Weekend and stuff

542648_401030066637024_233437382_n (1)Good morning everyone. Yeah, that’s basically me pretending to read my own books.

So, it’s officially December. That means it’s also officially winter, in which case staying inside and reading books becomes one of life’s most pleasurable activities.

The first book I’m going to read this winter is The Gospel According to Jesus Christ by Jose Saramago.

Now for a question. What’s the first novel you plan on reading this month?


117 comments on “Weekend and stuff

  1. I think I should finish the three books I never finished. = ) The secret By Rhonda Brynner- Is first I think

  2. lovelyemz says:

    I am going to read Mystic City by Theo Lawerence. It's a new dystopian YA novel :) I'm so happy for December. It means only two weeks left if school before winter break! I can practically smell the freedom.

  3. ellyhuizinga says:

    Sebastian Faulks/ Engleby

  4. beverley says:

    I always read a Charles Dickens, this year David Copperfield

  5. evanlaar1922 says:

    The Book of God – Walter Wangerin

  6. I will be reading the Crystal Cave by Mary Stewart. I have read it before. I read it every time I need a lift. I disappear into the world of the 5th century, and come up smiling very time. Brilliant book, brilliant trilogy. If you haven't read it, you should.

  7. "Orange Petals in a Storm" by Dr. Niamh Clune. It is magical realism and metaphysical literature intertwined with imagination and the powers of which that can save a young girl from the most horrendous of people she has but no choice in which to live. It's her escape that tells the story of who she is. I, usually, have more than one book going at a time. I, also, intend to read Jack Kerouac's "On the Road." Should be an interesting combination. Also, interwoven between the spaces a fantastic book on Haiku poetry. Your book sounds like it has tremendous possibilities. Let's enjoy winter with the hopes of some snow but no blizzards or insane power outages. And please let us all be warm enough. The chill has already been in the air far too long already. j.k. ;-)

  8. mixedupmeme says:

    The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is what I want to read. Tired of the movie.

    I pretend to listen to my own songs too.

  9. Basho Barr says:

    I don't have much time for reading these days, but you just reminded me of a great book, 'The Gospel According To Jesus' by Stephen Mitchell

  10. The next book I read when I finish Bone Bed by Patricia Cornwell will be a YA novel called The Fourth Stall.

  11. George Vagabon says:

    The Glass Bead Game by Herman Hesse. I last read it 50 years ago…

  12. Richard Paul Evans' The Christmas Box Collection which consists of The Christmas Box, Timepiece and The Letter.

  13. passionwriting says:

    oh..u look very handsome indeed..!

  14. elenafrancescabarbie says:

    not a novel…a few books in mind though!

  15. Luanne says:

    I will be reading the Picture of Dorian Grey

  16. I'm with Beverley – it's got to be Charles Dickens at this time of year. A Christmas Carol for me. But I need to finish The Girl Who Fell From The Sky by Simon Mawer first.

  17. tarynnicole says:

    I'm reading Scoop by Evelyn Waugh. I have a HUGE hardback anthology of all his collected works and read one of his novels each year over Christmas as this book is way too heavy to carry on the train!. As I'm not working this year, there was no reason not to start early..

  18. svavs says:

    I'm reading some astronomy and a little bit of math, just because I believe I could use that knowledge in the coming future, since you asked :) Thanks for your blog, I enjoy reading That! :)

  19. LG says:

    2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson

  20. I just started on "Merde Actually" by Stephen Clark. A hilarious novel about his time in France.

  21. jlove90 says:

    Yea, I love winter! Im probably going to read Janet Evanovichs new book, “Notorious Nineteen”

  22. The Count of Monte Christo – Dumas

    I started it before but never finished.

  23. Alastair says:

    I should finish Bloodlines

  24. grumpytyke says:

    I'm with Beverley – it'll certainly be Charles Dickens over Christmas. I have them all on paper but haven't yet decided which one I'll take down. But the first in December? It'll be the first Sherlock Holmes story – 'A study in scarlet'. So far I've read the first chapter. Thanks to a prompt from a 'writer' blog I follow, I took the complete works from Amazon for my Kindle – all of 77p! As the post suggested, don't be mislead by what Hollywood did to Sherlock. But most of all, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle really could write – I hadn't really appreciated that many, many decades ago when I first read all his Holmes stories.

  25. Finally I get to see YOU- makes it easier to connect

  26. Purnimodo says:

    Totally off topic.. but you look adorable! Always fun to see the face behind the words :)

  27. Looks like you and I will be reading the same book (almost). The book I"ll be finishing up is: "Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal" by Christopher Moore (I think mine must be the sequel to yours. I don't want to spoil the ending for you by telling you that your main character's gonna die, but I should warn you to keep plenty of tissues handy just in case).

