ltdc_1Because we only have 7 days left until the Indiegogo campaign that’s raising money to publish my next novel ends, I’ve decided to write a few posts about the book itself: you know, about the process, the main themes, about how I do my stuff, what inspired it, and what I’m trying to achieve.

Tonight’s post is about the dedication I used in the first version of the novel: “To all the people who changed my life. For better or worse.”

If you feel it’s pretentious or arrogant, you’re probably right. I wrote it when I was almost twenty, and I thought it was a clever way of showing people I didn’t regret anything (regret being a big part of what the novel is all about.)

You know the expression “blessing in disguise?” Well, I think that sometimes a kick in the ass is also a step forward, and that bad things happen to change your life for the better. That’s why I thanked all the people who changed my life… from the ones who broke my heart to those who tried to fix it.

Because everyone played their part.

People come and go, but they always leave a mark. Something behind. They change you. And you them.

And when it comes to making art, I think it’s nice to thank anyone who “helped” you create a certain piece of art.

That’s about it.

Like I said at the beginning of this post, with only 7 days left we’re at 79% funded, which means we need to raise another $527. It can be done, I think. There are still lots of perks available, including 17 more limited edition hardcovers (only 30 will ever be printed, and they can only be brought from this campaign.) If you can’t contribute, a like or share or mention of your blog is just as helpful. If you can contribute, you can do so here. And, don’t forget, every contribution counts. If everyone who reads this post would contribute $1, we’d be funded in a few hours.

Thank you,




14 thoughts on “LTDC Week

  1. I'm not sure how it's pretentious or arrogant; we're all amalgams of our experiences, influenced by everyone we've ever interacted with in varying degrees.

    In short, there's nothing wrong with dedicating a book to causality – in fact, it may be the most genuinely humble option possible. (>^-')>


  2. Cristian,

    You should check out John Hunt Publishing. Real publisher and you get royalties if they want to publish your book. But you don't need an agent and you can make the query online. You might want to check them out.

    Good luck with everything.



  3. It is just good form to thank those who you interact with throughout your life. It would therefore be bad form to simply forget them. Especially those who have had a profound effect on shaping who you are and what you have become.

    Thank you.


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