You can write anything you want. Seriously. You just have to be brave enough. So stop searching for that brilliant, one of a kind idea, stop feeling as if you’re not good enough to write the story you’ve always wanted to write. Stop feeling as if now it’s not a good time, stop finding excuses.

And more importantly, write from the heart. No one would ever dare ask more of you.


62 thoughts on “Courage

  1. A really interesting view. Same applies to art. You could spend years learning to draw in anticipation of that one project which is gonna bring you "fame and fortune" Instead you could also just START work NOW on that project you always wanted to work on and learning from the process. A new epic project will come soon enough :D


  2. So true, I'm writing this story and showed the first two paragraphs to my classmate and she did not approve, that made me lose the energy to continue but now that you wrote this post, I'm continuing that story!


  3. Well, here's your naysayer: You can write anything you want, but if you want to retain your audience you'd better be very careful how you say it. The plummeting careers of lots of politicians attest to this. A day spent in sales will teach you how prickly people can be and how many sacred cows they herd.

    On a more positive note, if you do feel a need to say something questionable, use a scapegoat: some despicable character placed somewhere beyond the pale. Your audience can enjoy pelting the poor thing with all sorts of moral fruits and vegetables, while you spread your ideas out onto the table. Then the poor miscreant can be slowly redeemed and brought into society. He may have to die – but you've had your say. Best, Carl


  4. Christian, you don't know how timely this short, sweet and welcome little post was. In the past 24 hours I've been approached by 3 sources telling me I needed to present some of my work at a confab coming up next fall. I'd been thinking on it for some time, but hadn't committed–and then in 3 nudges, I knew I had to listen and finally respond–with a yes. So I did. It was the hemming and hawing about whether or not myself fit the venue, or not. And I know now that it will fit just fine.

    You were my 4th nudge. Thank you.



  5. SO WHAT I NEEDED TO HEAR. I wrote a controversial opinion piece for my home paper which is in a rural county in Northern Ireland in Fermanagh, in support of gay marriage and adoption which are both illegal in this country still. My whole family and particularly my mother are angered as they do not see the world as open minded as I do. They see me as being anti-Christian in my stance(I don't agree but sadly a lot of people in my home area think this way). So the paper goes to print tomorrow and fear nearly put me off writing it but your words help me feel stronger. Thanks so much!


  6. One of my professors in university said a brilliant thing. Write every day, no matter what about, and put that piece of writing away for future use. Come back to it in a few days, look it over, add to it, keep it in the filing cabinet, whatever, but this a) gives you practice at writing, b) gives you potential material for a stand-alone story, and / or c) gives you potential material for a story you are already working on.

    I've found blogging every day has helped me flex my writing muscles, and I tend to jump into different writing projects a little more refreshed if I do that. Maybe the blog is like "warming up and stretching out" for my mind and hands!


  7. You're exactly right! And the beauty of blogging is that anyone who wants to have a voice "out there" in the big world can have one. Whether anyone notices, listens, reads…at least we all have the chance to speak. But it does take a little bravery! ~ Sheila


  8. You know, I feel like I have an incredible idea. I've got about 17,000 words written down (my second novel; the first book as part of a series). Everything I write is from the heart. But this story that I want to tell means so much to me. It's the way I see the world. A fantasy/sci-fi. It's so true to what I think about the way the universe works. If I ever finish (I've put it aside because of all the blogging I needed to do to feel better about myself), and if it ever gets publish, maybe I'll be able to reach even just one person about how I see things. If not, I hope at least one person gets entertained by the fantasy/sci-fi quality of it.


  9. Thanks, i just needed to hear that. I love writing, but sometimes, it can appear to be pretty difficult to write…no matter how hard i try, but hearing this makes me much more inspired to keep trying.


  10. It's like you read my mind. I'm glad to not have to feel like I'm the only one going through this type of thing. "Feeling like now is not a good time, finding excuses…" that's me. I feel like I do write from the heart, when I actually get there. Thanks for posting.


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