My birthday and stuff(and a present for you)

So, yeah, it’s Christmas here in Romania. So merry Christmas and stuff. I’m not good at these sort of things, so I’ll just say this: we always want something… we always wish for something. And it’s good, and I hope you all get what you want. But it’s also equally important to realize that dreams don’t come true unless you try to make them come true.

Anyway… I’m 22 now. I don’t feel older, wiser, or taller. Maybe because I’m not. I’m still me.

Over the years I’ve spent my birthdays in all sorts of places (including a hospital once or twice, if I recall correctly.) I usually got sick just before Christmas. It hasn’t happened in quite a few years. Now, I’m home, listening to some Christmas songs, and writing this post.

To be honest, I want to say a lot. I want to write a great post, but I’m not sure if I have something worth saying, other than “thank you.” This year has been a great one for me. In a way, this is the year I really decided to become a writer. A real one. To write and write and write, because that’s the one thing that I always loved doing, the one thing I feel I was meant to do.

So, yeah, thank you. For keeping me motivated, for all the encouragements and praise and all that. It’s nice. Some say it doesn’t matter, but they’re all lying. It’s nice, it shouldn’t be anything else. So, once again, thank you.


And this is my present to all of you who supported irevuo during these two months or so. You can put them on your website/blog, in your sidebar. You can show people you’ve helped us get the whole thing up and ready.

If you want to put a badge in your sidebar as a widget (the same way I did with my proud to work  for irevuo widget) all you need to do is select the text widget, drag it to the position you want, then write something like:

<a href=”; target=”_blank”> <img src=”the location of your image”></a>

You can get the location of the image in your media library. Just click on edit, then you have  something called File URL. Copy that one and you’re done.

Our campaign is drawing to a close. With 34 hours left, we’re close to getting all the funds we need in order to buy Adobe Digital Publishing and all the other stuff we need. I know I must be sounding like I broken record by now, but if you can (and want to) please contribute here. Or here.

Once again, merry Christmas and talk soon,


52 thoughts on “My birthday and stuff(and a present for you)

  1. Happy birthday Cristian; La Multi Ani. What is it about you Romanians? It's my wife's on New Years Eve. Not quite Christmas Day here – two hours to go. Weird that, isn't it. And wishing you a Happy Christmas too – Craciun Fericit!


  2. A very Happy Birthday and Christmas to you, Cristain. It has been my pleasure learning about your writings and recent project, irevuo. May success follow you in whatever you do. And you are correct about being older and knowing that you are still you. You are such a wise man.


  3. Dear Christian: I was wondering something the other night when you commented on the time it was in Romania. Are you living there? My junior high choir and I went to Romania on a Reader's Digest Friendship Tour in 1974. I sang a solo for Ceausescu called, "You Can't Get a Man With A Gun." I had a little wooden rifle I used for a prop, but they wouldn't let me use it when I sang for him.

    I have such fond memories of the country and the people, who were all so friendly, generous and kind to us. I would love to return some day.

    What does Christmas in Romania look like this year?

    Have a wonderful birthday!

    Good luck with irevuo.

    Great blog.


  4. Happy birthday, Cristian!! And Merry Christmas! (Sorry I don't know how to say either in Romanian; I had a ballroom-dance instructor from Moldova who spoke Romanian (and Russian), so the only thing I remember is how to ask, "Would you like to dance with me?" I hope you have a fabulous birthday/Christmas dance!)


  5. i tried to add the link but I guess I still have no idea what I am doing so it did not work but you do inspire me to continue on wanting to become a writer and I finally told my my family what I want to do over Christmas and I was met with surprising support! Good luck on your adventure!


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