New Perks

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After five minutes or so of staring at that fantastic landscape you’ll notice a hand and a book. Well… I wrote the book. Thank you Sarah Knipping for such an amazing surprise.

Anyway, I’d like to announce two new perks on our Indiegogo campaign, one of which is kind of cool:

  • LIMITED EDITION HARDCOVER (yeah, I had to write it like that) – basically it means what it says: you’ll receive a limited edition hardcover of my upcoming release, La Tiers du Cylindre, all signed and hand-numbered by the author (that’s me.) It will feature a different cover than the regular paperback, and only 30 will ever be printed, 20 of which are available for sale on our campaign page.

Price, you ask? Only $45, international shipping included.

If you believe I’ll ever become famous, well, you should buy one, ’cause these books are gonna be pretty expensive then.

Did I say that only 30 copies will ever be printed?

Okay, okay. On to our second perk:

  • For the incredibly low amount of $25, Cristian Mihai (that’s me) will either call you (and you can talk for like 10 minutes) or you can Skype (in which case he’ll talk to you until you fall asleep or something.)

And I’m being serious. I thought it could be kind of funny to get to meet some of you folks. There’s no limit on how many people can choose this perk, but I will be calling you one at a time (so no conference calls or anything like that.)

So, yeah. This post is so shameless I’m just gonna end it the same way: Don’t wait and grab your limited edition hardcover right now. You can do so here.

P.S. In case anyone’s wondering what the hell is this all about: I’m actually crowdfunding to raise money to publish my next novel. So this is not a joke. It’s actually serious stuff. We’re serious here.

Have a great weekend and thank you all for your support,

Yours truly,

Cristian Mihai


8 thoughts on “New Perks

  1. Hi Cristian! I see your blog for the first time today and I have a lot to catch up. So I will have deeper questions or comments later but the thing which intrigues me now is why this title, this language and what does that mean for you?


  2. It's pretty incredible when you think about it… you and I are on opposite sides of the world (well, close enough). You took the time to read and like one of my blogs, which led me to look up yours, which in turn, led me to really liking your writing, bringing me to this section, and compelling me to want to contribute! I truly hope it helps out, and I wish you the best of luck!


  3. Obviously you don't want to publish my comments but that's ok. We don't have to discuss if you don't want to. So if you read that just know that it's "le tiers du cylindre" and not "la". Tiers is a masculine noun. Cheers! ;)


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