  28. I *should* be reading various self-published books I have stacked up on my e-reader that I need to review, but in reality I will probably be reading City of Bones.

  29. chrisbkm says:

    Still circling my reread of Don Delillo's "Underworld".

  30. asni_aja says:

    I am going to read biography of Nelson Mandela. He is a hero from South Africa. I am really admire him, so this book will add my knowledge about him. Of course to get many values of life.

  31. MacramePurse says:

    I do not have much time to read, but the The Book that I do pick up mostly is the Bible-it has something new in it each time I read

  32. Colline says:

    I always have a book at hand and am currently reading Anne Rice's The Wolf Gift.

    I would be interested in knowing what you think of the book you have picked up.

  33. Sarah says:

    I do English at university so I'm begrudgingly reading Piers Plowman in Middle English as we speak! (Well, not literally, I mean after I drag myself away from the PC.)

    But I'm also reviewing "A Beautiful Lie" by Ifran Master, a novel about the partition in India in the 1940-50s.

    And I'm going to have a crack at "NW" by Zadie Smith – see if it matches up to "White Teeth"!

    Have a nice Christmas and enjoy your book :)

  34. Nonfiction, actually, but I just started Tim Wise's updated "White Like Me." I intend to give Gatsby another whirl soon, though. I had trouble engaging with it a few months back when I first tried reading.

  35. The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky (I'm catching up!). Read half of The Gospel According to Jesus Christ and got distracted…thanks for reminding me, it's worth finishing :)

  36. allthingsgeography1 says:

    I need to get more into reading fiction. It's been way too long and winter is a good excuse :)

  37. Jose Saramago also wrote an EPIC book, it's called Blindness, it is pretty hard to follow but seriously an amazing read once you decide that hard-reading is actually not so bad, the whole thing just makes you think and ponder like you have never done before, I totally recommend it.

  38. MishaBurnett says:

    Actually, I'm going to try to catch up on all the indie books that I have downloaded and haven't got around to reading yet… including "Jazz", I might add.

  39. I saw this pic on your FB page. :)

    I'm gonna read "The Fault in OUr Star by John Green".

  40. Home by Toni Morrison : )

  41. markharwoodwriter says:

    Today I plan to finish a little Christmas book, On That Night, by Elizabeth Yates. It's relaxing, reads like poetry.

  42. orbphotog says:

    Currently reading The Secret Supper by Javier Sierra. The English translation is not a page turner but the codes hidden in Leonardo DaVinci's Last Supper is intriguing.

  43. It's a great book, made me re-think a lot of things.

  44. I'm currently reading my first Margaret Atwood, Alias Grace, and am utterly engrossed. I plan on reading her whole oeuvre.

  45. It's non-fiction, but Zeitoun by Dave Eggers

  46. Kim Ross says:

    I am going to read John Grisham's lastest novel, The Racketeer

  47. I am finishing Flowers for Algernon, which my son had assigned to him and I decided to read again. Then it is a historical novel about women in the California Gold Rush – For California's Gold, by JoAnn Levy.

  48. tadethompson says:

    To finish Lacuna by Kingsolver and start Orlando by Virginia Woolf. I've been ducking this book for ages and it's time.

  49. amoonfull says:

    Right now i started reading The Hidden Gospel of the Aramaic Jesus by Neil Douglas-Klotz.

    I truly, truly recommend it.

  50. Emily of New Moon by L. M. Montgomery. It's my ultimate book to curl up with in winter. By the space heater that's decorated like a fireplace.

  51. Anne says:

    "More In Anger" by J. Jill Robinson.

  52. Currently finishing the deranged fantasy that is China Mieville's Kraken. Haven't decided what to pull next from my ridiculous reading backlog…

  53. kbfotografix says:

    where i live december is the time of year where the average daily temperature finally gets under 90 degrees f., a great time to go hiking and photographing. the novel i am planning on reading is "Game of Thrones" which may not be deep or meaningful, but i am a sucker for fantasy novels

  54. reikiheidi says:

    Well, I'm half way through Far From The Madding Crowd, T Hardy. Guess I'd better finish it! Actually, 'tis very good.

