For The Love of Christmas

christmasSo, basically Christmas is around the corner. We can feel it in our bones. It hasn’t snowed yet here, but it sure is cold. Like 2-3 degrees Celsius at night (35 degrees F). So it’s cold, and it’s windy, and we all know it’s December. So Christmas must be near.

I’m quite excited about Christmas for the following reasons:

  • It’s my birthday. Yeah, I was born on Christmas day, 22 years ago. So Christmas is a pretty big deal for me. Every year. You can send presents to the following address… neah, I’m just kidding.
  • Apparently, it’s the best time to sell books. You know, people buying stuff to give to people, and books rank pretty high on the list of things to buy when you don’t know what to buy. So, yeah, I’m pretty excited to see how my books will perform during this month.
  • Our irevuo magazine campaign ends.

And then there’s the fact that I’ve always loved Christmas. Mostly for the presents, maybe for the snow, certainly not for the freezing temperatures outside.

Now that I’m practically a grownup, I think the melancholy allure of Christmas has, pretty much, faded away. The snow isn’t so pretty, especially when it interferes with public transportation (or when it starts to melt), and I don’t receive that many presents anymore.

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to see how many people choose to buy my novels and offer them as presents. If you take a picture and e-mail it to me, I’d be very happy to stare and the picture for an hour or so and pretend like I’m someone famous. While smiling. Or drinking hot chocolate.

What I’d like to know from my self-published friends is, how well do books really sell in December? If you don’t want to give numbers, at least tell us how well did your books sell when compared to other months.


  1. I have a friend, author Justin Sheedy who wrote a book "Nor the years condemn' about young guys going to war and it sold very well this year because it was connected to Remembrance Day, [November 11 , about the First World War]. So I think, you can have good sales around special times of the year but especially when it is directly linked to the season. But wishing you in any case a merry xmas and good sales. I will think of your snow when it is boiling ot here in Sydney.


  2. I am not self-published yet, but it seems to be getting more popular in my little corner of Canada–and people are organizing events for those who are self-pub to sell their books. This gives me a further impetus to self-publish. Good luck with your sales.


  3. I can't believe you are only 22, Cristian. Great work, great life so far. It's a huge achievement to even finish a book. Sorry I can't comment on the book sales at Christmas as I don't have one but I hope you don't compare yourself.


  4. You're only 22?! Please take this as a compliment — you are so wise and accomplished with your writing I thought you were a lot older. Your parents must be extremely proud of you! :)


  5. Those of you who have birthdays on holidays are a unique class. And within it, you Christmas babies stand alone. But it does seem that when it comes to opening presents, you're cheated out of a day, even if you get twice as much in compensation.

    Now that you're moving into adulthood, you may also gain some deeply meaningful appreciation for the season. For me, the more laid-back practice of Advent is a welcome contrast to the shopping frenzy in the retail world. Christmas Day brings with it 12 days of parties, concerts, and other gatherings before we settle in for winter — which for me includes time for many of those books and periodicals I've piled up through the previous year. (Having a wood stove is a special delight, by the way.) And snow will have more appeal if I get around to having my cross-country skis fixed.

    So, for starters, Happy December!


  6. First of all, Happy birthday! What a great day to celebrate being born. To answer your question, I'm a self-published author and since my first book was released on December 5th of last year, this is the one year anniversary of Comanche Haven. The Christmas season was a good time of the year for a release and I surprisingly sold about 20 copies in December with very little promotion or fanfare. Since then, I've discovered how important the social media is to sales and branding of one's work. There were slow months – like August and sales picked up after the heat subsided. Now, sales have picked up a bit. I think it has something to do with sales of e readers at Christmas, but this is my own opinion. Love your site.


  7. Does it count if I snap a pic of my kindle?! I bought one of your books via that method!

    I self published a children's book- Oscar and Bear- which languishes in the million plus level on Amazon. I guess it needs work :)

    Happy early birthday!!


  8. Well they are not flying off the shelves so to speak. I don't do any better at Christmas then any other time of the year – sad to say. Maybe it is different for a best seller or well known artist though. In fact, I am sure of it.


  9. Not to be a downer, and all life-forms are equally precious in God's eyes, I suppose, but in an old movie I saw it was noted that apparently Werewolves are created by being born on Christ's birthday. God doesn't like this. Sorry. :( P.S. I don't know anything about book sales.


