irevuo: Meet the crew. An Interview with Ioana Brinzei

It’s irevuo week here at my… uhm.. blog, and I thought it would be cool to introduce you to the crew. You know, the guys who are going to write the articles, interviews, and stuff.

Of course, the best way to do this is to interview them. So say hi to Ioana. She’s Romanian, and she doesn’t like long walks on the beach. I’ll let her tell you more…

Tell us five random things about you.

I don’t have any special talent. Sometimes i cook heavenly, sometimes not. I like spicy food. I hope that maybe one day I’ll work as a flight attendant. I speak French, and I really want to visit Paris.

You take part in a lot of activities, projects, and stuff. Which one did you like most?

Well, I did a lot of volunteering, especially for film festivals (because another random thing about me is that I love watching movies). I think this one I enjoyed most because I got the chance to meet a lot of people with the same passions as me.

What made you choose irevuo?

Actually, irevuo chose me. My dear friend and high school mate came up with this idea and as he said, “it’s an offer you can’t refuse”. I’m really enthusiastic about this project, it certainly has potential.

irevuo aims to promote unknown artists (by featuring their art on our website/magazine, by interviewing them, etc.) There are a lot of indie artists out there, maybe more than ever before. Do you think that their art needs validation from critics, the media, or the general public?

I think that these artists need feedback, from anyone willing to offer it. I wouldn’t say validation, anyway art is subjective. You can’t tell about an artist he’s good or bad. They need to have some reactions from critics, media, but in a good way, something that will keep them motivated.

What do you think it’s more difficult to achieve? To find artists whom we can promote or to actually help them in a sensible manner ( by finding them an audience, etc.)?

I’d say finding an audience willing to help artists. It’s really hard to impress the audience, even though you really give your best. The point is, artists should never give up on trying to create something better. There will be artists who maybe will grow with us, because once we offer them an audience they will be more motivated to create.

The idea is that there are a lot of good artists out there who simply can’t find an audience. Luck plays an important part in this. But, in the end, how do you define good art? What makes art “good”?

Yes, unfortunately luck plays its part. You may consider yourself to be a talented artist, but if there’s nobody there to appreciate or criticize your work you’ll feel that everything’s in vain. Defining good art is difficult. Usually, something’s good when it has an impact on the audience. But, again, what one might find interesting ,others might find boring. Because we, as people, are very different.


You can help us raise the money that we need for the website/magazine by going here (or here) and choosing some of our perks. We’ve set up some really cool rewards for our contributors.

You can also follow us on Twitter and/or like us on Facebook.


12 thoughts on “irevuo: Meet the crew. An Interview with Ioana Brinzei

  1. Good to meet you, Ioana (beautiful name, by the way… I'll ask a Romanian person for advice when I need a name for my next kid ;)

    It's fun getting to know the crew before the website goes live. Can't wait till it's finished, though.

    Success and looking forward to seeing you at irevuo (does that word mean anything, btw?)


  2. Cristian, I've been so busy lately (NaNoWriMo and all) that I've neglected to keep up with anybody's blog (including mine!). Last time I read about Irevuo, it was an idea without a name. I was stunned to see how quickly you've transformed this fantasy into a reality. I can't afford to contribute monetarily right now, but I'd be honored to give Irevuo some mention on my blog in the near future. Possibly in the form of an interview (if that would work for you). Just because we've never met in person, doesn't mean I can't be very, VERY proud of you and this endeavor (BRAVO!!!)


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