  55. Rhey says:

    The passage… a friend and I are reading it together. its suppose to be a best seller or something. :)

  56. Do Androids dream Electric Sheep? phillip dick

  57. cecaroliena says:

    If I can find either one of these (or both) in my school's library, I'll probably look for Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury or Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. I read Fahrenheit 451 in middle school, but it's been such a long time since I've read it that I want to reread it and do the reading more justice than I did when I was in middle school. ^_^

  58. allysonyj says:

    I am going to finish State of Wonder by Ann Patchett (a sort of feminine Heart of Darkness) and then try again to read My Name is Red by Turkish Nobel Prize winner Orhan Pamuk (I got hopelessly tangled in the shifting perspectives and personas on my first attempt.)

  59. I just picked up a novel called 8 Girls Taking Pictures by Whitney Otto. A friend recommended it and it sounds right up my alley.

  60. cookie5683 says:

    Rereading Catcher In the Rye by J. D. Salinger
    Son fell in love with the profanity so I'm rereading along side his reading.
    It's kinda like having my own little book club. Discussions… I love them

  61. I'm going to read Guy Vanherhaeghe's novel – A Good Man. Vanderhaeghe is a brilliant Canadian author and I'm looking forward to finally reading this novel – I can't seem to read when I'm up to my neck in writing. Do other people have that experience?

  62. cookie5683 says:

    "Dyes the silence earth brown"
    Now THAT is yummy! I've not thought of silence in that way. So beautifully said. Thank you

  63. scroungelady says:

    Team of Rivals by D. K. Goodwin. It is better than fiction.

  64. Sounds like. An interesting book. I wish I had time to read a novel! I need to add that to my to do list.

  65. jmd5717 says:

    Actually just finished the last book in the dark tower series last night and was thinking about this same question. So if you or anyone has any suggestions that would be appreciated

  66. Holli says:

    Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler: The Age of Social Catastrophe by Robert Gellately. I'm a non-fiction nut. :)

  67. Liz says:

    Wow–heavy stuff. Me, not so much. Just finished Sprinkled to Death (cupcake mystery) and now onto Cursing Mommy's Book of Days. But whatever the genre, yay reading!

  68. Never heard of this one…let us know your review?? thanks

  69. I will be finishing Dead Girl Moon by Edgar-winning YA writer Charlie Price because he's an amazing writer, friend, and because he mentioned me in the acknowledgments. That always puts the book first on my list!

  70. I just started reading the Trilogy by JRR Tolkein.

  71. subhmohanty says:

    Half read The Hobbit..started Casual Vacancy..guess have to get on track for both..

  72. Storkhunter says:

    My dad just bought me the Complete Sherlock Holmes, so I'll probably be reading some of that, but I've had The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo on my kindle for yonks and I really want to read that, so it's a toss up.

  73. JacQueline says:

    The Highlander's Ladt Song by George MacDonald (and the Bible daily) :) fun question!

  74. juliegum says:

    Hello Christian,

    I'll be finishing Hope: A Tragedy by Shalom Auslander and read it again and again until I get bored with it, if I do.


  75. That's a good question. Just finished reading Coggerton by a local writer which I greatly enjoyed. Aside from the stack of work-related books, the next novel hasn't yet presented itself.

  76. crimsonprose says:

    Now I'm in editting stage I can again read fiction. Jim Butcher, Cold Days. And a big pile of non-fiction, mostly on Classical Greece and Rome, and Medieval Western Europe

  77. Hopefully "The Burning Man" by Mark Chadbourn.

  78. LorB says:

    I joined a book club and my first book to read is, "How to be a Woman"… Actually, I never heard of it so I'm looking forward to finding out what it's all about…

  79. charleschuckberry says:

    Just started reading "Mission Flats", by William Landry.

  80. simplysands says:

    Hopefully The Great Gatsby, the movie is coming out this month with Leonardo Di Caprio, and its always better to read the story and then watch the movie.

  81. "The Bridge" by Karen Kingsbury

  82. I'm reading The Happiness of Kati, by Jane Vejjajiva. It's a children's novel, set in Thailand, translated from Thai by Prudence Borthwick. I bought it a few weeks ago when I was in Bangkok for the Reaching the World writers' summit.

  83. Matthew says:

    "On Basilisk Station" by David Weber

  84. The Dragons of Eden by Carl Sagan is next on my list.

  85. Les Miserables! Yay for reading!

  86. jadesandwich says:

    Not sure about starting, but I need to FINISH Don Quixote. It makes me laugh out loud a lot but at the same time, it's hard to finish. I can only take so much sarcasm on the same subject for so long!

  87. I am halfway through We, The Drowned by Carsten Jensen an epic novel of humanity and the sea. I highly recommend it if you have lived and loved the ocean.

