notes all the time on my iPad for future blog entries based on those headings. I hope that this will allow me to avoid the "black hole" that many of you have spoken of. I just hope that what I have to say is worth reading.

    Feel free to visit and let me know how I am doing :)

  112. Thank you for the great advice. I am a new blogger (about six months), who posts only two or three times a month. I started because I am a stay at home dad/college student and will be reentering the work force in another year or so. I thought that it was important to have web presence for prospective employers. I have found that I really enjoy it more than expected. Right now I just write little stories about my life and I am starting to add photos/links to my blogs and playing around with presentation. Your seven golden rules have given my something to think about as I attempt to expand my horizons in the bogging world.

  113. Howdy Cristian:

    I've been blogging for the last eight years and have made all the mistakes in the Blogging Book. By trial and error, I've been learning the rules of the game.

    I always enjoy your blog posts. They always have something to learn from. These rules for good blogging will help many starting bloggers, and old ones like me for sure.

    Plan to read your book "The Writer". Will comment as soon as I finish. At the moment, I'm reading a book written by Dick Cheney, VP of George Bush. I wanted to know the inside story of the causes of the Iraqi war.

    Keep up your good work. You have the passion my dear blogger.

    Warm regards,


  114. Reading through the points felt that what I have done so far doesn't seem so bad. Having been described as 'not being able to string a sentence together' think it's OK. There's always room for improvement but for the first four days not bad. I will take your points and read them again to support what I write in the future. Really useful succinct and fair. Thanks Maggie

  115. Thanks for the tips.. I really need that.. I am new, and I am so frustrated that my blog have no large audience and not even one comment.. (embarassed *_*) I love your writing.. Just one question, writing something controversial or sensitive is good or bad? Can I write such things? Is there any law that I might break if I write those? It will be really helpful if you can answer this.. Thanks..

    • In fact, writing about controversial or sensitive topics does get you a lot of attention. Whether that's good or bad, it's up to you. One more thing: the best subjects, the best posts I've written, were the ones in which the reader could either agree or disagree with me. And I do tend to write posts like that. Take a stand, because you can't please everyone.

      • thank you so much for answering my question.. ^_^ .. I will definitely try your tips and hopefully be a better blogger in the future..

  116. Thank you for these tips! As someone who is relatively new to this world — it's a daunting task to figure out all these aspects of blogging. – I am having so much fun to writing about something that I'm passionate about but also that adds value to someone's life. Even if its just one person!

  117. I read your post with great interest, as a fledgling blogger! Thanks for all the tips; the comments generated will also take some time to absorb.

    So much to read, so little time …

  118. Great post! Some of the rules you mentioned are very basic (such as length of your post) but they often get forgotten about. I just started blogging and think that time management is also very important. Think ahead and create yourself targets for your blog! Keep up the good writing!

  119. I absolutely love this! This is the very type of information I was looking for when I started blogging over 2 years ago. I can always remember asking myself, "Why aren't people commenting, "liking", or even visiting my blog? As you said, perseverance does go a long way and it has eventually paid off. No longer am I consumed by my blog stats, but more so just the joy I find in writing.

    I hope other new bloggers find this post of yours rather quickly so they don't quit when they are temporarily defeated during the early stages of their blogging experience.

    Excellent job!

  120. Really helpful artice. I've often started blogs only to fall off the wagon as a result of too few eyes on the content, but I intend to keep at it in order to build up a body of work. These tips will no doubt prove useful.

  121. Wow, i can so identify with what is written here. You have a great mind, a really great mind. Sometimes it is good to come across articles that reinforce your beliefs, thanks man

  122. "Turn on publicize." Now there's a tip I've missed in this new world for me–the blogosphere! Thank you, Cristian. Your casual, friendly style makes for appealing reading. Thank you, too, for visiting my blog, From the Inside Out.

  123. Thanks for the great tips. Your blog has really taken off and I can see why. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to write many blogs but I do try to post once a week about my favourite picture books, novels or crafty things and that’s always fun.

  124. Thank you for sharing this! Very useful information specially for new bloggers like myself. I will definitely keep looking for your posts and thank you also for starting following my new blog.

  125. I like the suggestion to wait a year before deciding whether or not to continue. After six months, I don{t find a desire to stop, but I am constantly evaluating if it’s “working.” I also like the suggestion of interviewing another blogger, as soon as I read that I thought of who I would like to interview. Thanks for the post.

  126. Knowing these rules and following them are two very different things. I’ve been online ‘journaling’ since 2000 but a lot of those blogs and journals are privatised and cast away.

