Thanks and stuff

I’d like to thank Susan Ihrcke, janine 9, Timothy W Pawiro, Little Miss Wordy, and Shannon Christensen for contributing to the campaign that is trying to raise enough money for me to buy a new computer – one that I badly need. As you may know, tomorrow is the last day that I’ll have access to a computer – the one I’m using right now was given to me by a friend, tomorrow I have to give it back.

A good second-hand laptop would cost me like $700. So far, we raised $85. Given the situation, any contribution matters. A dollar from everyone who sees this post… yeah, that would be something.

If you want to help, you can do so herewhere you can buy advance copies of my upcoming releases, get your name in print, get one o the books dedicated to you. Even become a character. All sorts of crazy stuff, basically.

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5 comments on “Thanks and stuff

  1. I feel bad…I wish I had the money to help because I know what it is to suddenly not have a computer and my writing is my "hobby" not my livelihood…I'm sorry I can't help at this time…your book is great.

  2. psampson2888 says:

    It has be shared by me. I wish I could donate also but I am also very broke right now. Good luck!

  3. ProSona says:

    Which laptop will u buy?

  4. ranu802 says:

    I want to know where are you located, and what method of payment can I use?


  5. I hope you reach your goal, and acquire that laptop. I would be lost without mine and my writing. Good luck!

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