I have a dream… and I need your help to make it happen

A few months ago I had this idea. I don’t remember where I was or what I was doing, but I do remember that it felt like a very good idea. I didn’t write it down, but I didn’t forget it either.

The thing was that I wanted to build a new website. One that would act as a sort of art/culture platform for promoting young artists. Writers, painters, photographers, you name it. You know, the type of website that would review independent movies and self-published books.

And I still think it’s a very good idea. Oh, boy, how much I want to do this. And I’m crazy enough that I’ve actually found myself a team. A bunch of crazy, young Romanian folks who are willing to help me. With the interviews, with reviews, with photographs, and all that.

I know the idea is cool. And I believe in it wholeheartedly.

But there’s a catch.

We don’t have any money. And we need to pay for hosting and web design and stuff like that. We need a professional framework, we need to make this website look as sharp and cool as possible. Because this is something worth fighting for, I’ve decided to start a campaign on Indiegogo.

So basically we need the following things:

1. a domain

2. hosting

3. a professional design

4. a name

So, yeah, we need a title. We don’t know how the website is going to be named, but we do know what it’s going to be. We know what we want to do with it, and we strenuously believe that we have something to say. In other words, we believe this idea of ours has potential.

You can find the project here. There are some cool perks available, but every dollar counts. Every dollar gets us closer to making this happen.

The website’s gonna be free. Like free, free. You’re going to be able to submit art and fiction and photographs, and essays and interviews and articles, and other stuff. And request reviews. All that stuff, we’re going to do it for free.

But we need this initial capital. It’s not much. $500 to get the website up and running.

You can contribute with as much as you can.

Think of it as a sort of investment, if you like. If you’re an artist (and I know a lot of you are), this is going to be a great place to showcase your work and get some exposure. If you’re not an artist, this website is going to be the place you’ll go to when you want to buy a new book or watch a new movie. And you’ll get to read more of me.

Editorials, opinion pieces, interviews, weekly columns, all that stuff. And no, politics. Sorry, but that’s not what this website is going to be all about.

But most important… this website is going to be about promoting indie artists.

Don’t have any money? Don’t worry, you can still help by spreading the word. Twitter, Facebook, all that stuff… tell your friends, your neighbors, the mailman, and your landlady.

I believe we can raise the money. 30 days… 500 bucks. It’s not that much, and it’s sure worth it, if you were to ask me.

Thank you,


Update #1: $100 raised in two hours. Wow. That’s pretty cool. Thank you all for contributing.

Update #2: $253 raised in 18 hours.


95 comments on “I have a dream… and I need your help to make it happen

  1. mrsbongle says:

    Contributed five dollars!

  2. eparkperry says:

    I love this idea, and I fully support anyone who is willing to work toward a dream…bonus points if that dream also benefits others! Best of luck to you, Cristian. I've placed my donation.

  3. It's not much at all- in regards to website 'design' if you have someone willing to volunteer the time into it, Drupal is a free open-source… content management system? (sorry I barely know what I'm talking about here- but one of your team may be able save some more money that way?)… or maybe you already know about Drupal! Anyways, you can make your website there. You would just need to buy your domain name and hosting. Design would all be free and up to you guys to build. I think :P

    • Well, my idea is to use a self-hosted WordPress.org platform for this website, and to use the Genesis framework (which I'll need to buy.) And a professional looking theme, which we'll tweak and change.

      One of the guys who's helping me is pretty good at this whole web design thing. He's also good at graphic design and Photoshop and whatnot. So we're going to make things work. But ultimately, we still need money to pay for the domain and hosting and the Genesis framework.

      And we need a name. And we need it to be great.

      • (Gotcha!! Well planned, I should have known ;) ) I am blank for name ideas, but if I think of something I will send it your way!

      • zackpalm says:

        "Looking for new, inspiring artists that have yet to be discovered? Looking for the next, possible, big sensation in creativity? Open this door. Welcome to the, 'Underground Creative's Symphonic'".

      • I think you should include the word "name" in your name. Like "naming art." I think "naming God" would be cool, but not applicable.

      • Hi… I am at the moment looking at 123.reg believe it or not… they have several things on there and to be honest the best prices I have seen… and I have checked around.

        I normally get my domains from Freeparking.com I think it is or co.uk as they are cheaper but if you want one with 123.reg you have to register one with them… but to be honest it won't cost you anywhere as much… (500) it will also give you the chance if you want to say to the people who are exhibiting artwork if they wish to sell that they can sell it… pay it into a business account that you set up… once all charges are taken out and your % towards it they get the remaining but you are making money to upkeep the site. The hosting is included in the packages… and the templates look great which can be changed to look more upbeat… but you might have already looked there.

