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I spent the last three days reading magazines. A lot of them. Well, some of them I just analyzed in terms of layout, font type/size, etc. And some I read. I wanted to make sure that we can make a really great magazine. And, apparently, we can.

It’s not going to be easy. In case you didn’t know, I format all my books (both digital and paperback editions,) and I pretty sure I do a pretty good job. But this is different. We’re talking about a 8.5 by 11 inches, full color magazine. Lots of content, lots of pictures, info boxes, etc. So the layout is much more complex, but thank God for Adobe InDesign.

We want to release the first issue in January 2013. We’ve already announced this extended goal on irevuo’s main campaign page. And we raised a part of the money we need.

More money, huh?

Yeah, well we need money to buy some software we need in order to do the formatting and all that stuff… especially if we want to make a really cool iPad and iPhone magazine. Then, we need to pay for all the proofs we’re going to order. I think I’m going to make a demo… and try out different layouts and typesets and see how the images look like. I’m also interested in the quality of the paper, the binding, all that.

So far, the best option still seems to be Createspace. The production cost of the magazine is cheaper that way. But I’ll also try other options, like or HP MagCloud and see which one is better.

And lastly we want to be able to pay our contributors something for their trouble. Yeah, I know that the idea is to promote unknown artists… but those artists would love to be paid for their work.

That’s why we’re selling ad space in our magazine. At very, very affordable rates. Also, we can design the ad for you, at no additional cost. So keep that in mind.

Anyway, here are the options:

The Sidebar Ad (10 spots available) – $20

You’ll get an ad in the right (or left) side of the page. We can add basically anything to this, as long as it doesn’t really move. Text, images, logos, you name it. You can advertise your books, your art, your etsy store, etc. And we can come up with some really catchy ads as well.

The Half-Page Ad (2 spots available) – $25

This one runs on the lower (or upper) part of the page. We can incorporate basically the same stuff as the sidebar ad. It should be noted that we have 2 spots available, but we won’t put them both on the same page. So there’s no competition there.

The Full-Page Ad (8 spots available) – $50

The titles is pretty relevant here. You get a big, big ad on an entire page. It should be noted that in the case of all ads, there will be a buffer zone… quite a few pages without any ads.

We don’t want for our readers to skim through page after page of ads. Basically, we want to make sure everyone’s satisfied.

One more thing. Who can advertise here? Well, basically anyone. You can advertise your business, your books, your art, etc. but if I were to give you an advice on spending money, and given the demographics of the audience of this magazine, I’d say that art related ads will perform best.

You can buy the ads here. We don’t need to sell all the ad space in order to raise the money we need, but it would be nice though. Anyway, you can still contribute to our other campaign. We still have some pretty cool perks (and special bundles) available.


9 thoughts on “irevuo Magazine

  1. Be Bold and keep asking for financial support, and get a DONATE button on your page here, and a Wish List on Amazon or similar, for if you need support to create something special, people will already see by example you crack a very good egg…Be Bold and people will gather around to support & join in the Buzz.


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