    Real life gets in the way most of the time, so your advice on investing the time, energy, effort, & thought is really important. (So, thanks for making me aware of them!)

  127. With my purely visual blog (photography), I struggle to find the balance between posting too much and not enough. I was getting several posts a day from someone I followed and became annoyed and finally stopped following him. But when I post only once a week, I miss my “like” and “comments” fix. I guess I need reassurance that I am not working in a vacuum more than once a week.

  128. I created my blog a few days ago and I followed these steps (I read similar articles to help me) and I think it went pretty well so far. I can say that these are useful rules. I also came to the conclusion (after reading a lot of useful articles like these) that if you are passionate about what you do, you shouldn’t get disappointed if an article doesn’t go that well. At the beginning it needs a lot of patience to build a blog with a lot of audience. Good luck to every blogger out there!

  129. Thanks for the tips, I’m new to WordPress and getting used to a new blogging site is more difficult than I expected. This post was definitely helpful – having a guest blogger never even occurred to me before, but it’s a really great idea!

  130. One of the best and the most practical techniques I have come across related to blogging. The idea of replying to comments on my posts always bugged me. It was like, if I didn’t reply, it might appear arrogant, and if I did, then most of the times I always ended up with just a thank you.

    I once thought maybe someone someday might give some advice regarding this. And today, you did :) Thanks!

  131. I have to say I struggle the most with keeping the length of my posts down. I try my best to include the best possible content and to not be too wordy when I write, but it’s definitely a challenge. I do try to break down my posts and add visuals to keep it as engaging as possibles I find it hard balancing what I want to say/post with keeping people interested.

  132. I totally agree with you from A to Z. Having recently started a blog, I had absolutely no idea what I was going to write about. By simply jumping into it and writing about what I loved, my passions and especially wanting to share them, surprised me in the little reader ship I’m building!
    Just staying true to who we are, and being passionate will (in my beleif) make others want to know more and learn more about our passion(s).

  133. Hi Cristian – great post, I have been reflecting – as one does in January! I am happy with the number of followers I have and the number of views per day I have, they continue to increase, so that’s great. I would like to know what you think about number of views compared with visits, people seem to stay around to look at more posts on my blog, which I think is great. I wonder if you have any advice about how to drive more people to stay longer on a blog? I have also decided to be more interactive this year to see if i can increase the number of comments, can’t wait for your further advice to see if I can increase my comments too!

  134. Great tips, and as you say most are common sense. The one I struggle with is about comments – whether to reply or not, and whether to measure my “success” with a particular post on the number of comments it attracts. You have given me some confidence in realising I don’t have to reply to every comment too. Thank you.

  135. Great advice, Cristian. You’ve distilled blogging to its core. This is textbook-worthy in its simplicity and essentiality. One question: what would you say is the minimal amount of posts per week that a (primarily text) blogger should allow themselves?

    • I don’t think there is a required minimum. It depends on the themes you tackle, the length of your posts, etc. I mean, if you write 2-3 thousand word posts… it’s basically impossible to write one post a day.

  136. I think this is more of a guide.True, it might work for us, or it might not. But its a good thing on how you’ve become a successful blogger such as yourself by these thoughts you have in mind. good job!

  137. This really helps! Literally only started my blog today and I feel I am clueless where to start but this has given me some faith I’m just gonna blog about what I love and if people like that then I feel that would be a success!

  138. Hi!!! useful! I’m started a blog myself since last week.. still a bit figuring out how everything works, but so far I really like it!
    All the best with your writing and thank you for your hospitality, I enjoy your blogs;)

  139. Thank you as this is some very good advice, and i will probably reblog this article. I have been blogging for about 2 years and it is a lifesaver for me as i am disabled so am at home most of the time on the pc. I love reading others blogs and do reblog a lot which is easy with WP but sucks with Blogger. I always notify the person or ask permission to reblog a picture or snippet of their writing. I try not to be too personal about myself but do occasionally write such because a blog is Not FB (which i do not even belong to). I do find white on black to be easier to read and always have to put a picture in and try as much as possible to put its source. I have increased my categories though older posts are not labeled thusly. When I go to a new blog the First thing i do is read the About page. And if the layout is taxing (like some irritating back image that is always there you have to read through) then i probably won’t investigate it. Once i find a good blog i read the Whole thing over days and always look at who they follow to find new ones. I think having a calendar is important too for people to keep their place doing that. Thank you again and i will go through your whole blog over the next week or so. Blessings.

