irevuo Crowdfunding stats

Our main Indiegogo campaign will reach its final day in a few hours, and I’m here to thank you all. For your contributions, for your likes and shares, and for being awesome. With your, irevuo is not only possible, but it can also be great.

It’s not about the amount we raised, it’s about what we achieved. What you achieved, to be exact. You, the loyal followers of my blog, some of whom I’ve come to consider friends. You helped this project, you supported this idea from the very beginning. You made our extended goal possible, you made all this possible.

Currently, our main Indiegogo project stands at $1,049 dollars raised, with 32 hours remaining. That’s more than double our initial goal, and 49$ over our extended goal of $1,000.

We had 4763 unique visitors to our project, 48 funders, and an average contribution of $22.

Also, our project has been mentioned, tweeted, and shared countless times.

Our contributors chose the following perks:

  • 9 claimed the $5 perk
  • 2 claimed the $10 perk
  • 2 claimed a digital copy of our magazine ($10)
  • 26(out 30 available) claimed the Be a Donor perk at $25, which means they’ll get their name and website listed on a special Donors page on
  • 2 contributors bought printed copies of our magazine
  • and 2 claimed the Advertising perk for $100 – a banner ad on our website for a full month.

We didn’t manage to sell our bundle packs, or any of the T-shirts. We also didn’t manage to sell our Mega Donor perk, the one that has basically everything.

In any case, this is one hell of an achievement. You can check our Indiegogo campaign page here.

In order to celebrate the fact that we’ve achieved our crazy goal, we’re lowering the advertising fee for a full page ad in the January issue of our magazine from $50 to $40. Also, there’s a new perk available, Master Advertiser. It costs $100 and you get a full page ad in all four 2013 issues of our magazine. And there’s one other thing… there’s only one.

It should be noted that we can design your ad for you, free of charge.

You can buy ads (full page, sidebar, etc.) here. We sold out the half-page ad slots, and we’ve got 4 more sidebar ads available, and 9 full page ad slots available. Oh, and the only spread ad slot still unclaimed.

Greeting from Constanta, Romania, where the weather is not so terrible, and the time is 1:58 AM.


17 thoughts on “irevuo Crowdfunding stats

  1. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavor and in a totally selfish request … Through indiegogo I signed up for one of the ad options. When will I get the details on that?


  2. You are fantastic, Cristian. This is quite an achievement. I've been following along and hope to get involved soon. Forgive me for not jumping in sooner. Blessings to you and your crew.


  3. I've tried spreading the word of mouth and what not as hard as I can, but unfortunately I doubt I can make a donation soon: while I do have money, I will not have access to paypal or otherwise. But I'll try as hard as I can: this sounds amazing.


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