Irevuo Magazine – January 2013 issue (Digital Edition is free)

cover1Okay, so I’m now announcing the official launch of the first issue of irevuo magazine. And the digital edition is free. You can download it here.

This month’s topic is self-publishing. We’ve got a bunch of interesting articles about self-publishing and stuff. Each month we’ll have different main theme… February’s going to be about photography – at least that’s the plan.

Anyway, irevuo is about promoting indie artists, so we have a book review, an interview, a showcase (2 great painters contribute some stunning works,) and a short story.

All in all 50 pages or articles, reviews, news, and art. It was not as easy as I first thought, and definitely not as difficult as I felt when I had trouble with various things (mainly my computer or something design-related.)

Now, let me tell you why the digital edition is free, and it’s going to be free, and all subsequent issues are going to be free as well.

First of all, we want to promote indie artists. That’s the dream, that’s what people contributed for, and by giving the digital for free, it’s much easier to do that. My goal is to have 10,000 downloads by the end of the month. That means a great deal of exposure for the artists we feature and for our advertisers (who, after all, supported this magazine.)

About ads… I had some trouble with my e-mail (or at least that’s what I think happened) because a lot of people didn’t reply to my e-mails about ad creation. Don’t worry if you didn’t get a chance to send me your ad; it will appear in the February issue of irevuo.

Okay. That being said, I’d very much appreciate it if you’d download the magazine, and then shared it. On Facebook, Twitter, by e-mail. That would be cool.

Tomorrow I’ll send e-mails to all those who have bought the print edition, to ask for shipping addresses. Also, if you do want to buy a print version, you can order it from‘s official store.

We’d like to continue making this magazine. At least, I do. All in all, it was a nice experience. I had lots of fun, sometimes it all felt like an adventure. I had to learn a lot of new things about design and all that. So, yeah…

I wanted to make iOS and Android apps for irevuo. You know, cool apps you could use to read the magazine. A special, interactive magazine. I wrote an article about independent films – that one would have shown the movie trailers. That would have been cool.

For that, though, we need Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, which costs about $400. And an Apple iOS Developer Account. And some other software. All the revenue (the sale of print issues, ad revenue) goes towards this goal. Most probably, we’ll also need some new equipment, but I’ll try to work with what I have.

Oh, yeah. There are some more tedious alternatives… cheaper indeed. I wouldn’t mind the workload, but for those I need a Mac, which is even more expensive than ADP.

If you’d like us to publish a new issue in February, and possibly on iOS and Android as well, you can contribute here. Also, you can donate directly through our website here. 


52 thoughts on “Irevuo Magazine – January 2013 issue (Digital Edition is free)

  1. Great job and a lot of work! I just released a self-published book (e-book format for now, but I'll also have a paperback version soon). Is it appropriate to buy ad space in your magazine to market it? If so, how do I do that? Thanks! :)


  2. Very nice, Cristian. And I like that the first issue's theme is self-publishing; very relevant.

    Speaking of which, did you know that you're a big part of the reason I decided to self-publish, Cristian? All your articles on it convinced me.


    • Now, having read it, I must say – awesome job to you and your team on getting out this first issue! If you're interested in a little feedback, I have a handful of suggestions to really put the polish on future issues:

      Getting a copyeditor to do a final-pass could be a worthwhile endeavor (particularly with this issue's emphasis on the importance of editing when self-publishing); I noticed some grammar/wording issues, missing text, and temporal references in articles lifted from 'blog posts.

      The paragraph indent is a little heavy for magazine print in your average column width (but missing altogether from some of the introductory matter); I would consider halving it (and applying it or line breaks to any multi-paragraph section without it) to make the text flow more smoothly.

      Pull quotes are well and good for interviews and informationals, but they're distracting and unpleasant in fiction – I would strongly suggest leaving them out of stories, or putting them at the beginning as an attention-catcher, before the body of the piece.

      The last page is a little abrupt. I would consider putting a credits/contact page at the very end to give it that rounded-out magazine-finished feel.

      Other than that, the formatting was clean and followable, the information was good, and the length feels about perfect. It's great to see the pay-off of all your hard work, and I hope you continue to enjoy it and that it only gets better from here!


  3. Inspiring Christian. Really inspiring. Thanks for making this free and accessible to all. When I read your post I thought "I can't wait for February's" – I love taking pictures – but I downloaded this first issue and I'm blown away! Great work.


  4. I'm really looking forward to having a look; I'll probably have time this evening. I may not be what you'd call a 'writer' but I have been in magazine production – writer, editor, publisher – for most of my working life so it's of great interest. My alter ego, grumpytykepix, is really interested in the forthcoming edition on photography.


  5. Great job Cristian. I can't say I've read it all as unlike most of your followers/readers I'm not really interested in self-publishing, but I've dipped in here and there. Looks good. Maybe a bit too much text on some of the pages – looks as though it will be as big a job to read it as to have written it. I'd put the type size up a notch and put in a bit more white space. Looking forward to the next issue, on photography you said – more up my street – so this comment is coming from the darkroom of my alter ego. Again, well done. Your Yorkshire Romanian in exile, grumpytyke (who tries, now and then, to write something)


  6. I'm half-way through this edition Christian and it is outstanding in content and perspective on the many different aspects of self-publishing. This is critical reading for anyone planning to self-publish. Looking forward to the second half of this issue! Great job all around!


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