What would you like to read?

Basically, next week I’ll be writing about what you think I should write about. So, what would you want me to write about? What would you want to read about?

You can tell me in the comments section of this post or e-mail me at contact [at] cristianmihai [dot] net.

I think this is going to be a cool week.


43 thoughts on “What would you like to read?

  1. Hello Cristian.. I want to read how someone who wants to write or be a author but do not have the talent/passion to write? Maybe it's gonna be good topic.


  2. I looked forward to your words but if there’s a topic to chose – I wan the words of being genuine and ruthless begs intruiged by the realistic society . .. I am still dying to learn at my graveyard … I thank thee.. But I insist no such .. I m easily contented ..


  3. Uhhh…

    Write a poem…in trochaic tetrameter…with an ABCB DECE (etc.) rhyme model…about…a robot?

    Or…discuss your opinions on the best and worst book-to-movie adaptations.


      • Ah, but that's precisely why it would be interesting to see you take a stab at it. Its constraints can often be – rather ironically – liberating.

        Though I figured the latter suggestion would be more up your alley. (>^-')>


  4. Brilliant idea, Cristian!

    How about writing about a favourite book from your childhood? Perhaps one which has experienced either a revival in recent times or, sadly, has gone into 'book oblivion'. It might be fun to pick a book that has apparently vanished and to research it online ;)

    Steve :)


  5. i would like to read the story of a character who doesn't believe in him or herself at first. Then as they story goes on they slowly build up confidence until they are unstoppable.


  6. Dear Mr Mihai,

    I'm pretty sure writing novels and scripts have both their similarities and differences, and I'm presuming you're more of a novelist than a screenwriter. But I'd really like to know what you think makes a show (whether it be webseries, movies, or television) "good" and interesting. Plot-wise, dialogue-wise and character-wise. I'm an aspiring scriptwriter, and planning on writing out a script for a webseries project, and I'd love to hear what you think make stories important and interesting.



    • I wrote a script for what you'd call hour long TV drama 2 years ago. The script for the pilot episode, anyway. It was fun. Really fun.

      I think that the main difference between fiction and screenwriting is that scripts have to be approached in a more "pragmatic" way. You have to think more in terms of plot, and setting, and characters, and dialogue than you do when writing a novel. Also, it's a much more "visual" art form. A lot more showing, close to no telling. You can't explain stuff, you have to make it so that the reader (or viewer when/if it gets made into a movie) sees what you want to show them.

      That's why this script of mine was plot-heavy, like nothing else I've written before. A SF thriller, to be exact.

      As an example: I can write an entire novel without having to describe how my main character looks like. In a movie, people need to see the character.

      Simply put, the medium has its limitations, and I think you need to be aware of those limitations when you write your script. Like I said earlier, I believe it's a pretty straightforward process: you need to visualize the story, and describe it in the simplest way possible. At least, that's what I did.


  7. If you are against the various norms put forward by society, then you could talk about that, I think.

    And you could post about today's lifestyle. I know that is cliche, but there are many views

    That's all for now. If I get anything more, I'll let you know! :D


  8. Well, you know me. I like anything that's scary, but if you don't like scary stuff I won't force you to write anything. Just make sure that if you do, try to come up with an original villain. I couldn't stand another bad slasher killer knock-off.


  9. I would like to read some memoir-like essays about things you remember from childhood. If there is anything that has content that would be fairly universal in some ways, yet specific to your location and time period, that would be great. I love to read things that show me another world while connecting with what we all share as humans.


  10. You could write about somebody who is slowly going mad. Perhaps because of being alone, or because of being pursued. I dunno. The idea of one's own mind playing strange tricks on you interests me right now. Just a thought.


  11. Write about you ! Call it nosy but it'd be fun to discover you as a person behind the scenes of a raging ahem semi passive aggressive truck driver for your campaign. No offence.


  12. I can see it will be an interesting week reading your blog, will be looking forward to it! So many ideas, what about, awakening to find oneself to be someone else…kind of the butterfly who dreams he's an old man sort of thing…


  13. Dune is one of my favorite books as well. I believe in the gom jabbar. A memoir would be interesting. Although I have some travelling under my belt, I know little of Romania. Cultural exchange is always rewarding


  14. I was going to add something here but don't want to "fire hose" you with anything more! Looks as if you have your work cut out for ya! ;)


  15. I want to read about the life of a person who has multiple personalities (not medically diagnosed but self-proclaimed) because of thinking too much or being too much of a planner that we anticipate everything from different angle; making the person somewhat having multiple personalities…make sense?


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