        Just an idea and I think it is great what you are doing….. good work!

      • You could combine the word "spring," referring to youth (as in the season) and to the source, and "fire," referring to creative genius.

  4. ruleofstupid says:

    Reblogged this on ruleofstupid and commented:
    I like this idea and I (admittedly along with 19,785 others) admire Cristian's blog, so I'm just spreading the word.

  5. Katie Glenn says:

    A beautiful and pure idea. I'm looking forward to seeing it and all of the wonderful people that you'll spotlight.

  6. I love the idea, and would be happy to contribute. I can't donate right now, but I promise, I will after the New Year, when hopefully I will have a little more money.

  7. kelihasablog says:

    Great idea and I'll see what I can do on payday… :D

  8. Excellent my friend. I'm looking forward to this…:)

  9. Shine says:

    Hey Cristian

    I'm willingto make up the difference if you're willing to be an infrequent reviewer of short excerpts of my work…my first book. Heading to a writer's conference tomorrow to pitch the idea to several publishers.

  10. Done, not just because I believe you have helped many bloggers with your posts, but because I believe you will help many more artists through this endeavor. Oh, and because my six year old wouldn't want you to turn Goth. ;-) My latest post titled, "Don't Give Up Your Dream…You Might Turn Goth." lol

  11. I can't contribute any money, but here's an idea for a name: "The Bottle Rocket." Why you ask? Because not only are you helping to promote upcoming artists, but since this'll be available worldwide through the power of the Internet, it'll be a huge boost for every writer/artist/performer on the site. In other words, like a "Bottle Rocket."

    Let me know when it comes up, I'll submit something.

  12. MishaBurnett says:

    I think you should call it "Switchhook". It's catchy and would look good on a logo. And it's an actual tech term from the communications industry.

  13. chrissyg22 says:

    I love the idea! I will see what i can do. all the best!

  14. Piscis says:

    Looking forward to seeing how this pans out. Exposure is typically the largest struggle for an independent artist, so hopefully it'll be a good tool for getting those names and work out there.

  15. shreejacob says:

    Done! All the very best!! :)

  16. studio6464 says:

    Hi Cristian, I love your blogs. This is a site I run for free, I shall link your campaign to it if you wish. http://goo.gl/7RJys I'm happy to help buzz your campaign round too! Good luck

  17. Love your idea and love the pablo picasso quote. When we work with others and open ourselves to co-creating with others, we always end up with something better than we imagined it could be.

  18. Moss Piglet says:

    Oooh that sounds very exciting…I have no money, as I am reliant on disability benefit ESA UK, and have to share that with my Irish friend who is a victim of UK's dreadful ESA Benefit cuts…1,000's of disabled & carers in distress since march 2012, petitioning the Government as I write; a 'Perfect Storm' is brewing as disabled get swept into poverty…

    I like the challenge of a name for your site & have a plaque in my garden here as tribute to the Gypsy families who once used our valley as they travelled round the farms of England, to work each season, so welcomed by the farmers…so our valley called since ancient times 'Little Egypt' and my plaque RROMANI…also inspired by the beautiful homeless Romanian girl, my friend Luchia (I fail to spell her name correctly); she had golden teeth and felt so sad to tell the people she was not wealthy with her golden teeth…and she had a little son not well. I hope she found a home, and perhaps I will meet her again…and show her my plaque in my garden inspired by her beauty of soul.

  19. ljr3 says:

    This is totally strange… I have been working on a new wordpress website that I have not made public yet. The idea behind it is to showcase artists works (I was hoping to include poetry etc as well) like a gallery exhibition with bios and the like. I will soon be making it public but will not be showing the first exhibit until January. I'm sure it will not be anything to the extent of yours. I won't be doing interviews for example. Best of luck and perhaps I could send artists your way for interviews etc?

  20. Billy McCartney says:

    This is WONDERFUL! I'll see what I can do when I get paid. Keep us all updated, I know I want in. :P

  21. Cristian, what a wonderful idea – good luck to you and your obviously dedicated team. I have not PayPal but would like to contribute. How can I do this?

  22. neelkanth says:

    Nice idea. i welcome it.

