I’m a magnet for trouble

Maybe some of you noticed that lately I haven’t been as productive as I used to be. That’s mostly because I had trouble with my computer, which meant that I had to take long breaks and do other stuff, such as reading a book or watching TV. Which wasn’t cool. because I like to write and blog and aimlessly wander the Internet.

For a few days, the computer worked fine. And I was happy. I wrote and wrote and wrote. The the damn thing broke. For good.

Right now I’m using borrowed equipment with limited capabilities (limited to the most basic stuff; don’t even think about using high-end graphic design programs and stuff.)

In August last year, I upgraded my computer. Sadly, since I couldn’t afford to buy some real hardware, the hardware died.

And right now I’m pissed because I kind of asked for a lot of money for irevuo. One campaign after another, always asking for more stuff, and more, and more, just like a spoiled kid. And now, when I could really use some help… I’m stuck in this really awkward situation.

Mostly because it feels wrong to ask for more money. And because I’m not starving or anything. Not yet, anyway. So, this is not charity. I’m willing to work for the money I need.

I could write a bunch of romantic crap about how I want to keep blogging and if you love this blog or stuff like that, you should contribute. Something like emotional blackmailing, since there isn’t a noble goal here or ideal or something. But I’m not going to.

Instead, this is the list of books I plan to publish in 2013:

  • La Tiers Du Cylindre (novel, aprox. release date 25th of March 2013) – this is the first novel I self-published in January 2011. Of course, I was way too young to actually know how a book is supposed to look like, or how I was supposed to market and promote it. And I didn’t blog. Or have a Twitter account or Facebook page. So I unpublished it and gave up on writing for a few months. But now I’m ready to release a new, better version. You can read the prologue here.
  • Dream City (novel, aprox. release date 15th of July 2013) – This is book I’ve been working on for about a year or so. I’m more than half-way through. It’s about a painter, Paul, who’s dying of cancer. He wants to leave something behind, something people will remember him by.
  • Strangers (short story compilation, aprox. release date 20th of September 2013) – Love and other stuff. Lots of love. Unrequited love.

Each week I’ll post a new chapter of La Tiers Du Cylindre (I’ve got quite a bunch of them already written, so there shouldn’t be a problem with that.) I’ll also post snippets of Dream City and a few short stories from Strangers that are already written. This will happen until March 25th, when I plan to release La Tiers Du Cylindre.

During this period you can download my debut novel, Jazz, for free on Smashwords by using coupon code DQ22T.

During this time you can go herewhere you’ll find the following perks:

  • Twitter and FB Shout-out – $5 – An expression of gratitude for your contribution on my FB and Twitter profiles – one when you contribute, and another one after the campaign ends.
  • E-book – $10 – The above, AND an e-copy of any one of the 2013 releases.
  • E-book Bundle – $15 – FB+Twitter shout-out, AND a zip file containing all three 2013 releases: La Tiers Du Cylindre, Dream City, and Strangers.
  • Blog Shout-out – $20 – All of the above, and a blog shout-out. These will be made every five donors, and will include links to blog/website, and other social media links.
  • Your Name in Print – $25 – FB+Twitter+blog shotout, AND your name in the Acknowledgements page of my first 2013 release, “La Tiers du cylindre.”
  • Print Book – $30 – All the perks from the $25 perk, AND a signed copy of any of the three 2013 releases. * International Shipping included.
  • Super E-book Bundle – $50 – FB+Twitter+blog shout-out, and a zip file containing all my 2012 and 2013 releases in e-book format
  • Paperback Bundle – $75 – Signed copies of all my 2013 releases. *International Shipping included.
  • Name a Character – $100 – Name and describe a minor character in any of my 2013 projects, AND a signed paperback of the book in which your character appears.
  • Die-Hard fan – $150 – You will receive all three 2013 releases in paperback format, AND high quality prints of the cover art. All signed and dated by the author.
  • Dedication – $200 – “Dream City” or “Strangers” will be dedicated to you (or the person of your choosing) AND a signed paperback.
  • Super Donor – $400 -FB+Twitter+ blog shout-out, signed paperbacks of all three 2013 releases in paperback format, high quality prints of the cover art, a handwritten thank you note, and any of the following(via Skype or any type of advance technology you can think of):

    1. interview
    2. author appearance and book reading.
    3. just me talking about art stuff for a bunch of people.

What I find funny is that out all the problems that I have (which I don’t really discuss here), this is the one I’m most worried about. Truth be told, I’m kind of in a bad shape right now.


25 thoughts on “I’m a magnet for trouble

  1. Cristian.

    OK contact is a bitch right now and you're drowning.

    I will not abandon you or irevuo like this – contact me via irevuo draft pots, my blog, IM, twitter, email, phone, whatever, even if it's just to give me permissions to keep your mag alive till we can talk about more permanent things. I can't buy you software, but I can protect your published name if you let me. even if it's 2 word texts messages at a time. CONTACT = HELP


  2. Well, I've downloaded Smashbooks and Kindle so that I could download "Jazz" to my tablet…so I can read on the go…I hope you'll understand that I want to read it first before I decide what level I want to support the purchase of your new computer. I know what you are going through though because my son has been upgrading his comp for the last few weeks!


  3. sorry to hear Christian, hang in there, the good projects always seem like failure and require insane persistence…wish we were closer and could offer our time as we're woefully underfunded here :(…we're pulling for you


  4. My sympathies about your computer– since most all of my work revolves around mine, I can imagine your frustrations!

    But mostly I wanted to tell you I admire your publishing goals for the year. Who says you're not being productive? ;)

    I think, with your attitude and resolve (I have been following your blog for some time; observed your books, efforts with Irevuo, etc.) your funding will come through. You are doing what you're passionate about; working hard; putting out quality work. Keep at it, and the money (at least, enough money) is sure to follow.


  5. Hi Cristian. Sorry I can't help financially – my 11 year stint in Romania b…d up my pension etc, which is why I'm still working way past 'retirement' age. However, when you do manage to replace it, go the extra mile and get a Mac – even a pretty old one. Once you've run CS?? (I'm still using CS3) on a Mac you'll never want to go back to Windows. I changed to Mac about 5 years ago, a G3 which was very cheap (less than £50), and a year later got an iMac and Macbook – already several years old; they have never given a minute's problem – I use them for all my print and 'electronic' publishing, photo and audio editing, etc. Stick in there!


  6. i love the prologue for la tiers du cylindre, it's amazing!! I don't know if it's because i'm a natural optimist, but i'm sure you can get youself out of this hole you're in and get back on top of things soon! :) Good luck with your books this year and everything else you do


  7. Cristian.. I sympathize completely with your situation. My system crashed in a similar way lately, and I had to meet a Craigslist seller in a darkened parking lot for a refurbished laptop (cheap) so I could keep writing. And that was a freaky experience, but we do it because writing is our life. Thank goodness you have believers like us :)

    Chin up! ~


  8. Cristian sending good vibes your way.I've been without Internet connection at home for several months and have had to go "visit" friends to get anything doneat all and certainly hinders reading. I've had to reacquaint myself with the old yellow paper pad for writing – for now. All things change. Peace.


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