The Portrait of a Writer: Essays finally on Amazon

Remember that collection of essays I published a few weeks ago? Well, Amazon finally accepted it. After three weeks or so of constant e-mailing with the folks there. It took so long simply because they saw that most of the content is available for free here, so they wanted to make sure I wasn’t plagiarizing anyone. Or something like that.

You can find the book here ( Amazon US) and here ( Amazon UK). Also, if you hate Amazon or want to read this collection of essays on other e-readers (or on your computer in a another format, such as .epub or .pdf), you can go on Smashwords and purchase it from there.

So, yeah, that was more difficult than usual. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen again. Or else I’ll have to make my own e-store (something I’ve been thinking about quite often lately).


35 thoughts on “The Portrait of a Writer: Essays finally on Amazon

  1. I just read the sample at Smashwords. I do like it, I think i need a full copy. I will buy it because things you write about are for me – writer to be – very interesting.. Have a nice day!


  2. What, did they read every essay you wrote and check every source for plagerism….really Amazon? Can't they tell real content from plagerized?

    I'm glad you finally got it on…I'm thinking about amassing my short stories in such a way as well myself and publishing it as an ebook sometime soon when my collection of stories gets a little larger …probably by early next wish me luck….congrats btw

    Philip Wardlow


  3. Congrats! Also, get out of my head! Seriously, your review site, wanting to start your own e-store. I'm working on this whole "artistic empire" thing, and let's just say a lot of the ideas you bandy about (and realize in more timely manners) mirror my own (don't know if you share the goal, but mine is to save the world by helping out artists).

    Thanks for all of the hard work you do, the inspiration to keep going, and for the kick in the butt (you're a lot younger than me and have accomplished so much!).


  4. I don't know what amazon has done (possibly due to the fact I never use it), but they sure have ticked some people off from what I gather on the Interwebz. Congratulations!


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