  88. nikihawkes says:

    "Warbreaker" by Brandon Sanderson! :)

  89. carinzil says:

    I have far too many books that I want to read at the moment

  90. Cristian,

    Love that you posted your picture! I'm curious why you chose this book. It sounds…controversial. Or maybe that is the reason why?

    • I heard it's a good book. That's why I chose it. Like Oscar Wilde said, art is either good or bad. There's no other way of categorizing it that really matters.

      • You’re braver than I am! I'll be interested to see what you think of it.

        I have a tendency to start books and not finish them, but am reading Omnivore’s Dilemma now. I also have a copy of The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan that I’ve been meaning to start for a long time.

  91. richhell says:

    I'm trying to decide between Marie Vieux-Chauvet's "Love, Anger, Madness" and Tom Wolfe's "A Man in Full."

  92. I don't normally read novels (sorry), but I'm working on The Golden Bough by Frazer, Works and Days and Theogony by Hesiod, and Totemism by Levi-Strauss. Trying to stay focused on my current project. :)

    I'll have to look into the Gospel According to Jesus Christ – I'm intrigued. Cheers!

  93. leamuse says:

    Since it is difficult to choose, I don't like to limit myself to one book at a time. Ergo, it will be I AM DAVID by Anne Holm and BOUNDARIES: The making of France and Spain in the Pyrenees by Peter Sahlins and A SENSE OF THE WORLD: How a blind man became history's greatest traveller by Jason Roberts. That will do for a start.

  94. ljr3 says:

    Oh yes, I haven't read that since high school. I loved the whole trilogy!

  95. ljr3 says:

    We often get donations at the museum I volunteer at, so I have picked up a few free reads, Reader's Digest Journeys into the Past "Life on the Home Front" and "Adolf Hitler" by John Toland. However, if you have not read Wolf Totem by Jiang Rong, I would suggest it as an interesting read.

  96. Something light for me for a change: Round Ireland with a Fridge by Tony Hawks :)

  97. I think I will add A Sad, Sad Symphony to this month's reading. It sounds interesting, especially to a former musician and lover of art that is inspired by music -> paint and color (Kandinsky-esque).

  98. matusguziar says:

    I finally started reading The Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling and I must say that as a massive HP fan, I was a bit worried whether I would compare it with HP books but I must gladly say that I am naturally not doing it and I enjoy reading a lot. Completely different but you can feel the quality of long writing author. :) Recommend to all. An interesting read.

  99. Morbid Insanity says:

    I have a long list, but first I want to finish 'Eu e Outras Poesias' (Me and Other Poems) by Augusto dos Anjos and then start reading 'Twelve Months' by Steven Manchester.

  100. G.Bénard says:

    I stopped reading Saramago the night he came have dinner at my house with his wife and few other friends of ours after a conference he gave in Barcelona. Blindness is as stressing as it mind be being blind in our society. Although he is quite skeptical and radical on his views he was needed to be that way, coherent with his writings and own life. Our dinner was like having a meeting of blind people crossing a highway, without sticks, only speed traffic in all the directions.

    I never read this one you're reading though.

  101. sharpword says:

    I plan to read Storm: If I get it finished :)

  102. Hari Qhuang says:

    That's you in the photo? I thought it was Josh Groban in a new haircut! LOL

    Anyway, I'm re-reading Buddha by Deepak Chopra

  103. eemoxam says:

    About halfway through The Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe, hope to finish that up!

  104. onlysi91 says:

    I still need some recommendations for good books to read. Have been given a few but just haven't found the time to sit and read them! For now I shall stick to my book on land law and also equity & trusts I suppose.

  105. Gotta finish the one I started months ago – Love in the Time of Cholera… (G. G. Marquez)

  106. willwander says:

    On the Road by Jack Kerouac – a friend gave it to me and I can't wait to get started!

  107. chrisup says:

    Invisible – Paul Auster // yeahp, I'm saving it for Xmas. (Can't wait.) … by then I'll be done with "The solitude of prime numbers" (Which is a pretty good one, if you ask me)

  108. Abraham says:

    I have just started Breathless by Dean Koontz

  109. sylvia says:

    Because December is a dreary month in China, I'm reading novels set in India….A Fine Balance, The God of Small Things, Midnight's Children. January means Thailand…and that calls for something long, for those long beach and poolside days, and perhapsRussian…the Brother's Karamazov, and Of Mice and Men are definitely on the list.

  110. melissataggart87 says:

    i'm reading Mocking Jay

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