Work, work, work

pozaYeah, it’s me in the photo. And I’m wearing an irevuo t-shirt.

So, basically I’m working like crazy on the site, trying to get it all ready before Saturday night. And I’ve still to send out e-mails to people, and last night I almost got some proper sleep. Oh, and this computer’s making funny noises… and I just changed practically everything in it a few months ago. How much I love technology, especially when it sounds like a desperate cricket. Or something.

I hope to finish all the work earlier this week, so I can write some proper posts. And, I might post some blurbs, quotes from my books, sort of a holiday shameless promo thing. Don’t know… might even publish something new.

Because, yes, I have been writing. I started a new story, and I’ve got ideas for a couple more, and that’s pretty cool. Hope to finish something before Christmas. That would be cool.

And, yeah, I know I might be getting on people’s nerves by now, but we still have this campaign. Talk soon.


  1. Tell me about it. I go through the same thing you do, only I have no Internet at home and my phones drain a lot of energy from the wall. I don't even have a cell phone. Basically, I'm living in the 90s since I have no job and can't find one. Hang in there.


  2. Not to sound like your mother, I'm too young anyway, but have you been able to get any nutrients in you? You're cute, but I think you should put your health before work *says the girl whom when at work lives off protein drinks and candy bars*.


  3. Sounds like my month. Work, work work and when your up to your eyeballs and think you can't take any more – darn computer acts up. Hang in there. Looking forward to seeing the results of all your hard work.


  4. Well you are awfully good looking, hardworking and a great writer and only 22 lol good for you well done on everything like everyone I enjoy reading your blog


  5. Funny computer noises are never good news. I'm probably stating the obvious, but don't forget to save frequently if you're really worried.


  6. Cristian – There's a time to work, a time to play, a time to rest, a time to. . . . I forget the rest. Just do what makes you keep getting up each day and being happy. Your friendly blogging philosopher, Barbara..


  7. Life is fun isn't it: Computer's are fun; We're all working like crazy to get stuff done. That's fun too. Remember to take a moment. That's even more fun!


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