irevuo funded

Yes, it happened. We managed to successfully fund our Indiegogo campaign in just under ten days. To be honest, I didn’t think it was possible. I never thought we’d raise more than a couple of bucks. But now we’re here, with enough cash to pay for professional hosting ( from Media Temple, that is), to buy all the frameworks and plugins and add-ons we need in order to make irevuo not just a pretty website, but a vibrant community as well.

So, yeah, we have to thank you. Without your help, your contributions, your shares and tweets, your mentions, and other neat social media stuff, this wouldn’t have been possible.

Right now, I’m beyond ecstatic. That much so that I don’t really need sleep anymore. Or something like that.

With 21 days left, we believe we can do so much more with irevuo. That’s why we’re launching an extended goal of $1000. If we reach it, irevuo will also become a quarterly magazine (available in print and digital formats). We want to be able to pay semi-pro rates for all fiction featured in the magazine(that’s between 1 and 4.9 cents per word). Yeah, and we also need a bunch of other technical stuff, but that’s not so big of a problem.


Because the more outlets we can use in order to promote this idea, the better it is for irevuo to really have an impact. Maybe we can also launch a podcast… you never know.

The potential is there, the interest is also there… and the artists… well, they’re practically everywhere.

So, in order to help us reach our extended goal, we’ve launched some new perks:

Digital Magazine

You will receive the first issue of our quarterly magazine (digital download in the format of your choice.) The first issue will be launched in January, 2013.


Printed Magazine

You will receive the first issue of our quarterly magazine in printed format.

We also have two bundle perks, which include a plethora of cool stuff (magazine issues, t-shirts, etc.)

Let’s make irevuo even better. We know we can. We just a need a bit of help.


You can contribute here. No money? No worries… help us with a share or like… or tell a rich uncle about us.

Also, you can recommend artists (any kind, really) by sending an e-mail to contact at irevuo dot com. Please include a link to a website/blog , so we can take a look.


30 thoughts on “irevuo funded

  1. Congratulations, Cristian. I wish you great success. Your entries about writing are helping me keep up my own daily practice at


  2. Hey Christian!

    Congratulations! That is really awesome that you reached your goal on Indiegogo. We're also really happy to have you with us here at (mt) Media Temple. If you ever need anything from us, don't forget that we're here 24/7 by phone, chat and Twitter :)

    Drew J

    (mt) Media Temple



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