  10. Unfortunately, I don't have any books to sell yet, but I am one of those people who likes to buy book gifts for some of my friends and my family. I also like to get myself a lot of books then, too, but then again, I always like to get myself books. :)


  11. It sounds as though promotion may be key here … So if I get to self-publish, I suppose at seasons of the year I will include an excerpt from that season if I have a good one to share. In two of my completed novels, I am realizing I do have scenes of Yuletide pondering that doesn't give away eseential plot information, but may draw readers in. I'll have to think through other holidays and seasons, there may be more :) Has anyone had success with that?


  12. Here in Australia, we know Christmas is coming, because the temperatures have soared (in Queensland at least). We've had 30+° for two weeks now. It's also bushfire season and with the heat and windy days comes the threat of fires. There have been serious fires burning in an area about 70 km from here for a couple of days, and this morning the whole city is blanketed by a layer of smoke haze.

    Good luck with your book sales and Happy Birthday!


  13. I am running a bookshop in a Primary school and in Novemer I always sell the most as people get books as presents.My last bookshop day was a brilliant sale day !


  14. Happy birthday early! Mine is on the 21st, so if the world doesn't end (LOL… kidding about those Mayans) we will both be happy. Do you get the "combo" presents? I always seem to get the, "It's your birthday and Christmas" present… :D


  15. Last year my ebook sales really took off in December. They exploded in January. February was pretty good too. Though it's early in the month still, I'm on track to double my 2012 December sales compared to December 2011. And that doesn't include my second novel (which didn't exist last year). All that leaves me tremendously hopeful for January, 2013.

    In the US at least, there's a shopping holiday called Black Friday that falls right after Thanksgiving. Device makers sell lots of units on this day. And it was rumored last year that Amazon sold one million Kindles per week after Thanksgiving in 2011. I think this explains the rise in December ebook sales.

    But Christmas day is the real kicker, with folks opening up all those Kindles, Nooks, Kobos, and iPads. They also get a lot of gift cards, so it's a perfect time to use them to purchase books. They spend January and February doing this.

    I'm seeing the opposite with paper. I sold almost seven times more paperbacks in November than any other month. December paper sales so far are low. Maybe readers who liked my books are buying a paper copy for friends and relatives who don't have an ereader or tablet? Buying early to ensure it gets under the tree? Or maybe just a fluke? Hard to say for sure, but I'll take it.

    I'd be happy posting numbers if anyone cares, but I've been avoiding that recently. Writers selling less than I do might think I'm a braggart while writers selling more than I do might simply laugh at how delusional I am. One thing I can say is that watching your sales more than double on any month, no matter how much you sell, is a good thing.

    This, and seeing the look on my kids' faces when they see their presents under the tree, is why I love Christmas. :)


  16. Happy Birthday! And congratulations on sounding like a wise, experienced adult in your writing style! Never would have guessed you were only 22. ;-) (Btw, I always greatly enjoy your blog and wanted to share that joy. If you have a moment, please check out my blog – I've nominated you for a purely optional reward. Please don't feel as though you have to participate, but it is an amazing way to connect with other bloggers.) Thanks! I hope your book does well.


  17. Hi Christian, I've only just self published my children's Christmas picture e-book to Amazon, so I have no real stats for you yet. Hopefully, our sales will go through the roof in the coming weeks! All the best.


  18. How I'd love to know how you get so excited about Christmas and for some other reasons you've mentioned, which I think all of us have. By the next couple of days, I will be posting something about Christmas too, and how we spend our Christmas in here (Philippines). I'll just have to work more on photos so I could incorporate the words so it doesn't have to be wordy. :) Good day!


  19. Hi Cristian. I wrote, illustrated, and self-published a Christmas storybook a few years ago, and the fourth quarter always has the most sales. But of course, it's kind of a seasonal book. The number varies pretty widely from year to year though. Mostly it seems to depend upon how well I make a personal connection with my potential buying customers, rather than simply getting the book onto a shelf in a store. For example, I usually sell my books after a speaking/painting performance, much the same way a musician sells CDs after a concert. I recently posted about my book: "One of My Most Satisfying Projects Ever."


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