irevuo is online… beta mode for now

On a completely unrelated subject. I think I figured out what the funny noises my computer is making mean: something’s wrong with the hard drive. Or at least, that’s my theory.

What’s that got to do with anything? Beats me.

On more important topics. A couple of days ago I managed to irrevocably fuck irevuo’s theme (and most of the installed plugins.) Oh, sorry for saying fuck. Anyway, I bought a new theme, new plugins, changed a lot of stuff around, didn’t sleep.

So irevuo’s now in beta phase. The thing is that we’ve got a lot of features… like social media login and comment, Buddypress… which is kind of like a social network plugin for WordPress. We’ve got a forum.

Trying to make the whole thing as interactive as possible. Still a lot of stuff to do, but I just want to know that what we’ve done so far works.

So, if you have the time, check out irevuoIf possible, take a look around. Do stuff. Set up an account, comment, create a topic in the forum, complete your profile, add photos. And if you encounter a problem, tell us about it here. It’s our irevuo forum category – hopefully the problem you encounter isn’t posting in forum. (And I’m pretty sure you need an account to do that.)

I need some sleep.


18 thoughts on “irevuo is online… beta mode for now

    • Well, I regularly upload all my stuff (the literary stuff that is) on Google Drive. I lost some of my stories when I was a kid and used to write on notebooks, and once again recently, when I formatted my hard drive without copying my files, because I thought I had saved them on my laptop.


  1. Glad you are backing up. I'd do a hard back up too (like to an external hard drive or individual media for each story) just in case you loose internet connectivity. Sounds like that hard drive is going to crash soon. yikes.


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