There’s always something to keep us from writing…

While we’re on the topic of Chuck Palahniuk and his novels, here’s another quote, this time from Haunted.

“The air will always be too filled with something. Your body too sore or tired. Your father too drunk. Your wife too cold. You will always have some excuse not to live your life.”

There’s always something to keep us from living our lives. Or from writing. We spend most of the time waiting for something to happen. We haven’t lived long enough, we haven’t experienced enough, we’re always waiting to become better writers, just so we can write the story we’ve always wanted to write.

Sometimes life feels like a waiting game.

I could go on and tell you how important it is to appreciate the things we already have instead of chasing after the things we don’t have, how important it is to live in the moment and enjoy life, but I’m not going to.

Tonight I’m going to write. Yeah, just like that. I’m going to unplug my internet cable and I’m going to write. Everything else can wait until tomorrow.


60 thoughts on “There’s always something to keep us from writing…

  1. With the amount of writing and reading you do, how do you ever find time to do anything else in life …. like eating, sleeping or socialising, etc.

    I guess one of the things that stops me writing enough is spending too much time reading other people's blogs …. my fault, not yours :-). I am a slow reader too. I'd love to be able to speed-read.



  2. I never wait to write. Instead I write EVERYTHING down that pops into my head. 4 out of 5 are crap ideas but then an awesome idea comes along and I perfect it and publish it.

    Life is too short to just stand around waiting for something to happen, you need to grab it and experience every single part of it.

    Thanks for sharing this, man, shake it up a bit.


    Daan van den Bergh


  3. I need to do this…just write. In fact, I almost didn't post today because I was having a hard time writing…I figured it out for my post today, now I need to figure it out for my other stuff.


  4. Cristian,

    What a great post: so true!

    I think it is kind of a double-edged knife: the human habit of always striving to achieve something you don't have already, despite all that you have done and accomplished thus far, on the one hand keeps you from enjoying what you have (and sometimes even patting yourself on the back for what you have accomplished) but on the other hand pushes you to always do better, to go the extra mile, to keep breaking boundaries – it is that drive which is at the core of progress and innovation. It is a bless and a curse.

    Oh well, sorry for the ramblings! Thank you for sharing this thought.

    Take care


  5. I know how you feel… Sometimes I feel like I need to be inspired to write, but really it's work, about making yourself write. I've found that by forcing myself to write regularly even when I don't feel like it, has made me a better writer.


  6. Love your writing style. And you are so true.

    I really have a love/hate relationship with writing, always has!

    So I accept the fact that sometimes I just have to pull myself together,

    stop making excuses and start writing. And probably that is how it goes

    with everything in life ;).



  7. Excellent sentiments. That's why I like Nanowrimo. It doesn't let you put things off, or think you're not good enough. You don't know whether you can do something until you do it – always a good thing for writers to keep in mind.


  8. WOW. I could sooo relate to this right now. I've been thinking all week about how I wanted to do this and that because I wanted to experience so many things as soon as possible. Then I see this post and I got hit by what you just wrote here. Yeah, I guess I got caught up in the thought of chasing after things I want to do and not being able to appreciate what I have now. Thanks for making me realize that.

    The same applies for writing. I haven't been able to write or blog for such a long time because I always have excuses (exams, homework, extra curricular activities etc etc) and it seems that I'm not in the mood for it and I really missed writing so here I am, trying to be motivated again to write. :)


  9. But if only I had a proper desk, study, notebook, laptop, pen… But I have to run a business, raise some kids, be a good wife, remember my friends and ailing parents…. But I can't be that selfish… But I have to earn some money… But I have to clean the house, load the washing machine, help the children with their homework, do the supermarket shop… But I need large chunks of time to focus on the novel, remember what it's about, develop some continuity between chapters… But… but…

    I am the world's leading expert at coming up with excuses. Why do you think my novel has taken years and years to get to the second draft? Why do you think my blog is called 'Finding Time to Write'? And each time I tell myself that it will be different. This time.


  10. Brilliant advice. I'm supposed to nap while my son sleeps but instead I'm here, commenting on your blog… As a previous commenter says – my fault, not yours! – this evening I am going to take your advice. Once the boy is in bed, no internet (that's the biggest time stealer, isn't it?), no tv – I will just write. Thanks Christian!


  11. As you suggest, many people are avoidant of "living." They have not realized that the solution is not in their head, but in taking on what frightens them.


  12. It's my number one priority. But life gets in the way.

    Best trick for me is to treat it like work and have goals and deadlines. I don't think you have to be inspired every day, I just have to do it !


  13. I read a lot of blogs from many different people, and every once in a while I come across a blogger who inspires and has me wishing I had found his/her work a lot sooner. You are one of those! Keep up the great work!


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