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coverHere in Romania it’s already the 10th, which means that we’ve got 5 more days until will be up and running. Which also means that I’ll be sending out emails to contributors about the perks that are related to the website: the Donors page, banner ads, etc.

Also, the idea is to have a few artists to feature in the following days. So you can recommend an artist (but not yourself) – any kind of artist – by emailing us at contact at irevuo dot com. Pretty simple, huh? You need to include a link to a website/blog where we can see some works of art.

We’d like to interview artists, to showcase some of their works (in the case of visual artists mostly), and stuff like that. Something nice. Also, we don’t want to flood readers with interview after interview, so we’ll also fit in some news about the indie art movement – self-publishing and the likes.

And about contributors… if you feel you’ve written an article/piece that would work on irevuo, feel free to submit it, but we’d like to have only original content on the website. So there’s that…

On another note… if there’s anyone who’s absolutely obsessed about independent movies around here and would like to review those movies for irevuo, you can send us an email at the above mentioned address. Tell us who you are, what you like to watch, what you like to write about, and also include one of your reviews (or link us to one).

That’s all I suppose. Oh, yeah. And the usual, support our dream to launch an irevuo magazine in January 2013. You can contribute here. Or you can spread the word. Or both. irevuo is a collective effort. The more people help us (in any way they can), the more we can build.



11 thoughts on “Get Featured

  1. This just reminds me: Novelist Nick Delbanco wrote in an essay in the collection "Anywhere Out of the World" that artists can connect over many miles and form a community/family. He was writing years ago before your irevuo project started, but this demonstrates to me exactly what he was talking about. I look forward to the launch of this site.


  2. with art, we can dream. with poetry, we can hope. with stories, we can laugh. with music we can love. with the joining of these, we can build a build a blindingly beautiful world. may all the pieces fall together…


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