Today’s post is about one of the best blogging tools available for free on the web. Zemanta.

What does Zemanta do?

You can use Zemanta for the following:

  • Add related articles at the end of each post. They can be either articles that are recommended by Zemanta from other bloggers or your own articles. You can even add small thumbnails. What’s also interesting is that Zemanta recommends your blogs to other users as well.
  • Image suggestions. Zemanta  recommends public domain photos or images from your own Instagram and Flickr accounts. It’s a neat tool when you want to make your post a bit more visual.
  • In-text links. Basically Zemanta can link keywords in your post to relevant articles on Wikipedia and other sites.
  • Tag suggestions. Yeah, Zemanta does that too. If you’re not sure what tags are best at describing your post, you can always rely on Zemanta to do the work for you.

How can I use Zemanta?

It’s easy. You go to your WordPress DashboardUsersPersonal Settings, and select Help me find related content (images, links, related articles, and tags) to use in my posts. Then hit Save Changes and you’re good to go.

That’s all you have to do. You don’t need a credit card or anything. Enjoy.

Do you use Zemanta? What about other tools, plugins, etc? Do you have a pet? If yes, tell us (me and my imaginary friend, Adrian) about it.


Blogging Week is far from over. Tomorrow, Blogging and Social Media. That’s a lethal combination.




85 thoughts on “Zemanta

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  2. I've been using it all this time, but I need to review it once more. Thank you so much for this post. At this point, I'm trying to learn as much as possible with the little time I have. So, it is great when a kind soul takes the time to inform fellow bloggers. ;)

    I have cats and birds, btw.


  3. Dear are you familiar with the free browser add-on called "Scribe Fire?" I use it occasionally while I am surfing the web. I find Scribe Fire allows me to make posts on the fly, using only my web browser—which seamlessly posts directly to my Word Press blog.

    I use it with Fire Fox and Google Chrome (The Add-On Maybe be available on other browsers now. I think Opera and possibly Safari)

    Considering how much easier it makes creating a post,(much less micro work than the full Word Press Dashboard) I feel that the ease and convenience offsets the limitations. There is a slight loss of control over visual structure of the posted blog page, and there are limitations to the the full tagging tools of the Word Press Dashboard.

    However I have made some nice looking posts, using about 1/4 the amount of time I would have used by posting the same content using the Word Press Dashboard.

    The learning curve is very low.

    Try it if you like: The latest version is now available.


    Thanks for your post. I learned somethings about Zemanta that I did not know.


  4. I had not heard of Zemanta. I am anxious to give it a try. Thank you for the tip, Cristian. You asked if I have a pet. Yes, I have a darling little Boston terrier named TazE. I wrote a blog about her once and posted a picture under the title, "My Dog is a Nuisance." She can be… (I guess we all are from time to time)… but most of the time she is a delight. Do you have a pet?


  5. I have a truly beautiful cat Cristian whom I'm sure would find Adrian fascinating as that is the nature of cats :) I ail try Zemanta out; my site is faairly fluid at the moment and this might be the thing to get me past a few snags. Thanks!


  6. Let us leave the pets alone for a moment – that is what they need from time to time."Zemanta" is cool, I can use it when i need, but have the feeling that I can't use it when I want to make only my article important. I'll learn…


  7. Hey Cristian!

    First of all, thanks for the blogpost about our service and we certainly hope that it'll fulfill your expectations.

    Bear in mind that you're always more than welcome to ask us anything about how it works or if something goes wrong (hopefully, nothing will). We're always ready to help you out!

    Here's our email address (support[at]zemanta[dot]com) or you can follow us on Twitter (@ZemantaSupport). Our Support Center is also always updating with new info, so you're welcome to take a look: http://support.zemanta.com/

    Once again, thanks for your feedback and have a nice day!




  8. I stumbled across Zemanta when I first started blogging – a great resource for images. Though I prefer to use my own photographs, I love knowing that if I don't have anything suitable, Zemanta will have something I can use.


  9. Already started using this yesterday after you mentioned it was coming in the next post. I played with it all day yesterday! LOL Awesome tool. Thank you SO MUCH for mentioning it. :-)


  10. Thanks for the Zemanta tip. I usually just google for images, or preferably use my own, but this sounds like it's worth looking at. I use categories rather than tags, and don't really understand the pros and cons of each method.


  11. Zemanta is great! It really saves me a whole lot of time tagging and hyperlinking. Though, it does on a occasion add some glitch tags. And sometimes hyperlinking too much doesn't look aesthetically pleasing, but I'm not one to argue with the positive results it usually yields!


  12. I have some experience of using Zemanta. To my mind it mostly depends on the quality of your content plus on its popularity. For example if you pick a subject that majority of users will write about then it’s bingo. If you write about some very unique music band or young artist then you will most likely to get zero backlinks. Thank you for the post though, that was interesting to hear your opinion about Zemanta.


  13. Hey there! Would you mind if I share your blog with my twitter group?
    There’s a lot of people that I think would really appreciate your content. Please let me know. Cheers


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