goodSo, I’m on Goodreads. So, yeah. You can add me as a friend and all that stuff. If you don’t know what Goodreads is, check it out, ’cause it’s kind of cool.


17 comments on “Goodreads

  1. fiammisday says:

    Nice…it is only for writers or you can add every sort of book you like???

  2. Piscis says:

    It is, isn't it? I was just looking seriously at it the other day.

  3. Thanks for the link and congratulations.

  4. Jevon says:

    I've been hearing a lot about goodreads. I'm going to put my book there for review when I'm finish later this year.

  5. Julie says:

    Glad you made it!

  6. Catherine says:

    Yes, I registered my book on Goodreads, and it's been receiving reviews. It's also a great place to find other good books to read.

  7. Yoshiko says:

    Wow. Thank you for sharing this link.

  8. nikkibausch says:

    Coolio. I'm there too. I'll add you.

  9. Adding you, now. It's a great site for new books to read. It's better than walking around aimlessly at a bookstore or library and then leaving with something I've already read. O.o

  10. Congrats! Goodreads is great!

  11. I have been on" goodreads" for a few years now and tell people about it all the time! I call it my "Virtual bookshelf" ! It's also a great way to save all the books you want to read and always forget about! This way, you have them stored and can pull them up when you're ready to buy your next one! They aso have great contests on there for advanced copies of books etc…

  12. Atul Sabnis says:

    Yaay! Sent friend request! Goodreads is the best!

  13. jlee5879 says:

    Funny I just signed up for this site on the 4th and saw this post today, the 8th! I'll look for ya! :-)

  14. JoAnn Grasso says:

    Hi Cristian, I love Goodreads! Sending you a friend request.

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