  140. Thank you! Great advice, great post too! I had been wondering whether or not I had been losing it or losing my cool in the sense that I have such a modest following of around 50 in comparison to your, whew!, over 60,000 at the last count. My overriding goal and question mark remains; how to grow the traffic and support base and gaining a meaningful income from the blog. The passion is there, but patience can where thin sometimes, though. Anyway, great motivational stuff, Christain!

  141. Cristian,
    You wrote:
    “Now, I’m sure I’m writing the type of blog I’d enjoy reading. If I wouldn’t be this blog’s writer, this blog would be one of my favorites.”

    That reminds me of a quote in the quote section of my blog (see–Under “The Writing Life.”):

    “Write the book you want to read, the one you cannot find.”
    –Carol Shields

    Some useful stuff. Thanks,
    Eric Halliwell

  142. I’m a blogger with less than a week experience…!!!! This is the most useful article I could read for my, hopefully successful, …future “blogger career” Ευχαριστω που ακολουθησες το blog μου!!!! :)

  143. Cristian…I’m a “newbie” to this world of blogging, but finding out along the way that I am really enjoying it! Your “7 Golden Rules” is very helpful to me! I am trying to find out as much info as possible, I feel so old and not too bright about all of this! ;0) But I am learning, and to borrow a quote from the famous “Unsinkable Molly Brown” (Titanic) “I ain’t down yet!” So a big thanks to you from me!

  144. I can see ways here to improve my haiku blog. I started it this year as a way to commit myself to writing everyday and I’ve enjoyed it so far. The feedback and comments from other people and the things I’ve read on their sites have been an unexpected bonus and inspiration. So thank you!

  145. Hey Cristian, thanks so much you just helped me to remember why I blog…….passion……It reminds me of something I once read that inspired me to write:

    “Every book is a miracle, every book represents a moment when someone sat quietly,
    and that quiet is part of the miracle, make no mistake,
    and tried to tell the rest of us a story”

    Happy blogging!!! Ersilia

  146. It’s very useful for a new blogger like me :) Thanks for the tips! I just struggle to decide what kind of niche my blog will have. Right now it’s just posts about my thoughts around things. I’d love any kind of feedback if anyone is willing to give me some! :D

  147. Thanks for the info! Seasoned journalist but new blogger here and finding out that a lot of the same rules apply. Can a seasoned canine pick up a new trick or two? I think so!

  148. Hi Christian
    I’m at the other end of the life-spectrum to you! I’m 67 and as you’ll see from my Blog, I’m struggling to make it visually appealing. I’m not confident about customising the appearance. Any advice for a beginner like me? I like your advice so far!

  149. Hi Christian
    Great to see and read your blog. I’m new to bloging – it’s part of my journey and hopefully I will find out a lot following you – love your seven rules of bloging.
    Speak soon.

  150. Thanks for these pearl-like tips!
    I just re-started blogging yesterday, and spent about 3 hours doing random stuff, designing, customizing, posting, deleting old posts, and more
    I have an exam coming up, and after I realized that I spent more than 3 hours, I regretted activating my dusty blog..
    I noticed just now that you visited my blog, (thanks for that, it gave me some sort of energy), and decided to take a look around yours!
    Loved your posts, especially this one (this is surely great help)
    Thanks, and I’ll visit again soon!

  151. Thank you.
    As a newbie blogger I found it reassuring to see where I’m on the right track and where I can improve.
    Adding images is something I need to learn so that’s next on my to do list.

  152. Obviously a successful blog – and some awesome comments.

    Being passionate about what you are blogging – IS the most important thing that I take from it.

    I’ve seen a gazillion articles that were/are written on this topic and that is the thing that really stands out.

  153. Really good advice!
    I’m going to use my blog in a purely therapeutic way. I need to get a lot of weight of my shoulders. And if someone wants to follow me on a rather dark and sometimes violent journey, they are more then welcome.

  154. Kudos. This really is a great post, one of the best I have ever read, and worth my time. Just curious, is this last line from this post a typo, or on purpose?

    And I quote ” . . . don’t be afraid to use the comment box bellow.”

    Good stuff, thank you. Alex

  155. I am very new at blogging so this post was great! I think you nailed right off the bat when you said:
    “I believe passion is the key element in any creative endeavor.” Passion is everything!!!

    Thanks for posting such a great article. .



  156. Christian

    I came across your blog this morning, and have been reading a lot of your posts. This one in particular caught my eye as I recently started to blog as well and trying to share my travel tales with the people. I was also looking over the internet on ideas how to make your blog popular & searchable. Right said by you- You need to invest time in it if it matters to you, I am trying to do that from heart.

    I hope to write more and share the stories of all the places I am visiting.

    Thank you for the advice.


