The World According To Cristian Mihai

world2012 was a crazy, crazy year for me. Crazy in a good way, and because it’s almost over (or, really, really over if the Mayans were right), I’m going to write a sort of retrospective about what happened this year.

First, let’s see what Cristian Mihai, the writer, did.

I self-published 2 short stories, 2 novels, and a collection of essays on art and writing. Of course, the most successful was Jazzboth commercially and critically, so to speak. It currently holds a 4.9 rating on Amazon, based on 8 reviews. It also has a 4.2 rating on Smashwords, based on 5 reviews, and a 4.00 rating on Goodreadswhere it received 10 reviews and 12 ratings.

As a self-publisher, my goal was to have a rating of 3 stars or more on all my stories, which I succeeded in doing. For a young, very aspiring, very Romanian writer like myself, that’s more than enough. And it should be for most self-publishers. You can’t please everyone, and in the end… the best of books always divide people… you either love them or hate them. Or at least, that’s what I think.

Then, as a blogger, this was a fantastic year.

Here are a couple of interesting statistics:

  • I got Freshly Pressed.
  • This blog was read by people in 187 different countries. The USA is number one in terms of visitors. The United Kingdom came in second, Canada third. The last spot, with one visitor, was claimed by Dominica, followed by Somalia, Turks and Caicos Islands, and Mali.
  • This year I wrote 193 blog posts, the most popular post being The Portrait of a Writer (1) – 12,768 views, 2,274 likes, 385 comments, and 164 shares. In fact, this post is the most liked, commented, and shared post on this blog.
  • Total comments: 10,673 comments.
  • A total number of shares of 3770. Twitter ranked first among social networks, with 874 shares, followed closely by Facebook, with 829. Tumblr and Pininterest came in third and fourth, with 298 shares each.

The numbers say that I must have had a pretty awesome year. That people liked what they found here, that they enjoyed reading these posts. That’s what the numbers say, but the thing is that I stopped being good with numbers in the sixth grade, which is one of the many reasons I decided to become a writer.

So what do the numbers tell me? That I had loads of fun. I made a lot of friends and got to connect with people from around the world, got to better understand how the artistic process works, how other artists function, and if I were to choose what’s the best thing I learned this year I’d say it was the realization that I’m not as alone as I thought.

There are many others just like me, fantastic artists who want the same things as me, writers who write in the middle of the night, just like me. Writers who just write, because they have to, because they feel the world needs to hear what they have to say. No matter the price they have to pay for this.

And that’s something most people will never get to see when they read the numbers. That’s why you can call it a cold statistic…


This blog post was written by Cristian Mihai, a self-published writer, blogger, and founder of newly launched irevuo.coman online magazine dedicated to promoting indie artists. Odds are that he lives somewhere far away from you. And he’s extremely grateful that you read this post.


36 thoughts on “The World According To Cristian Mihai

  1. 2012 sure does sound like a fantastic year. I dream of my map being almost filled like that! Well done! I keep note of every time a new country checks my blog out. I am up to 37 countries in one month since using tags. That is such a joy even if some days I get less than 10 views. Who cares? Not my ego any more thank goodness. I had no idea you write at night. Mine are from 6am to 7.30. I wonder what is the most common time period? Hugs and you rock Cristian!


  2. I like that the first thing you listed after "What do the numbers tell me?"…was that you had a load of fun. You can tell by your work and the passion you display that you enjoy it. Congratulations on a great 2012!


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