Chris Packlem’s Dream

Someone asked me if I have a blurb for my upcoming novel, La Tiers Du Cylindre. I have yet to write a blurb, but I do know one or two things about this story. For instance, it’s the first thing I self-published, back in January 2011. I unpublished it after a few months, because I realized it wasn’t what it should have been.

The dedication to this novel went like this, “To all the people who changed my life. For better or worse.” It’s kind of related to the story itself, to how the characters in the novel interact with each other.

Chris Packlem is the main character of this story. Those of you who read Jazz should know a few things about him. He’s very rich and very powerful. He’s exactly what Chris Sommers, the main character in Jazz, would have become, had he not chosen to become a writer instead.

Chris Packlem’s dream was to become the richest man on the Planet. By any means necessary. No one knows why or how he acquired his vast wealth.

So, basically, he’s this kind of modern day Gatsby, the big difference being that he doesn’t want anything. He’s just bored as hell.

I wrote him that way because I often wonder: what happens after you reach the top of the mountain? What happens after you get everything you want?

What happens then?

Of course, even Chris Packlem is aware that he doesn’t have everything, but he’s also arrogant enough to believe he can have everything. He goes after what he wants, and in that process, he’s willing to do everything he can. He cheats, he steals, he never plays fair.

But all this doesn’t make him a bad person, or at least, that’s how I feel about him: that he’s insecure, weak. He doesn’t stand out in a crowded room.

There’s nothing special about him. No skill or talent. No passion.

Everything he built, he did it because he wanted to and because he could.

I suppose you’ll have to read the novel to find out what happens to his dream.


Thanks to some very kind people, I will be making a comeback by the end of next week. I can finally afford to buy a new computer.

So, yeah, thank you all for helping out a fellow writer.

The release date for this novel is the 25th of March 2013. That’s 40 days from now. Of course, you can pre-order it hereand help me pay for editing.


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