WordPress VIP

vipSo, this is not a joke. You know, because it’s April Fools and all that. So, yeah, my blog is actually a “Powered by WordPress VIP” website. At least until the 2nd of May, when my free trial expires.

This is kind of cool, because you get a whole bunch of plugins and cool new features. So far, I’ve changed the comment system (now you can up-down vote comments, and a bunch of other stuff.)

Of course, this is not the only thing I want to do with this. In fact, I have a lot of cool surprises all lined up. It now depends on when different accounts and plugins become available.

I have the Enterprise version of WordPress VIP hosting service, which allows me to choose any premium theme (and I also have all the paid upgrades.) And I get about 100 different plugins. It really is a very, very cool upgrade. Sadly, it costs $500 a month, which is a lot more than I can afford to pay right now.

So, yeah, you’ll want to stick close to see all the cool stuff that’s going to change about the blog in the following weeks.


35 comments on “WordPress VIP

  1. wavensongz says:

    AWESOME!!! Keep the Great Work (WORDS, LOL) Flowing. :-)

  2. mondrak says:

    $500 a month?? Think I'll pay for six years in advance ;-)

  3. abitjuakali says:

    Congratulations!! Keep it up!

  4. ellynvv says:

    can't wait to see the surprise updates! :)

  5. Henry Chamberlain says:

    Way to go, Cristian.

  6. lylekrahn says:

    Have fun with that

  7. Kim says:


  8. bestjazzclubs says:

    Great for you! It's time to explore all the possibilities :-)

  9. bottledworder says:

    great news!

  10. M.C. James says:

    Very cool. It's a shame the price is so steep.

  11. Francis November says:

    Great job brother! You have certainly earned it!

  12. Piscis says:

    Interesting. If you make a bunch of changes, what all do you get to keep when the trial expires?

  13. typewriterpoet says:

    Expensive tho that cost more than my health insurance whew! Enjoy your free trial!

  14. gbarb18 says:

    Thats way too much. Why so expensive? Is it really worth it?

  15. Roz Barron Abellera says:

    Keep up the good work. $500 a month is pretty steep.

  16. bernadetteyoungquist says:

    Congratulations! I think. It's kind of like getting a cool new toy and having to give it back after you have had all kinds of fun with it.

  17. skysairyou says:

    $500/month is way too steep for these "upgrades". I'm now seriously considering Squarespace.

  18. Elizabeth MacDonald says:


  19. josh says:

    Ooh aah, shiny! But $500/mo is a tough pill to swallow if you're not making big bucks off your blog.

  20. happycitizen2 says:

    Hey, the door ( trial ) opened, why not go inside ( subscription ) and look around…have a seat on the comfy couch…enjoy the art an photos in the coffetable book…or wander around ( the 100's of features). Perhaps, after the trial, 'things' will return as they once were, perhaps not. Will be fun to enjoy any of it, all together!

  21. v4vikey says:

    Great going…keep it up :-)

  22. Jevon says:

    wow. 500 a month. damn….

  23. This is interesting….Have fun during the trial period!

  24. openendedcomment says:


  25. Leanne King says:

    I'd love to read a post on why you chose this service as opposed to the other available options for your blog.

  26. novoman says:

    Nice one. You're a full-time blogger. I wish for your good health!

  27. Candace says:

    $500 a month!!!! Wow, I wish I had stock in WordPress. Seriously, how many people can afford that????

  28. Even lots of ads wouldn’t offset $500 a month because they’d take over your sidebars! Sigh.

  29. JennyO says:

    WOW $500 for bells & whistles of a blog might be a bit much, would be interested to see how much of it you used to determine if its worth it.

  30. Matt Owens Rees says:

    Have fun with your free trial. May have given you some useful ideas and tips for the normal blog

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