irevuo Week

Because there’s one week before our main Indiegogo campaign ends, this is irevuo week. This week you’ll get to meet the cast, learn more about our goals and ideas and so on. It’s gonna be fun, I think.

I’m pretty sure that by now you know what’s the concept behind irevuo. We want to create a website (and by how well the funding is going, a quarterly magazine as well) that aims to promote unknown artists. Or aspiring artists.

How do we want to accomplish that? Well, we’re going to act more or less like scouts, searching the Internet, reading blogs, skimming through sites like deviantArt and etsy and others. And let’s say we find a self-published author – we can choose to review one of their books or interview them or even feature some of their fiction in our magazine. Basically the same principle applies to visual arts as well… the idea is to make a section on our website/magazine, a sort of showcase for all visual arts.

That’s pretty much how irevuo’s going to work. Of course, we’d be accepting submissions, but we’ve still to determine what exactly can be submitted (fiction and poetry, for sure, but we don’t know if we’re going to accept original articles as well.) We would also like (if the funding goes well) to pay our contributors. Not as much as The New Yorker, but you know, a couple of bucks and a magazine copy, for their troubles so to speak.

We also want to get the magazine(both printed and digital) read by a lot of people, so we’re going to try to distribute the magazine to all possible platforms and online retailers and stuff.

This quarterly magazine will be full color, 8.5 by 11 inches in size, and we’ll have anywhere between 80 to 100 pages. Most of the content will be, of course, exclusive to the magazine. but we might feature some articles and columns (or fragments) on our website as well.

That’s all for tonight. More or less. I want to answer questions. About irevuo, about life, or about my hair color, but mostly about irevuo. Any questions you can think of, anything you want to know and couldn’t read about it. I’ll be answering questions until people stop asking them. Or the world ends.


You can contribute to irevuo here and here. We’ve got some really cool perks (advertising on our website/in our magazine, t-shirts, magazine copies, gratitude, and a lot more.)

You can follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

UPDATE : There’s this really cool content by Indiegogo on Facebook. If you go here and vote for our favorite perk, we can win a 500$ contribution. The perk with most votes wins.


18 thoughts on “irevuo Week

  1. I can't think of any questions for you Cristian, but I'm looking forward to being with you on your journey :-) Am a FB follower of your page (from my 'writeaboutnow' fb page. ove what you're doing and I wish you every success x


  2. It sounds fantastic. I'm always stunned by how much amazing artwork and photographs and writing is out there in the blogging universe for all to enjoy. It will be fun to have a website or magazine where an eclectic mix of all that talent can be enjoyed.


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