  23. Love it! I'm with you on this. Contrubution en route.

    ~ kp

  24. Reblogged this on Second Phase and commented:
    Support and share this project!!

  25. texydeb says:

    Reblogged this on debsthoughtstoday and commented:
    give if you can

  26. Donated and shared it on my wife's facebook-account and my twitter and pinterest account! Good luck!

  27. Niamh says:


    This is something that is close our hearts at Hermit Studio. We started a G+ page showcasing G+ indie artists that we wish to/or have brought for the studio. (http://goo.gl/OF1cj)

    We can provide Web Hosting Services if you need them (we also do web development but it sounds like you have that covered already). Let us know if we can help.

    I hope the project is sucessful and I wish you luck.

    Niamh Brown

  28. Eclipse says:

    Love your idea and dream. It's reblogged! Good luck!

  29. Reblogged this on daydreamdaisies and commented:
    Just spreading the word. I (and other funders, sharers and the wonderful folk behind this idea) believe this is going to be something great! The idea is there, the passion is there and so is the crazy determination. It has all the potential. Now, all that's needed is us joining this dream, artists unite!

  30. Great project idea & best of luck!

  31. szfb says:

    oh wow this is amazing! :) i can't wait! full support on this project :>

  32. petit4chocolatier says:

    Excellent idea! I will definitely support and share your story in different modes : )

  33. […] I have a dream… and I need your help to make it happen. […]

  34. rynnasaryonnah says:

    This is such a cool idea! All the best. Will spread the word! =D

  35. Kane Holder says:

    I tweeted this! Will support and share this wonderful project!

  36. Storkhunter says:

    Done. I believe that you have helped many people with your posts – you've certainly helped me.

  37. kiisu23 says:

    Congratulations on the $100 in 2 hours! I'm sure you'll hit your target no problem!!

  38. Morbid Insanity says:

    Reblogged this on Morbid Insanity and commented:
    Interesting idea!

  39. mango1531 says:

    great idea- I can't wait to check back and see the site!

  40. lordouch says:

    wow.. This is cool!! i wish i can contribute.. but i dont have any money.. but this idea is fantastic..

  41. Reza Rusandi says:

    Trying to figure out how can i send some bucks!!! And yes im sharing it!!!!

  42. Niamh says:

    Reblogged this on Hermit Studio Press and commented:
    We just offered our services. Cool Project idea :D

  43. Brilliant idea! I'll contribute some bucks too ! :D

  44. Ted says:

    I can donate hosting.

  45. This sounds like a great idea and I sure would use it for a review of my upcoming memoir and anything else I write that I want to publish. I'm as Indie as they get! I'll pop off now and figure out how to contribute to the cause.

  46. So happy to contribute! What an exciting idea!

  47. John Smith says:

    The Fabulous Factotum, Discern & Deliberate, whad'yerthink…….are three names that spring to mind…….such a great idea Cristian….hope it all comes together soon.

  48. Love this idea – can't send any money electronically now because I'm travelling but I suspect you will have exceeded your goal before I get home! Congratulations on a great idea and future success in this endeavour.

  49. simonhlilly says:

    Sounds great. You certainly have the enthusiasm and commitment to make a great impression … (" Impressionists and Expressionists" ? )

  50. hakesplace says:

    Love the idea–hope you allow older indie artists aboard though–not just the young ones.

  51. reikiheidi says:

    Love the idea! Sounds fantastic and I really hope you can make it happen. Really wish I could contribute… the only thing i can contribute to you right now is good karma!! Best of luck.

  52. N. Scott Greene says:


    I love this idea, and I will be heaving on my support. I've got a project of my own in the works – no money needed – but a promote from you would be cool. Check it out on http://www.freaklandarcade.wordpress.com for more. And good luck!

    N. Scott Greene

  53. onlysi91 says:

    Great idea you have here, looking forward to seeing it progress to something spectacular.

  54. Funkangeles says:

    (infinite) Sustainable Cuisine… yes i would love support…

  55. odiwywh says:

    I'll surely share your word.. looking forward to visiting a great website of you.

  56. Dorothy Lynn says:

    Reblogged this on Write Me Up and commented:
    This sounds like a great idea, so I'm doing my part and spreading the word, because I would love another way to get my art into the world. Check it out, bloggers and facebookers!

  57. janedoe14344 says:

    Lovely idea. I don't have the money but I did share it on my Twitter Account. More power to you guys! :)

  58. never2late2change says:

    What a great idea – I wish I had funds to contribute. I look forward to reading about the progress.

  59. I have wanted to do something similar for a long time now (it's part of why I started a blog), and I'm super excited to see others taking up the mantle!!!! Will you review indie games too: Before you answer, read the blog from Krillbite Studio (krillbite.com/blog). This is AWESOME!

