Forty percent

That’s almost half. Almost.

Anyway, I’d like to thank everyone who contributed to the campaign that’s raising money for me to publish my upcoming novel, La Tiers Du Cylindre. Thank you to Ron Werth, Vedran Kohut, and Daniel. Your contributions have brought me closer to reaching my goal.

With 28 days left, we’ve raised $1,030 so far. I’m confident we can do this. If you’d like to help out (even if it’s a share or a tweet), you can do so here. Lots of cool perks available.

Here’s a cool picture I found on the web (a real post will be up in a few hours.)



9 thoughts on “Forty percent

  1. This is from a Banksy exhibition that was in my home town, Bristol. Probably one of the best and most original art exhibitions I've ever been to! Google "Banksy art exhibition Bristol", there's loads of other cool pieces


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