Free short story

the_seaI thought the title would capture people’s attention. So, yeah, I’ve been doing quite a bit of writing lately. In fact, hopefully by the end of the month I’ll be announcing my most ambition novel sort of thing yet. Something like that. But after I write a post about writing and fishing, and how similar they are.

Oh, yeah, you can download the short story here. It’s available in all electronic formats ever invented by homo sapiens sapiens. Also, it’s a strange story. Thought you should know. Weird story. Spooky maybe. Don’t know. Give it a try, you might actually like it.

On another note, I just got One Third of a Wheel back from the editor. It’s going to take a few days to get all the interior formatting (and cover design) done, but it should be worth it. I’ll do my best to release the novel by the end of next week. Just so you know.


15 thoughts on “Free short story

  1. It was a lovely story. Yes, it was weird, spooky at times and pacy. I loved the way you started with the butterfly and suddenly shifted the POV to the three men and eventually to William. Great story. Way to go!


  2. One Third of a Wheel is definitely one of my favorite of your works. It’s so deep, and your descriptive writing literally takes me from this world to another. You make me experience senses I didn’t know I had when I read anything you write. Truly an artist.


  3. The butterfly! I loved the butterfly. Perhaps you could mention it again as the ending line or near the end.

    And I love your “About The Author.”


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