  60. Hmm, how about something with 'unknown' and/or 'art'? Like 'Unknown Artists', or 'Unknown Side of Art', 'The Art You Didn't Know'.

    Lol, the last was kind of cheesy I guess.. Sorry I don't have money.. Um, facebook?? ^__^a

  61. I have just found another place and they do hosting so cheap and have lots to offer… if you want the addy give me a shout x

  62. Robert Davies says:

    I am a web developer by trade, I would offer my help but unfortunately I'm just about scraping a living as it is, so would not realistically have time to dedicate to the site build. However I might be able to help out with fixes / improvements in the future once it's up & running (I've built, themed & fixed wordpress sites). Re the name……. er well I'm crap at those but I'll let you know if inspiration hits me haha :)

  63. Robert Davies says:

    Reblogged this on The Mad Scribblings and commented:
    Sounds like a promising project… over half the funds already raised :)

  64. Jessica says:

    It's a great idea. I don't have money to contribute right now, but I'd be interested in helping/getting involved if you could use someone based in California.

  65. whereisset says:

    Hi Christian! Fantastic idea if I may say. $500 isn't much I think. As a poor artist my contribution was sharing by Twitter. Good luck!

  66. ljr3 says:

    Are you mainly looking for young artists? I have a few that might be interested in what you are doing. One artist in particular has been noted in articles before and might fit in very well with your new website. I look forward to seeing the website up and going! I'm sure it will be popular.

  67. Wow, this is an excellent idea! I hope you'll hit your goal. We'll spread the word through our personal Twitter accounts.

    Rendezvous NYC Team

  68. lalarukh36 says:

    This sounds excellent really……. keep it up ! I am with you !

  69. snehalsahay says:

    Really encouraging and a brillant idea! Since you are doing this for helping and encouraging artists, why dont you name it "escalate over pheonix"????

    Got to think of better names…. :D

    Enjoy and suceed!

  70. I was thinking about something like this a while back as a sort of response to the issues that can arise from self publishing and the like. For all of the problems of conventional publishing you do get a certain amount of quality control which readers expect before they're prepared to invest their time and money in a book. Have you considered adding a function to connect amateur writers/artists/editors/reviewers etc… to each other so they might be able to collaborate online to get the best from their projects?

  71. jukk888 says:

    Hi. Great idea. I would really love to contribute, but I don't like paypal. Is there another way to contribute? Do you have google checkout?

    I can also explain where Romania is. I was there in 2004. It borders Bulgaria on the South, Serbia and Hungary on the west, the Ukraine on the north and East, and Moldavia and the Black Sea on the East. It's very beautiful but I don't know if it has changed a lot since I was there.

  72. slq101 says:

    Im sure this name is taken somewhere already but how about Naked Exposure (down side people may think your running a porn site.)

  73. Awesome. Great idea. Among other things, I'm a graphic designer and do some HTML programming, so if I can help, let me know. I'd donate, but for now struggling to pay bills as art is slow to sell and waitressing is not at it's best right now.

  74. Great idea! Will contribute next pay check.

  75. I've only just started following your blog, but thus far I enjoy your insight and energy. An excellent idea to create a showcase for creativity…young artists only? I am so not young…probably old enough to be your grandmother. However, I'm doing digital art and I have several ebooks self-published. Perhaps you would accept–young in spirit? Youthful in ideas? In any case, I approve of the endeavor, and although my funds are limited, I'll put in $10 toward the goal. A name…how about The Wishing Well? The concept is wishing 'well' for artists and writers, but on another level, it represents a well into which they pour their dreams, and from which is drawn the products of their talent. Prospective viewers…readers…buyers? would drink from that well and alleviate their thirst for art, the written word, and the expression of creative talent. An easy image to generate, I think.

  76. poenasine says:

    Do you have anyone contributing towards the review department? There's millions of self pub'd books, music and movies that need a few minutes in some light for others to enjoy =) I would be willing to donate my time as well as money towards this endeavor. Very excited to see where it goes.

  77. Yes, we actually do. I read a lot of self-published books (I even promoted a few of them on this blog, by either reviewing or interviewing the authors.)

  78. Not just young artists. Aspiring artists from around the world.

  79. I can't set up a google checkout (now it's google wallet) because it says it's for the US and UK only. But you don't need to create a paypal account in order to contribute. http://support.indiegogo.com/entries/20494567-how

  80. We're planning on adding a community type plugin for WordPress. A sort of forum, actually. So there's no reason for me to think that people won't take advantage of this to find help.

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