What’s irevuo?

First of all I have to apologize for not updating this blog lately. I’ve been working like crazy on the new site. A lot of stuff to do, a lot of things to consider. A lot of plans, a lot of dreams. But this also means that we have something to show you.

What’s irevuo?

Well, irevuo is going to be a platform meant to encourage and promote aspiring artists from around the world. It’s going to be an online magazine and a place where artists showcase their works.

Right now, irevuo is a static page. And a logo. Do you like the logo? I think it’s pretty cool. We’re working on the wordpress platform as we speak.

Why irevuo?

It’s short. That’s why. It’s short and has a very romantic, almost artistic, appeal. It’s like Spanish, but it’s not. Also “revuo” means journal in Esperanto. And the” i” might come from a million different places: interconnected is a nice word.

What now?

Right now, I’d like you to check out our Facebook page and our Twitter. Let’s connect, let’s see how many likes irevuo gets.

What’s new?

You can support our dream to create a quarterly magazine here. You can buy digital and print copies, and you can also buy advertising in the January issue of our magazine.

What if you exceed your goal?

Our goal is to reach our goal, but let’s just say we do receive more money than we asked for. Well, we’re not going to waste them on wine and cigars and a couple of bathrobes. Instead, we’re going to do our best to develop this idea even further: printed magazine (a quarterly magazine), a special place to showcase visual artists (like a bunch of portofolio sites), and just spreading the word. Maybe a contest. Yeah, we’d love to finance a contest sometime in the future.

But right now, we’re just shy of reaching our goal. That’s the dream… to earn enough to build a fantastic website.

And a big, big thank you

to all of you who supported us. We are grateful that because of you, we can spend 15 hours a day glued to a chair, staring at a computer screen. Yes, we love to do that, and we also love to do something we’re passionate about. And this, irevuo, especially what we want it to be and what we feel could become, is something we’re really passionate about.

And now for a short commercial break:

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Another way to support us is by ordering something from our shopYou’d also be like walking, talking ads.

Talk soon,



98 thoughts on “What’s irevuo?

  1. Although I'm a writer, I have a big circle of artist friends who will definitely engage in a place such as this. I think its a great idea and a gap that needs to be filled.. I'll start getting the word out!



  2. Great Idea, Christian. You can count on money from by the end of the month. Tight budget but I wouldn't want it any other way considering what wealth has done for the USofA.


  3. Wow, this is really becoming a reality, this is so cool.

    The logo – I like the letters used for 'irevuo,' and it's a rather nice word in itself (the fact it's original really appeals to me.) If I'm honest, I have to say I'm not extremely keen the red-orange bars at the top, a wavy blue-green would be nicer, but that's just my personal opinion.

    I'm looking forward to seeing this site/magazine up and will see what I can do to spread the word.

    Best wishes :)


  4. Great idea. Not as into the logo, but I'd wear the shirt, if I ever signed up. Alas, don't do much art these days. Some friends might be interested to know about it.


  5. I just stumbled on this Cristian… and wish you the best, a fulness of your aspirations to be realized. I'll keep a watchful eye on all you do from here on out- Bonnes chance, good luck, buenos suerte and God willing… much success.


  6. Well shoot, consider me in on this! I don't know that I have much bank right now to spare, but any publication to facilitate indie writer awarenes (and… me) is a laudable cause.


  7. I think this is an excellent idea, and definitely something I would use for my fiction writing, which thus far hasn't made it farther than my circle of friends. Thanks for your hard work and ambition!


  8. Hummm… not quite sure if I agree. I think after a while, bloggers develop a relationship with their readers and expect more than sporadic presence. If you want this to be a leisure it's not a problem not to post, but if you're turning it into a career… then it might matter somewhat more.


  9. Cristian! Your idea is totally awesome, art needs a place to be showcased, and it's great that you're using your skills and talent to help others get it out there! It takes courage to go for your dreams, so for that I salute you!

    Keep up the passion. It's the first step to success.

    I trust that you'll rise above all the flames that life will throw at you. YEAH!

    Blessings : )


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