Five blogs any self-publisher should follow

printing_pressWhen I decided to self-publish my first novel in January 2011, I knew nothing about the book industry, about marketing, about promoting my work. I didn’t have a blog or a Twitter account or even a Facebook fan page. Also, even if we’re talking about 2 years ago, the whole self-publishing gig was still young, yet yo achieve the popularity it now holds among readers.

In the next months I tried to learn as much as possible about self-publishing, especially by following the blogs of those who were doing better than I was, or those who simply appeared to know what they were doing, because I didn’t have a clue what I was doing.

Probably the one blog any person who wants to self-publish is J.A. Konrath’s. Some say he’s the guru of indie writers; I’d say he’s probably the writer who best understands the business side of self-publishing. He knows how to promote and market his books, how to get readers interested, and he’s also one of ardent believer in the fact that going indie is the best way to go in this new era… [read more on]

34 thoughts on “Five blogs any self-publisher should follow

  1. I have so much to learn and not enough hours in the day! Thank you for the info. I look forward to cking out these blogs and learning how I can enhance my own blog and make it fresh and exciting for my readers…Alesia


  2. Your experience and advice on self publishing is a huge encouragement.

    We recently listed our home for sale by owner for the same reasons I want to self publish. The response from consumers seems to agree. People are realizing they don't need "experts" to tell them what something is worth and take more than their share of the profits. I can't wait to read the indie blog you recommended and your published work.


  3. Thanks, I added all those blog address to my favorites bar, and I will be reading those blogs. That's part of my bloging resolutions–to read more blogs on self publishing. That's very generous of you to share them.


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