  157. Passion Passion Passion. Live it. Breathe it. Find it. Like you said if it seems like work or drudgery then its simply not your passion. Sometimes its easier for some to realize their passion then others. Just take a deep look at yourself. See what makes you tick. What you would do every single day if you could, That is passion.

  158. Great, informative post, Christian. Passion – check. Planning out posts – check. However, my frustration with blogging lies in the fact that on WordPress I’ve seen that in order to gain an audience that may or may not have anything to do with the quality of your content….you need to follow many other bloggers. Many. I’m in the process of writing a book and do NOT have time to read blogs all day.
    I’m pleased to have made many friends while blogging but that does not help me to achieve my goal of finishing the book. ~Karen~

  159. I agree mostly with your rules. I can’t share my blogging duty with others, however. I can only be responsible for my own views. Which isn’t to say that I don’t want to hear from others, even those who disagree with me. And there’s a difference between those who disagree with your efforts and those who simply want to sabotage your efforts.

    Best wishes!

  160. To a person who has had her blog for the past year and a half, and only a couple of posts that feels true to herself; this post is not only motivational but also helpful. Thank you :)

  161. Some excellent advice in this post. Thanks for stopping by and following my blog yesterday – I’ve enjoyed delving into your site this morning. Cheers, Nik

  162. Very helpful tips here, thank you for sharing this. It has served me as a reminder and encouragement. I honestly love to write. it has been a passion of mine since I discovered I might just be good at it when I wrote my very first made up book review in grade school. I hated reading and still do simply because most content doesn’t interest me. I’ve always had a mindset of if you don’t like the way things are done then do it yourself in your own way.The other thing you might add, (I am speaking ahead of myself here because I haven’t yet completely finished reading this post,) is that you should never compare yourself, your abilities or talent to anyone else’s. I constantly have to remind myself of this. Now back to reading this very interesting and helpful post. Thank You.

  163. Thanks Cristian – good advice for a newbie blogger like me! I’m currently working out how often to blog, what topics to cover etc. It’s interesting to see what resonates with other people – not always what you expect.

  164. Cristian, this has got my mind engaged and I am at the early stages with my blog so this feels really helpful. It has also given me the nudge to explore twitter as another platform – it’s open in a new tab right now! I will be back here for more advice from further along the blogging path I think…Thanks for your work

  165. Hi Christian, I have been away from blogging for a year, recently returned with a new site. I felt I needed the break and I have come back feeling refreshed and remotivated. I used to read your blog regularly a year back and I am interested to see that a year later it looks very different and you seem to be branching out in all sorts of directions. I am really interested in what you have done in the self publishing domain. Looking forward to staying in touch.


  166. Really great blogging tips.
    But, sometimes, it doesn’t go that smoothly when you’re in a location where people don’t have the reading culture. Sometimes, try as you may, fix content as you can, your primary audience still….
    My experience though. However, to circumvent that is, perhaps, as you say, focus your blog on what one is passionate about. One good thing about this is, satisfaction isn’t gained by the traffic it brings, but by the knowing that you shared what you felt the urge to share; something that relieves you. It’s great relief.

  167. Christian, some good thoughts here. Blogging should be like talking. Be quiet, and listen, unless you have something to say. Also, know who you’re writing for. When I write, I don’t stick to any one theme; but, I am curious, and do my research. Does my curiosity make me a philosopher: no, just a blogger!

  168. Great advice. I’m out of the gate as of about a week ago, blogging on WordPress. I am a little overwhelmed at this point, more with the technical than the actual blogging. I didn’t start blogging because of any motivation except a passion to share what’s on my heart and mind. What you see is what you get…It needs to be relatively simple for me at the moment…like trying to figure out pages/ categories/tags etc. I did appreciate this article very much…thank you!

  169. Oh my goodness, your comment section is no joke there Cristian. I had to scroll down pretty far just to be able to add my own commentary to your post. 😅 As a lot of other users have said your 7 golden rules were extremely helpful, no doubt even I will be implying a few of them. I admire your self publishing, and you’re blogs. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to get my few novels I have self published as well. I look forward to your other blogs and helpful information.

  170. Thank you for this great post! I have been blogging for over a year and read many of blogging advice posts, and this one is the easiest to understand, and I like how you write with your passion and that makes readers easily connect with you through your words.

    The only thing I want to add is that it is important to reply to comments, not just reply when you have something to say. When others coming to visit blogs and leave a comment, they have invest their time too so replying to them is the least I can do. I stopped reading some of my favorite blogs because I commented on more than 2 of their posts and never get any reply from them, and this just put me off.

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