I’ll be back.

So, most certainly, this isn’t goodbye, but I wanted to write a short post, announcing a break (short one, I hope) until I can get a computer. Let’s hope it won’t be longer than a couple of weeks.

I’d like to thank you all for being great. Thank you for your constant support and help, and thank you for believing in some of this crazy kid’s dreams. And making them happen.

I’d also like to thank Amanda Young, Alastair, Laura, and all the others who have contributed to this campaign in the past 24 hours. Also, I’d like to thank Christi for her contribution (and for that lovely e-mail that I didn’t get a chance to answer yet.)

Yesterday it was $85, now it’s $286. This certainly gives me hope.

So, once again, thank you.

If you’d like to help, you can do so here.

I’ll be back,



17 thoughts on “I’ll be back.

  1. Cristian — I wish I could help you monetarily, but I checked my bank balance yesterday and it was at a negative $66. I enjoy your writing so much, and I hope that you'll be back very soon. May the computer gods be with you. Sincerely, Barbara


  2. "Starving artist" here, or else I'd toss some money into the pot. Don't know how I'd get along without my computer for long. Go back to using good old pen and paper, I guess! =)

    I hope you can get the right computer, and soon.


  3. Cristian, I wish I could help but at this moment I can't. 3 weeks from now I will if you're still without a computer. I'm much older than you but share your passion for telling stories. I didn't have the courage to risk my life for the stories I wanted to tell when I was younger so I got a job and raised a family. I don't regret that with two sons I love dearly and grandkids. Now I've left my home country and I write and like you dream of telling stories that make a difference in my life, yours and anyone else's who reads them. It is worth dreaming and writing no matter the cost.


    • I'm sorry that I don't have time to write a really long reply, but I have to say something: first of all, don't worry about not having money to help out. It means a lot to me just that you read my stuff (and that you enjoy it.) And secondly, about the part with not having enough courage to become a writer… sometimes I think it's the other way around: we, the ones who do sacrifice everything for the sake of making art (for whatever reasons we do so) are cowards, just because we don't have the courage to be just like everyone else. To be happy in that simple (maybe simple is not the best word) way… it takes a lot of courage to walk away from that crazy promise of immortality, of greatness, and get a job and raise a family.


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