Let’s raise the stakes

Three days left. $282 to go. Let’s raise the stakes, shall we?

Basically, I’m going to put all of my best essays on art, writing, and stuff like that, write some new ones (at least 50% of the content will be new content), and release it as an e-book compilation. Only the good stuff. And here’s the special offer: everyone who contributes on this campaign will receive an e-copy, regardless of how much they contribute. Even if it’s $1, you’ll still receive an e-book that’s going to sell for $2.99 when released.

Also, there’s a new perk: Sponsor – for $50 you get your name listed as a Sponsor on my website (in the sidebar) for the rest of the year (that’s like advertising on one of the most popular blogs around here). Also, you get your name listed in the Acknowledgements section of my upcoming novel, La Tiers Du Cylindre. Only 5 spots available.

You can contribute here.


13 comments on “Let’s raise the stakes

  1. Go for it! I wish I could contribute more than I did already! I think you're going to make it. At least you've done way better than I have so far. As a fellow Indiegogo campaigner, I'm pulling for you. C'mon, people, everyone can afford at least $1. Do it!

  2. apsolut says:

    i hope it will go to 3.000 :)

    plus i can offer editing and stuff :)

    lost my old blog infos ;] fizikaneri.wordpress :)

  3. I put in another 100 for you. You'll reach the goal in no time :)

  4. thepale says:

    Reblogged this on H.R.M. Stoker and commented:
    Help out if you can!

  5. thepale says:

    Hey I'm reblogging everyone so we can get as much people as possible to help out!

  6. Cristian, I had no idea you've been so busy since I last checked in. Of course, I will contribute. I hope you will support my cause when the time comes. More on that in the very near future. You're doing surprisingly well with LIKES to your Facebook. I will go LIKE you now and check out Indiegogo. Wow, I guess I'm just getting up to speed on the whole world of Cristian Mihai. Let's work together! I really need more WordPress friendly bloggers liking me like crazy. It will happen!

  7. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Our friend, Cristian, is very close to his goal. Time to go in there and help the guy out!

  8. wodezitie says:

    I tried to make a contribution. However, it appears that I may be charged by PayPal for sending money outside of the U.S. and also if I use a credit card. I am happy to see that you have reached your goal for now. Congratulations!

  9. CM: good luck w/ your fundraising (and *'ve reposted)… RT

  10. Seyi sandra says:

    I'm glad to have contributed to your campaign, can't wait to read your new book!

  11. I'm broke (really, I am, couldn't even justify the 5 bucks), so I was really happy to click over to your fundraiser this morning to see you'd made your goal. Congrats!

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